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Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Diverted to Isolated US Base At Diego Garcia For Quarantine



Dear friends,


They should call off the plane search now, but will continue it, no doubts, as a cover for what really happened..


After flight MH370 went missing, a jamming signal seems to have been employed by the US Navy to enable a secret escape by the plane to a military base located in the Indian ocean, known as Diego Garcia...There the plane and it's passengers and crew were quarantined....The crew may have been instructed to disable ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)  and the transponder, when they were informed of the need for quarantine...


Later, very likely killed by the released and deadly disease, that spread into the plane, from person to person.....The flight of which was originally intended to travel to Bejing...which reveals some of the motive.


So it was deliberately diverted by the US military, using a remote control override, in order to detour the flight and take it off all national detectors...Obviously, the divert was west and southerly, into the Indian ocean, on a southern corridor flight path, which avoided multiple radar tracking stations in southern Asia...a detection that could have been made, if the northern corridor flightpath had been taken....


This investigation grew into a revealed co-ordinated effort to contain a weapons-grade biological weapon on board the flight, which leaked and caused deaths of escorts (Navy SEALS) and possibly spread to the passengers and crew, at some stage in the flight...


All the plane and it's contents will have been isolated and destroyed, to prevent spread of the contagion...They obviously possess suitable medical facilities at the US base, in the indian ocean...


The "search" for the plane is still being covered in the mainstream media and that will intentionally divert attention away from the facts of what really happened..


Will the families ever know...?? Probably not, as this seems to be a closely controlled event, with tight security blanket...after ACARS and the transponder were initially disabled, manually, by the pilot.


I wish I was wrong and all this could alternatively be explained by "Ashtar's wormhole," taking the plane to safety, but alas, no....


One thing is certain, the plane and passengers/crew remain missing after a week and it only takes one person to attempt a communication with the outside world..and that has not happened, in spite of multiple nations still "searching."


Another thing to remember, is that benign ETs do not abduct people and cause distress to their relatives. I would like to distance the GFL from this, as what happened, happened and there will be no happy return of passengers, revealing the wonders of their experiences on board "Ashtar's mothership..."


Yes, some of the explanations I have read would seem preferable to what really happened...And a hostile act by the dark cabal, to provoke a war with China, using weapons grade pathogens, is certainly a scenario to be taken seriously....Asia is not part of my GFL sector, but I feel duty-bound to offer this discovered data, which is the TRUTH beyond question....


Any thoughts..??


Kind regards,


Col. Drekx Omega

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The police investigation in Malaysia has drawn a blank with regards to the pilot's motives, in the event he was responsible...Suicide was speculated by them, but they can find no suicide note and friends and family say he is not that type at all...However,  a flight captain has the necessary secure access to deactivate the ACARS and transponder....

Again, this diversion scenario fills in the holes, currently present...and unlike any other story, to date, passes muster...Each should practice skills of logic, as well as intuition, with all suggested scenarios...

Having looked into this and researched/intuited, I'm content that it passes my filters as genuine....Thre are no conventional investigations that can piece together all the known facts.....Your first post here was supportive, and now you call me spam.....Not very friendly of you, as I never claimed to channel this data.

No I think I'll CLOSE this discussion now, as some contributions are simply malicious, negative and hateful...


This was NOT data from the Sirians, as I've repeated several times and why I did not sign it off as commander, as I usually do...I wanted to fly a balloon and see how people respond....Thus I asked for "any thoughts," to see if logic and intuition was bringing all together in some semblance of communality...However I see that words like "s***" are now being banded around....OK if it's s*** don't read it and don't contribute...


As for the passengers, maybe they crashed in the sea, or in a jungle....?? Or maybe are still on Ashtar's ship having fun...LOL...?? Shame their families are not having similar "fun."


But the facts being presented seem to suggest the type of scenario I described, rather than that...There was official collusion and a technical blanket or coverup by the US, here....


