Who can tell me something that will make a rapid change in my thinking? Do you have a theory or point of view that is so touching or logic that it would make me think about it?

I'm an empty page. Fill me with your wisdom! 

I'm making this totally lame post because lately I have found myself occupied with disproving religions rather than following one. I'm no religion person. I need a point of view, a theory that sticks in my head and lifts me higher. 

Do you have a few words to spare for my hungry mind?

much love


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  • I don't care much for religions althou it had given me good inside into our past but spirituality could be summoned in these simple words : Look into yourself and seek answers.
  • Best one liner I ever read Luke.

    Here's your WOW factor Assia.


    You are forgiven, I love you.


    Much love and light,


    • :) .. thanks steve.. :) I appreaciate that :)
  • Hello Assia!  I am writing an article in response to your wonderful and powerful request!  Thank you for the inspiration!  Here is what I have written so far...I will soon finish it!




    --I Am!


    Consider this. 


    We usually tend to think of Reality in linear or serial terms.  "I was born, which is a process in which I became real, I had an experience, and then I died.  Perhaps I will have another experience in the future after that and perhaps I've had a series of experiences before this one, such as a past life".  If we really want to stretch our mind, we think about parallel realities, in which other real things are happening right along side our own, perhaps to the "left" or "right" of us, like a reality in which the Nazi's won the war instead and we now speak German, or perhaps realities that could be considered "above" or "below" this one, realities such as the "5th Dimension" or Heaven and Hell.


    Now let's ask a big question:  "What is Real?".  We say that we are real, because we are here, and aside from certain philosophers, we mostly agree that we are definitely here - the here and now is our gateway to what we call real - we are constantly being informed of what is real from our experience of the present moment.  Real is ultimately an arbitrary and experiential  definition, based on what we are experiencing in the present moment.  Right now, this is being read in some form or another, and regardless of who, what, when, where or why the perceiver is reading this, an experience is being created and that experience and the awareness of it is de facto, real from the perspective of the perceiver.   From this perspective, the past and the future are not as real as the present moment, but are still real in how they are able to reliably affect the present moment reality.  For example, we can make an agreement with friend to meet them at a certain point in time in the future.  Even though the meeting is not yet real, we can very safely assume that the reality of the future will eventually turn into the present moment and depending on the reliability of the friend, the meeting will take place.


    And it is from this linear perspective that we tend to view "other" realities, and also how we view the experiences of others like ourselves, whether it be person, animal or alien -
  • LOL.. how about.... we all only exist inside each others heads ! nothing exists outside of the skin ! Everything we see is a thought projection and get this.. there is only one of us here !!! .. <------ ( try and wrap your head around that one ! ) ... so you, me and everyone and everything only exist inside each others heads because everything exists inside the one ... and .. its all a holagram ! .... there is nothing existing outside your skin whatsoever, and sex is a design that enables us to see further into the future !

  • It is better to have some faith in something than no faith in anything.  I have watched my father since my mom died last September.  He had no faith.  All of us saying "she is in a better place now" and "she is waiting for him" left him saying "I hope so".  None of us knew that he believed in absolutely nothing.  My family is of religious roots and I have astrally spoken with his father... before and after he died.  I told him that again 40 years after his dad died, and he said "Yes, his dad was studying ALL religions but never spoke with him about it and confirmed what I was saying about his dad, and then from then on, he seemed almost envious of it and would not talk much about it, but now finds himself on his death bed.  I wish I had been able to convince him better that there is another chapter to his story.  I am glad that he progressed to where he was talking to my mom (her urn and picture are in his room that he was renting) but by now it is up to me and my daughter on what to do now.  We both have faith in God and know that life on earth is just one stop on a forever road.


    I know my words are somehow lost in the fog of the earth experience.  I hope it helps in any way.  I try to not let religion get in the way because there is such crookery and I have heard a lifetime of lies in just one sermon.  My religion comes from my heart and the teachings of my grandfather while he was in a coma.  He told me to believe in God and nothing and nobody else and I would see great things in my lifetime.  Looking at the world today I cannot argue with that!

    • We all go through experiences that open us to our own unique paths to spirituality or our destiny.

      Truth is contained within all beliefs, but the most free I ever felt was being "saved" on a deeper level, that goes beyond religions.

      I think sometimes people need different forms of "medicine" to heal their soul. Hope your father feels better Ms. Happy, I hope he is healed within the deepest levels of his soul.

  • Religion is in the mind realm...Spirituality is beyond those borders...Being wise is choosing to listen to the inner still small voice, rather then the ego. Love or fear...Your choice.
  • Ask a really good question and you may get an answer.
  • Religion is for people who dont want to go to hell and Spirituality is for those who've been there and dont want to go back :)

    ... its hardly gonna make ya go ''wow'' !

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