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Lower Level SSP Group Broke Away from SSP Alliance Council, Intends on Pushing Partial Disclosure and Inner-Earth Anshar to Begin Contact with Surface

by Justin Deschamps

In this week's episode of Cosmic Disclosure, with Corey Goodeand David Wilcock, several items of importance were revealed.

For those who may not be aware, Goode is a secret space program insider and whistleblower that began releasing information to the public in 2014.

Since that time, his testimony has galvanized the awakening community, as he discusses topics that touch nearly every aspect of what is happening on Earth.

For an overview of his narrative and corresponding supportive evidence compiled by Wilcock, see the below-linked article.

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Dr. Michael Salla also wrote the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances, adding even more supportive evidence to corroborate Goode's claims.

Second Inner-Earth Council Meeting in December

In September of 2015, Goode traveled to the inner-Earth to meet with seven different groups, some of which claim to have resided below the surface for over 18 million years. They formed a loose alliance as a result of coming under mutual threat from Cabal groups on the surface.

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Heretofore, these civilizations were able to maintain relative anonymity. When they did make contact with the surface population, it was by employing subterfuge, appearing to humanity as gods in the distant past or extraterrestrials in modern times.

In December 2015, Goode meet with the inner-Earth Alliance council a second time in the Kuiper Belt. What occurred there was an unprecedented contact between certain inner-Earth council members and one of the Sphere Being Alliance races.

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Goode has revealed in the past that the Sphere Being Alliance comprises five different highly advanced extraterrestrial races dwelling in 6th to 9th density. The Blue Avians, the Blue Orb beings, and the Triangle-headed beings have been revealed, with two other groups remaining undisclosed.

The inner-Earth groups each wear a pendant that represents their civilization. Three out of the seven groups employ variations of a Saturn-shaped pendant, the remaining use other variations such as a star, a swastika, an omega, and hourglass emblems. All of these groups were in attendance at this second meeting, but one of the Saturn pendant groups was at the forefront.

Courtesy of The Priestess Kaaree from 
the Anshar (Saturn Pendant) group.
Goode recognized the priestess Kaaree from his first inner-Earth expedition earlier that year.

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He learned prior to this meeting that their group is known as the Anshar Alliance.

Apparently all of the inner-Earth groups were yearning to make contact with the Sphere Being races because they had been revered in their respective cultures for eons. Goode said:
"This was their first contact with the Sphere Beings, which they refer to as the Guardians."
Prior to this unprecedented meeting, none of the inner-Earth groups were able to make direct contact with the Guardians, despite multiple attempts to open a channel of communication.

In previous updates, Goode stated that none of the various groups operating within the solar system at this time—whether from the SSP, extraterrestrials or ancient breakaway civilizations—have been able to make contact with the Sphere Beings. Some of these inner-Earth breakaway civilizations reach back far into antiquity; to meet their beloved guardians is akin to their own first contact experience, similar to meeting a religious figure or prophet.

Goode says that he and Lt. Col. Gonzales, an operative from the SSP Alliance, arrived to find the Anshar and Star groups waiting for one of the Sphere Being Alliance entities in a rather plain looking room. He and Gonzales thought that Raw-Tear-Eir, one of the Blue Avians in regular contact with Goode, would be there. Instead, one of the Triangle-headed beings materialized and began a non-verbal communication with the Anshar. The Star group was behind them as this took place. And the whole assembly was completely silent as Gonzales and Goode observed the quiet exchange.

Courtesy of Silent exchange between Triangle-headed being (right) and Anshar council members (left).

While Goode and Gonzales were not able to overhear the conversation, due to Goode'sIntuitive Empath training (a special type of data gathering employed by the SSP in their various projects) he was able to receive some "intuitive hits." He said he could detect excitement and anxiety from the inner-Earth people, but had no comprehension as to why.

Goode said that after some time passed, the communication ended and the Triangle-headed being "winked out" or dematerialized from the room. According to previous testimony by Goode, he states that these beings are beyond material, able to teleport from one location to the next with an act of will.

Goode could detect that the inner-Earth peoples were excited, yet had trepidations about what just occurred. They immediately motioned to hold a meeting with the complete inner-Earth alliance delegation after the exchange took place.

Goode and Gonzales were befuddled as to what just transpired and why they were even asked to attend the meeting. Although Goode does possess empathic abilities, neither of them can exchange information using telepathy as an innate ability. However, a superior mind can interface with them, like what Raw-Teir-Ear has done in the past. But given that telepathy was the primary mode of communication between the Guardian and the Anshar, they were unable to comprehend what was exchanged.

