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Major operation going on? arrests, cabal power structure crumbling?

Over the past week or so we have seen everything being shutdown because of corona virus, sporting events, movie premieres, restaurants, businesses, airports, and everything else you can think of. We have seen a number of famous celebs and politicians claiming to have gotten the virus and have gone into hiding along with resignations of ceos from big corporations happening all over . We have seen military in a way get involved in helping with the current events taking place. Is this all because of corona virus or is something going on behind the scenes? Many are saying arrests of certain cabal members have begun with cabal power structures being taken down. Talk of the gcr and nesara has even gotten into the conversation so what is going on out there right now ladies and gentlemen any opinions all are welcome.

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What do you think about the article below? Also read the updates Agarther regularly posts on ACC: Operation Disclosure Intel Alert (3-20-20): "GESARA"

Yea i saw this earlier hoping its true ive been watching for nesara/gesara since i first found out about it a decade ago. Its going to happen but im hoping its sooner rather then later.



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