Anyway nobody will now be able to contribute their thoughts here anymore, as this discussion is CLOSED as from now...

Sorry to anyone else who had something to add, but you see the kinds of people that are attracted to my discussions...Over and out...Drekx

There is a cover story being promoted, within the new age community, that all passengers and crew aboard flight MH370, have been passed into the higher planes and relocated within Agartha....

There is some truth to this, insofar that when surface humans die a physical death, the soul does actually (in all cases) return to Agartha upon the manasic plane, the light at the end of the astral tunnel, in an NDE and also full incarnational death.....Inner earth is the local aspect of heaven......So the story has merit...albeit, a little white lie...

The important question of the TRANSPONDER......


Malcolm said:

"This still doesn't explain how the transponder got turned off. It was turned off by either the pilot inside the jet or by an outside source with access to anti-terrorism technology. And the mainstream media will not approach the outside source theory since this leads to that "special" partnership of Israel and the United States."


Drekx reply:

Actually, more likely the pilot, himself, acting on orders received from the same agency that later took remote control of the flight...

Now what scenario would induce a pilot to take such an emergency instruction as turning off a transponder, that he would have secure access to...??

The need to QUARANTINE his plane from outside contact....The pilot's aircraft had been declared a bio-hazzard zone requiring emergency isolation from the outside world...He was obeying orders he received on secure emergency code frequencies...before allowing his plane to be taken over by the outside military authority described....In this case, the US.

This operation has proven difficult to fully cover up and we have passengers on FlightMH370, such as American, Phillip Wood, leaving iPhone data to the world, including a photo and voice activated text, which read:


“I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”

Took longer than I thought it would, BUT, as promised and as predicted by me, back in 2014, parts of the missing plane were actually discovered in the Indian ocean and were not whisked away with the passengers, to some hidden dimension, as some in the New Age were saying, in error...TOLD YOU SO....

Here were my words then:

Certain parts of the real plane could be decontaminated and used in such a coverup, operation....Generally speaking, when planes crash at sea, the passenger seat pillows may be found in numbers, on the sea, bobbing up and down...Something like this may be false-trailed, at some the media.

Read more:
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The "Ashtar mothership" story was CIA psyops only....I did tell you all, back in 2014...NOW I suggest that any "channel" who suggested that possibility, back then, be removed from your future list of truth offerers...

If a plane is removed by GFL technology, NOTHING IS LEFT TO BE FOUND HERE IN 3D....Therefore it had naught to do with the GFL, or "Ashtar," as I said.....It was a pathogen emergency, with coverup story....

I haven't been lied to by you yet I doubt I ever will be so I do believe in you and what you say

My story is the TRUTH and therefore the only scenario which ALLOWS FOR a surviving pilot, returning to his country, albeit, in a state suggested...Diego Garcia was the quarantine location and that op was benign and conducted by white knights in the US military...There was no plane crash and there was no transit to the higher dimensions, as some have claimed...Thus, a member of that flight, who survived the disease contagion, could, in theory, be returned to his former life, though changed, in certain ways...

Taiwan: MH370 Pilot mysteriously resurfaces almost 2 years after his flight vanished over China Sea

Taiwan: MH370 Pilot mysteriously resurfaces almost 2 years after hi...

Well, of course it will be an "old post," as the subject matter has been raised again for contemplation and dissection by interested parties...So yes, I will refer back to this post, as it was made at the time of the event...And thus pertainent to the new revelation...

Moreover I use capitals to empathise certain words within a sentence, as salient to the thought-forms I seek to energies in readers...Nothing wrong with that....The only practice that is questionable, is when an entire paragraph is presented in bold text, by writers who make a "loud" offering to their readers and I try not to be so vulgar in my presentations....

So as per usual, you NITPICK, or NUTPICK, like a furry squirrel, who has a bad attitude to ANYTHING that I might write here, on ACC....You have nothing of true value to counter me with, just a load of frivolous and personal gripes....



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