As the Anshar and Star groups were rushing back to meet with the remaining inner-Earth alliance council groups, Goode and Kaaree spoke briefly about what just took place.

Kaaree told Goode that they were excited and disturbed by what was communicated. They were told by the Triangle-headed being that "from the Guardians perspective [the inner-Earth people] had not been proper stewards of this planetary sphere."

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Goode speculated that the Guardians were referring to the inner-Earth people's methods of interacting with the surface population, which was deceptive at times, using certain parts of the population as pawns in their own conflicts with what they called Genetic Farmer Races—although not all the inner-Earth groups did so.

According to Goode's previous testimony, the genetic farmer races came into the Solar System some 500,000 years ago after the energy barrier came down in an ancient space war. Some of these races later became part of a super federation of some 60 different groups, which at present have 22 independent yet overlapping genetic, social and spiritual experiments being conducted on Earth.

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Goode confirms Wilcock's speculation that some of these more nefarious inner-Earth groups had alliances with Cabal syndicates on the surface. Goode further adds that the inner-Earth groups are not a perfect alliance, and only recently began cooperating as a result of external threats. He reminded Wilcock that in the first inner-Earth council meeting from September 2015, there was palpable tension between the different inner-Earth groups.

Goode said some of the inner-Earth groups are service-to-self orientation, whereas others are more service-to-others, but "stuck in self-preservation mode," and as such have employed deceptive means to interact with the surface. The inference is that the Guardians did not approve of the fact the inner-Earth peoples had not been more transparent with the surface population and had even let some of them die off in cataclysms for "genetic purity" justifications.

Goode speculates that the inner-Earth groups were upset because they probably thought they were doing the best they could to help the surface population, saving certain groups from cataclysm and appearing to them to offer wisdom but ultimately the Guardians felt they could have done more. At least this is what he and Wilcock speculated on.

Wilcock theorized that the reference to improper stewardship refers to their lack of transparent dealings with the surface population and that they might have been given a "directive" to reveal themselves to the surface, which would put them at risk. This could have been the reason they were so anxious after the exchange. Goode confirms Wilcock's theory, saying he was told later that this is what happened:
"I was told exactly that in a later meeting."
Days after the Kuiper Belt meeting concluded, Gonzales reported to Goode that it had not gone well in another meeting that took place shortly after. Three of the inner-Earth alliance groups, who Goode was asked not to reveal, decided to cease participating in the inner-Earth council. One of them was the Omega pendant group.

Goode said the three divergent groups would rather go off on their own and that one of the them have off-world allies with "interest and real estate in Africa." In other words, these divergent inner-Earth groups have other alliances they can rely on for support, possibly with a more nefarious affiliation.

Lower Level SSP Groups Break Away from SSP Alliance Council and Push for Limited Disclosure

In an unrelated disclosure, Goode revealed that he also was briefed regarding some developments within the SSP Alliance and Earth-based Alliance councils. Apparently some lower level SSP groups broke away from the main SSP alliance and are,
" ... positioning themselves to be disclosed in a similar way that the steath fighter was disclosed back in the 80's."
This lower level group, who is itself made up of many other programs, intends on disclosing their limited narrative to the public. Goode said:
"... the narrative they have been indoctrinated [in] is that most of the stuff flying around [in the sky] is human, that there were ETs, but not anymore, it's [all] distant past stuff."
"[Disclosure of] different space stations we have in near-Earth orbit that are about 30 to 50 years more advanced than the ISS." 
"They will probably start off with this type of information."
This is essentially the partial disclosure narrative Goode has discussed in the past.

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Goode said the partial disclosure narrative is already being rolled out to the public. This narrative was revealed in the first and last episode of season 10 of The X-files. One of Wilcock's insiders, Bruce, has staunchly held to this partial disclosure narrative as well, suggesting Bruce might be a lower level SSP asset.

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Third Meeting with Inner-Earth Group in January 2016

In early January, a second meeting occurred between Goode and Kaaree, the third meeting with the inner-Earth groups. He said her tone was somewhat different than their last encounter. Apparently, the three groups that left the inner-Earth Alliance council (which Goode received intelligence on from Gonzales) did so in a rather intense manner as a result of some disagreement about how to proceed regarding their interactions with the surface.

