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When I read last channeling from Ashtar Command about turning on their lights yesterday I begun not only to look at the sky above my city but also I was looking for videos online. 

Here are two worth watching.

1. Chicago sighting? <- this one is very probable to be fake BUT these sound don't appear to be man made nor does the colour and shape of the ship. However, this one is quite scary... This is only how I feel about it.

2. Kings Lynn, UK - Spring Equinox <- a very nice video showing not only the ship itself but the reaction of the man filming it. I believe there are many, many of people who would be happy and excited about meeting Them. It's what comes withing our higher self. People are aware of the existence of ETs and seems like many of our populations wants them to become a part of our lives. A good, peaceful part of our lives, to be precise. I really love those lights of this ships. I've seen 4-5 times that single flashing light you see at 1:25 at sky above the place where I live (and it's not the city that I provided in my profile here). This light was actually not very fast, but fast. 

Let's share more such videos where we know/feel/suppose that these are definitely Galactic Federation Of Light/Ashtar Command ships. 

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Hey there! my step daughter [a complete non believer] lol , just uploaded a few of these to face book thought you may be interested ! She claims it came close to ground and then shot up very high very quickly , continued this for at least 10 minutes ! taken 8p.m ..ish today 23 March EST  @ Sunbury ,Australia { Victoria }  I had an extraterrestrial experience last week and  Im not surprised one bit its been a long time coming !.... look up they are here!!


Hi Eve : )

I've been scanning the skys and am pretty sure I just saw some! After I officially requested a sighting an orange flaming thing flew right over me and my partner Greg. I swore in surprise (and frustration about not filming it!) then saw two more "shooting stars" shortly after! I haven't had any luck filming anything since my camera recordings are just black, but I took one photo by accident and when I checked it I could see a red spot (in the left corner) that wasn't there before!

(to see the red spot, click on the photo below then zoom in to the upper left):

Thanks for posting this, I'm off to look for more, I'll let you know if I see anything good!

Good luck with your sky-watching everyone,

Peace, Love & Light : )

(I wish I may, I wish I might....)





I've seen 2 disks this week, and once when I was 3 out my bedroom window, my parents saw it too. 
I'm excited to see a light ship!

The problem with going to bed at 9pm, you miss all the action....

Absolutely, use telepathy and Symbology with good intent to communicate with them , expand the field of thought   beyond the physical . An excellent little known book is 'Continuous Energy' Michael L Shuster this explains the practice of nuclear implosion  and thought creation channeled /experienced by the Author from alien beings .

Doc on plasma ships sighted in Mexico, and later it Europe ..... from within the earth .....past inhabitants of earths surface

More in depth discussion of the beings-ships in this Drunvalo interview

Well I've had vivid  dreams of contact when I was a kid,  had occasional telepathic contact, always felt I came from somewhere else, but I've never seen a craft.

Yeah I WAS abducted 3 times , few yrs ago, but was never offered a tour.

15yrs ago I did a night, field contact workshop with Steven Greer (disclosure proj)

where we attempted psychic & signal contact with craft.

   I momentarily saw the interior of a craft & its control panel, (through the ET's consciousness) but they never came close enough for visual contact for some reason. 

Maybe I should try this again .... but I'd  probably want a ride.

Anyway I know they're out there ... and don't need further proof.

And the higher beings don't need physical ships.

 I live in a big city, and don't expect a visit of that sort , here.



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