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Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Diverted to Isolated US Base At Diego Garcia For Quarantine



Dear friends,


They should call off the plane search now, but will continue it, no doubts, as a cover for what really happened..


After flight MH370 went missing, a jamming signal seems to have been employed by the US Navy to enable a secret escape by the plane to a military base located in the Indian ocean, known as Diego Garcia...There the plane and it's passengers and crew were quarantined....The crew may have been instructed to disable ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)  and the transponder, when they were informed of the need for quarantine...


Later, very likely killed by the released and deadly disease, that spread into the plane, from person to person.....The flight of which was originally intended to travel to Bejing...which reveals some of the motive.


So it was deliberately diverted by the US military, using a remote control override, in order to detour the flight and take it off all national detectors...Obviously, the divert was west and southerly, into the Indian ocean, on a southern corridor flight path, which avoided multiple radar tracking stations in southern Asia...a detection that could have been made, if the northern corridor flightpath had been taken....


This investigation grew into a revealed co-ordinated effort to contain a weapons-grade biological weapon on board the flight, which leaked and caused deaths of escorts (Navy SEALS) and possibly spread to the passengers and crew, at some stage in the flight...


All the plane and it's contents will have been isolated and destroyed, to prevent spread of the contagion...They obviously possess suitable medical facilities at the US base, in the indian ocean...


The "search" for the plane is still being covered in the mainstream media and that will intentionally divert attention away from the facts of what really happened..


Will the families ever know...?? Probably not, as this seems to be a closely controlled event, with tight security blanket...after ACARS and the transponder were initially disabled, manually, by the pilot.


I wish I was wrong and all this could alternatively be explained by "Ashtar's wormhole," taking the plane to safety, but alas, no....


One thing is certain, the plane and passengers/crew remain missing after a week and it only takes one person to attempt a communication with the outside world..and that has not happened, in spite of multiple nations still "searching."


Another thing to remember, is that benign ETs do not abduct people and cause distress to their relatives. I would like to distance the GFL from this, as what happened, happened and there will be no happy return of passengers, revealing the wonders of their experiences on board "Ashtar's mothership..."


Yes, some of the explanations I have read would seem preferable to what really happened...And a hostile act by the dark cabal, to provoke a war with China, using weapons grade pathogens, is certainly a scenario to be taken seriously....Asia is not part of my GFL sector, but I feel duty-bound to offer this discovered data, which is the TRUTH beyond question....


Any thoughts..??


Kind regards,


Col. Drekx Omega

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My question exactly.   Where is this x-files scenario originating from.  This is even stranger than Ashtar's message. 

OK friends....I would like to remind everyone that my Sirian contacts are attempting to distance themselves from anything surrounding flight MH370, as they recognise a hot potato.....


So on this occasion, my data was not via the Samanet Sirians, but it was via my own researches, thoughts, intuitions and investigations, as I too wanted answers and using my own abilities, found them...

Note that I did not sign this forum off with my GFL title, as I would normally do....


Initially I was only brought into clearing up the subject, because the GFL were telling me that they had nothing to do with it, yet various "channels," (so called) were trying to place the ball in their court...

The disinfo surrounding this event had become too great for me to remain silent, so I decided to obtain the facts and have presented them here for you dear ones, with blessings... ;-)

I'm truly sorry that this story is such a sad one...I would have loved to discover that Ashtar really was behind this, but regrettably, that is not the case...Also, he is in the DAL universe, which makes comms with him inaccurate, for the channels who attempt it...Several channels have been deceived, unfortunately...

Love, Drekx

Dear Sir,

Commander Ashtar Sheran (阿斯塔 谢兰,as Sakyamuni Buddha) comment on Flight MH 370 has been mentioned by several sources.

I've heard some rubbish stories but this goes to the top of my list..

Scaremongering at best you should know better..

The last thing we need is more FEARPORN..

Much Love

Well I do understand and was reluctant to present this discussion...Although, I think that fear is a reaction to events you choose, or not...I choose not to be in fear, after learning these truths...Your emotional reaction does suggest to me that you find this frightening and I understand, though disagree that it is fearporn...Porn is fun, this is not...

I take it that you find this presentation less credible, than one of the alternative scenarios postulated, that "Ashtar" has taken the airline passengers on a jaunt to inner earth and will be sending everyone home shorthly..?? (LOL) Your believe or not...

My aren't we jaded.

It's better then false hope.  How is this more rubbish then the abducted by aliens story?

Hi RUC...thanks for your input...And I agree....This notion that there were "willing abductees," has failed to consider that the anxious and frenziedly worried relatives, of the missing, are obviously far from willing...

I repeat to all readers, no benign ET star nation would abduct airline passengers and keep them away from their loved ones for over a week, leaving such distress to be endured by the folks back home...

I saw some of the Chinese familes literally go insane with anxiety...this is not something that an advanced ET would place upon earth human people...

My gut feelings tell me the same.  In any case, since this site supports Ashtar and we are merely human, I expect that the many who are continually speculating, judging, criticizing and ultimately professing to be the final word on which channeled messages are really credible/authentic or not may, in fact, have no more final say on it than anyone.  Personally, I feel we should each go into the place in our center which sends clear messages, with calm attention, and to the best of our ability release outcomes we may be invested in and see what comes.  At this point we all have some power to help create the outcome of this through our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, don't we?  Not to say Drekx that you are not correct, but since the final outcome has yet to seen, I will stay aligned with Ashtar's message.  My love and blessings go out to all those families and friends who are grieving in uncertainty.

Yes I apreciate your response and having seen the great suffering of the families of the missing passengers and crew, feel a great need to re-assure them, not to be least to say, life goes on, even after be fearless, nevertheless....I do know this must be unbearable for them....



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