The Anshar decided that they were going to begin revealing the truth about who they were to their remote or channeled contacts on the surface, undoing the previous narrative wherein they presented themselves as human-like ETs. The three other groups,
" ... did not like the idea one bit, they thought it was reckless and it would end up in their demise. Not only did they leave [the council], they 'stepped up' their disinformation efforts [with the surface]."
The two goals are mutually exclusive; and greater tensions between the inner-Earth groups are likely to occur as time goes on. In other words, an agenda of secrecy cannot be maintained while also attempting to reveal the truth.

The Anshar were also given a new mission and directive, which they are very excited about.
"More direct influence in a positive way with the surface population. We may have more open contact with them before we have open contact with [other] non-terrestrials."
Kaaree told Goode that they would be meeting more frequently together as individuals and that the Mayan breakaway group will become more active as well. He said that this Mayan group has been "showing up everywhere." They attended the meeting at the Kuiper Belt base; and Gonzales told Goode he has seen them "all over the place."

Gonzales reported later that a meeting between the inner-Earth groups occurred shortly after this Kuiper belt rendezvous with the Guardians. This was the last time all the groups met together as a council or alliance, since the time of the recording of this episode.

Corey said that while he was able to comprehend some of what happened at the Kuiper Belt meeting from December, neither he nor Gonzales was properly briefed about what took place. This was very frustrating for them and the SSP Alliance, as they were unsure as to why they were invited.

Previously, Gonzales was meeting frequently with the inner-Earth groups and was even transported to a Kuiper Belt base by an Anshar vessel during the September visit with Goode.


The ramp-up for partial disclosure seems to be progressing forward, per Goode's statement that the lower level SSP groups have broken away. Quite possibly they are working with the Earth-based alliances who also want to maintain power over humanity by only revealing limited information to the public.

Goode has stated in the past that some of these groups feel as though limited disclosure is unrealistic given how much information has already been revealed. But considering the fact the masses of humanity are still heavily controlled by social programming or mind control, any amount of disclosure could potentially be "debunked" by the media.

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A grassroots effort, forming within the awakening community, is currently one of the projects being developed by Goode and a network of other like-minded figures, such as Pleiadian contactee COBRA.

For more information about this effort and how you can participate

- Justin

The preceding article is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.


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I think once certain things are disclosed people are going to start looking at these channelers and wondering and searching for truth

After hearing that Ashtar died long ago and another fellow stole his Identity and is pretending to be him, I don´t trust the Ashtar Command either. ...seems like they all have questionable motivation and a lack of ethics....seems like those in inner earth are not very trustworthy either. We can´t trust the folks on the earth, we can´t trust the folks in the earth and we can´t trust the folks off the earth......I would say that we can only trust ourself, but if we have not cleared our shadow, then we can´t trust ourselves either, for our shadow side of the ego is working against us.....

The Agarthans are members of our lighted union...Our beloved GFL....They are your ANCESTORS...They are simply those brothers and sisters, upon the HIGHER turn of the evolution arc...They serve humanity on surface earth....Do not feel that Agarthans are separate from cosmos, nor surface  Earth...........We are one with all.....

Yes, they do indeed use my emblem in lighted unions...Our Omegans, who serve the cause, which links Agartha with Sirius...

This is an occult TRUISM.......This solar system is the "man incarnated," in comparison to the soul of the Sirius sun.....

Agartha is where our spiritual HIERARCHY are located.....Take note..and be fearless of our beloveds....

First no fear...... second Drekx if these beings or what not had our best interest at heart they would never have stayed hidden..... Whats done in the dark comes to light.... oh i have done my own research and do not like what i have found.... noone inner earth or above the sky is coming to save us, we are here to learn and in it for the long haul weather that means we live in peace and harmony forever more or the other extreme, we must find our own balance on our own after all it is a free will planet no interruptions from noone....

You can believe what you want to, as you have freewill....Likewise I believe what I know to be true, even if you may not like me, nor agree with me.....Yes, you are on your own.....I have no problems with that....I will still state my truth, so never feel that you can change that....You have no influence over me.....I have my own life, my own mission, with my own friends and family, some of which are from off world and others, from within this world...

Saving another is a freewill choice and must be mutually agreed...So I suggest that you go your own way and I shall go mine..

