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Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Diverted to Isolated US Base At Diego Garcia For Quarantine



Dear friends,


They should call off the plane search now, but will continue it, no doubts, as a cover for what really happened..


After flight MH370 went missing, a jamming signal seems to have been employed by the US Navy to enable a secret escape by the plane to a military base located in the Indian ocean, known as Diego Garcia...There the plane and it's passengers and crew were quarantined....The crew may have been instructed to disable ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)  and the transponder, when they were informed of the need for quarantine...


Later, very likely killed by the released and deadly disease, that spread into the plane, from person to person.....The flight of which was originally intended to travel to Bejing...which reveals some of the motive.


So it was deliberately diverted by the US military, using a remote control override, in order to detour the flight and take it off all national detectors...Obviously, the divert was west and southerly, into the Indian ocean, on a southern corridor flight path, which avoided multiple radar tracking stations in southern Asia...a detection that could have been made, if the northern corridor flightpath had been taken....


This investigation grew into a revealed co-ordinated effort to contain a weapons-grade biological weapon on board the flight, which leaked and caused deaths of escorts (Navy SEALS) and possibly spread to the passengers and crew, at some stage in the flight...


All the plane and it's contents will have been isolated and destroyed, to prevent spread of the contagion...They obviously possess suitable medical facilities at the US base, in the indian ocean...


The "search" for the plane is still being covered in the mainstream media and that will intentionally divert attention away from the facts of what really happened..


Will the families ever know...?? Probably not, as this seems to be a closely controlled event, with tight security blanket...after ACARS and the transponder were initially disabled, manually, by the pilot.


I wish I was wrong and all this could alternatively be explained by "Ashtar's wormhole," taking the plane to safety, but alas, no....


One thing is certain, the plane and passengers/crew remain missing after a week and it only takes one person to attempt a communication with the outside world..and that has not happened, in spite of multiple nations still "searching."


Another thing to remember, is that benign ETs do not abduct people and cause distress to their relatives. I would like to distance the GFL from this, as what happened, happened and there will be no happy return of passengers, revealing the wonders of their experiences on board "Ashtar's mothership..."


Yes, some of the explanations I have read would seem preferable to what really happened...And a hostile act by the dark cabal, to provoke a war with China, using weapons grade pathogens, is certainly a scenario to be taken seriously....Asia is not part of my GFL sector, but I feel duty-bound to offer this discovered data, which is the TRUTH beyond question....


Any thoughts..??


Kind regards,


Col. Drekx Omega

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Glad you liked this, Nancy.....Of course, the positive aspect is that a dangerous contagion was prevented from spreading to China and the world...Thanks to White Knights in the US military, fighting that American internal and international war, with the dark cabal...

Note the official diversions being played out, taking the heat off the Indian ocean, and sending the search parties of 11 countries northward, a decoy across southern Asia....the wrong direction..

so you think Navy Seals were going to deliver a pathogen to Beijing area but something went wrong -seals radioed someone mid flight -handlers on the ground contacted pilots and they disabled transponder equip etc-plane was remotely landed at above base-crew and passengers died-cleaned up at base and destroyed evidence-cabals motive ,start war with China with this false flag or whatever the scenario.  If it's true this all could have been avoided by not allowing China to become the worlds manufacturer-the US had laws preventing doing business with communists for the fact that they would use the newly built manufacturing base and profits to build a war machine which they are doing and threatening Asia-neocons/cabal are geniuses right?  Don't think so-I think they tried to use an open free market to build wealth and undermine the communists by enriching the people-duh-all indoctrinated communists are as fervent about world domination as islamists and Christian fundamentalists and the chinese gov is 'owned' by old families that control the communist government and it's country wide security grip on the people-the cabal f-up big time and now must start a war with them-strange, just started reading a book about a billionaire paying a retired general to start a war with false flag op

The dark cabal has already stated their intention to reduce the world's population and what better way than to start with China, a nation with the worlds largest population...

Diseases spread rapidly in China, as history proves, due to the lifestyle and population density.


Note that their attempts to provoke wars in Syria and Ukraine had not taken off....Next on the list was China, as I predicted a short while ago...But it went wrong for them (the dark) and right for us (the Light.)


The politics of those concerned does not really matter, as the cabal simply plays them off against each other...What matters is that a dangerous weapons grade (bio-hazzard) germ war package, was detoured away from it's intended target and placed below the radar (literally.)

yes i've actually heard extreme left wingers say the world's population should be at around 1 billion

Well, ecologists and environmentalists, too.....Indeed, offworlders such as those from the Pleiades, consider earth's population to be far too large, but none of these groups, offworld or onworld, have ever entertained the realistic notion of exterminating people, en mass, through plague, famine or war...As the dark elites have.....the anglo-amerikan cabal, as we call it, the "dark cabal," for obvious reasons...

hi Drekx.

i read that the british queen also stated the human race should be reduce to 1 billion people on this earth (slaves numbers they can control).

the nerve and balls to state that on newspapers and media to hear her comments "caught her while she was drunk and arrogant"".

she is either complelety convinced she is too big to have any justice she would be accounted for, or she is convinced the public is a dumb animal to be ruled, and too stupid to believe any facts that tells the truth of the elites actions of abuse of the human race, as it has been for thousands of years rule of the elite few families hiding behind the veil of b..s. excuses of actions were for the good of all of us,  and promises  the masses believe is the truth.


Yes I think it was Prince Phillip who made some statement about this matter...That family of Hanoverians are inbred and insane..The sooner we in England rid ourselves of them, the better...

Hi Drekx and rsolor ... I heard that the Queen is in favor of population reduction aswell as a load of others, notably Bill Gates who is supposed to be a big fan of reducing the worlds population ...

Prince Phillip apparently said the following ....

"Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed...We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war." - HRH Prince Philip, interview "Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation", People Magazine, Dec. 21, 1981.

The following statement, reported by Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988, presents in the most concise manner, the commitment of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, to genocide against the world's population:

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

As head of the WWF, Philip openly called for population control, calling human population growth "the single most long-term threat to survival."!! ...

How mad .. !

anyway, sorry to go too far off topic and perhaps this subject is for a seperate discussion ....

Here is His Royal Virus himself .... the twisted fart that he is ...

Dear Sir,

Creator Almighty God Allah Jehovah has declared that Communist China,the Great Red Dragon,is the first one to be destroyed and perish,thank you.

This may or may not happen, but at some stage we might even get "evidence" (contrived and arranged, suitably,) of the fake "plane crash."

Easier at sea than on land, to fake a plane crash....Especially so if using deep oceans for the "final resting place.".

Certain parts of the real plane could be decontaminated and used in such a coverup, operation....Generally speaking, when planes crash at sea, the passenger seat pillows may be found in numbers, on the sea, bobbing up and down...Something like this may be false-trailed, at some the media.

this is what the Israelis are thinking-just in case;


So, where do all this come from, or is it just your own personal theory?



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