Listen i never said i hate you, geesh quit making it personal, im not on my own i have more love and support now than i ever had... you see ive researched any and all information these channelers want to give and found the truth and bold face self lies in them because they thnk they are some god..... so my reaction has nothing to do with you personally, all i can say there is quit thinking youre something so amazing that id waste my time badgering you just to do it, i dont,  im tired of people being fed lies and hypocracies so im goingbto start standingbin truth and light and expose all all for what it truly is....

Nothing personal its not you its lies being fed to you, and it needs stopped now....

I wonder if you people who "distrust those of inner earth" realise that you are actually linked to them, as family...??? Indeed, each time a person on surface earth physically dies, the soul returns to it's lighted bodily form upon the 5th manasic plane, which is located within this planet, upon the seventh continent of Agartha....

That is your local Heaven......The Catholic church has long attempted to cause you to fear what is down below, in the depths of Earth, as the "fire and brimstone abode of Hell." YET, that was church propaganda and it all started in Atlantis, long before the advent of Rome.....In those ancient days, the gateways that linked the surface easily to inner earth, were closed and all were forbidden to journey to that inner paradise, by the Anunnaki, post flood...Of course, spirit does not take orders from a church of darkness...Yet, no physical journey could be made to inner earth, without raising eyebrows...among the hostile surface authorities...

It seems that some here STILL possess this innate dread of the fake "Hell" down below...That is conditioning upon humanity....And has been going on for millennia......Repeated, over and over....Even as far back as the warnings about Hades, in the Greek myths and those gates through which the goddess Ishtar, a Babylonian "goddess," was set upon her diplomatic mission to Agartha..the fabled "underworld."

So, always, veiled in mystery....For some, a dark abode of dread and for others, a burning hell of torment and punishments......

AND YE HAVE ALL BEEN FOOLED....Agartha is the local Heavenly representative, in which Shamballa resides....that great crystal city among several....It is a beautiful place and fully linked with the GFL....Agarthans represent Earth upon the Main Federation council (Vega star system) and will wait for the forthcoming star nation, before retiring that role...And Solaris taking it on, in their place...

The only connection i have is to my soul family thats the only connection i need or want drekx, i stand by them i stand by their choices and whst they do, i will fight the lies of these beings if it takes my last breath....

Are there any circumstances in which "those beings" are viewed by you, in a good light...??? Painting such gracious ones as "liars," is not something that would offend them, as they recognise the human condition of limited consciousness and the strain it places upon spiritual discernment skills....You are one with the majority of surface people, who find it difficult to connect with the true and local spiritual realms, WHILE INCARNATED...

The inner realm, wherein resides the great "Rex Mundi," and his six Kumaras, as well as the council of Agartha...The Ascended Masters are all upon the path of surface Earth choice...They have freed themselves from planetary karma, YET, choose to serve here....I'm sorry that you seem to feel it necessary to condemn an entire people of inner earth....and by association, the Masters themselves...

We do not lie......"Fighting" our truth will not be useful to you or anyone....Indeed, akin to that King who sought to order the incoming sea tide back...Not really wise to try that, is it..??

Once they come out of the dark to the light, tell all the truth not little pieces to certain people creating nothing but confusiom,  opening up with their agenda.  I didnt say you lie drekx you listen to them without question and believe every word without question.  Do you ever i mean ever question search and research instead of taking what they say as some god given word, thats what christians do with the bible it gets them really far doesnt it as their church crumbles around them, so will this, give me solid proof of what they say is truth till then lies lies lies....this galactic church shall to pass and crumble just as the christian church, with ypu and many like you standing in the wake wondering what happened and what will become of you while the rest of us moves on cause we knew...

I was wondering if Corey Goode is telepathically or physically in contact with other dimensional beings. This is what I found: 

"Goode continues his IE work now and is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians (of the Sphere Being Alliance) who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils on their behalf, liaison with the SSP Alliance Council, and to deliver important messages to humanity." Source:

Question: Are you in telepathic contact with the Blue Avians during periods when you are not meeting face to face? 

Answer: No, they normally send the Blue/Indigo Orbs or appear in my home to communicate. One has to be careful of the different technologies out there that Intel Agencies use ("Mind of God" tech) and also "Trickster Beings" who may try to mimic the Blue Avians. They are mimicking the Blue Avians quite a lot right now to cause people to be confused or think they are receiving a different type of message from them. If they do not appear in front off you and communicate telepathically w/the sign language then you should be skeptical of who is sending you the "Telepathic Message" IMHO. Source: 

I also came across a video with Corey Goode that I will watch later, to see if anything he says resonates with me.



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