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Live Fully By Natalie Glasson & The Andromedans

Greetings to you beloved and benevolent beings. We are the Andromedans, we come forth in love, respect, and to inspire and remind you of the truth existing within your being. We come forth with high vibrations to surround you as this is needed now upon the Earth, and to support your personal Ascension.

We invite you to accept our energies, to accept our light, and presence, know we are present to serve you, and support you through these Ascension activations and your Ascension Journey, which is unfolding for you and all upon the Earth.

We wish to speak of living your life fully. To live a full life can mean, signify, and represent something different for each being. Some believe that to follow a strict spiritual pathway is to live your life fully, others believe that to engage with and experience the physical reality fully, to experience creation and manifestation in the world is to live fully.

While others allow themselves to adopt both pathways, integrating the spiritual nature and the physical nature. To live a life that is full, some believe they require certain things such as waiting for certain objects, situations, and experiences to manifest in their life.

Other’s feel they are living a full life when adopting a simple way of life. It may be that to live fully upon the Earth for you is to manifest your dreams and your desires.

As the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchors, you have the ability to create and manifest your dreams and desires. There are opportunities and possibilities beyond your imagination available to you. With this in mind, it seems appropriate to contemplate and discover what it is to live fully on the Earth.

The way your life will appear to you as living fully will be different and diverse to every other being on the Earth, this is appropriate and necessary. It is due to your state of mind, your belief systems, your current vibration, and the blockages or stagnant energy you may be holding onto within your being.

All of these influence the way you perceive yourself and the way that you perceive the world around you, you manifest from these aspects of yourself. Therefore, it could be said you manifest and perceive for yourself a limited reality.

You may perceive you are living your life with the fullness of the Creator and yet you are perceiving from your state of mind, belief systems, stagnant energy within your being, as well as the positive and loving vibrations of your essence. It is almost appropriate to say that in any given moment you are limiting yourself from living a life that is full, the fullness of the Creator.

It can sometimes be challenging to observe, realise, and to understand when you are living fully. When you are living fully you are living from the highest vibration of light and energy available to you at any given moment. The more you raise your vibration and connect with higher vibrations of light and energy this will alter and shift your own vibration.

Thus, you are constantly opening your mind, your being, your perspective of the world within you and around you. When you allow yourself to exist from the highest vibration of light available to you in any given moment and every given moment you can be sure you are expressing yourself fully and expressing the energy of the Creator fully.

This means the vibrations, blessings, love, and truth of the Creator is allowed to cascade through your being, integrating into your entire being reality and creations. You are existing in a reality that is constantly expanding, your existing in a reality where you are constantly letting go, dissolving limitations and boundaries always allowing yourself the freedom of your soul.

How do you recognise when you are connecting with the highest vibration of light available to you?

And how do you recognise when you are living your life fully? You may believe you are living your life fully now, although this may not be the case. You know when you are living your life fully because you are in a state of wonder, awe, gratitude, inspiration, and love.

When you are experiencing these qualities and energies, you know you are living a full life. You are living beyond the boundaries and limitations you may set for yourself. You are living from the essence of your being within your spiritual practices, physical reality, experiences, and manifestations.

If you can realise whether or not you are experiencing these qualities daily, it doesn't have to be all day, simply at some point during the day. Then you can recognise you are living your life fully. If not, then there may be a need to raise your vibration, continuing to focus upon connecting with the highest vibration of light, love, and truth available to you in any and every given moment.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment, Steven Hutchinson

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How do you connect with the highest vibration of light love and truth in every given moment?

We, the Andromedans, wish to share with you a very simple exercise that will allow you to raise your vibration connecting with the higher frequency of light that is always available to you. Connecting to higher frequencies is akin to steps, as you step onto one, so you are able to access the next. As you access a vibration of light, so the next vibration of light becomes available to you.

We, the Andromedans, invite you to close your eyes if you wish and take the attention of your mind and your third eye inwards into your being.

First Imagine within your being a star or a sun, whichever feels appropriate, this star or this sun is your soul.

Allow yourself to locate this star or sun, your soul within your being. As you do so, imagine sense or acknowledge that you are traveling towards this sun or star. You are being embraced in the most beautiful and loving light.

As you move into and through this star or sun you enter the Universe of the Creator. You observe and witness vast expansive space where the Creator is present and numerous manifestations of the Creator are in existence.

As you enter the Universe of the Creator there is another star or sun that is attracting your attention. Imagine that you travel forth to this star or sun within the Universe of the Creator. As you get closer and closer the energy, light, love, and truth of this star or sun surrounds and embraces you, it draws you into the core of its energy and presence.

Rather than moving through this sun or star, exist in the very centre of the energy and light.  You do not need to understand what the energy is. Where it came from or anything like that.

Your task is to simply absorb the light. Breathing it into every aspect of your being. This light has been attracted to you by your soul. It is the next available light frequency that will support a rise in your energy vibration.

Absorb the light for as long as feels appropriate and necessary, be aware that wisdom, symbols, or inspiration may manifest. Focusing upon the light this is of greatest importance.

Feel your own being filling with light.

The more you notice your own being filling with light you will discover you will gradually no longer exist within the star or the sun. You are becoming aware of your body being filled with so much light. Becoming aware of your existing upon the Earth. Light frequencies radiate from you. The light may feel familiar or it may feel different.


Take time to breathe deeply as you exist in awareness of your body, being, and your reality. Let this light connect with the Earth, your reality, loved ones, and all beings. You have accessed the next available light frequency. You have supported your energy vibration in shifting and evolving. You have accessed the highest vibration available to you.

This simple practice you can achieve as many times as you wish throughout the day; each time allow the energy to settle before you continue once more with the practice. You may find the influence is very deep and profound, if this is the case achieving the practice once a day maybe sufficient or maybe even once a week.

With this new higher vibration of light within your being, you may find you are inspired, in wonder, experiencing gratitude and love. New insights may dawn, new actions may feel as if they need to be expressed through your being. You can think back to the light throughout the day and allow it to emanate from your being knowing you are filling everything with this light. Therefore, you are participating in living your life fully.

The more you practice this, the more you will begin to manifest from that light recognise shifts, alterations and changes occur in your reality. Dreams and desires may manifest with greater ease and your connection, and sensitivity to the Creator may also evolve.

Everything has the potential to live fully, when you live fully everything around you begin to live fully to embody an expression of the Creator.

We are the Andromedans, we love you, and we thank you.

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Just Consciously 'Breathe' By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends,

While we rebirth our world into greater light, the angels remind us of the importance of breath. It is not an accident that this simple gift has been brought to our attention so strongly as of late. I'll share some thoughts and a few of the simplest ways you can use breath as a tool for shifting your consciousness.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! You are re-birthing your world into a much better, kinder, more equitable, and connected reality. You are re-birthing yourselves into a more authentic, divinely inspired reality. You are all midwives of a new consciousness that has been awaiting the right and ripe time to make itself known... in your hearts first and then in the world.

Many of you have laboring for lifetimes to be ready for this time in human history. Many of you have played all sides of the current conflicts so as to bring your deep understanding into the current situations. Many of you have lived and died just so you could stand in this space – here, now, today, ready to affirm the live and light that lives within you all. You are brave souls dear friends. You are pioneers of awakening. You are the lights in a world that has, for too long tolerated darkness, ignorance, separation, and hatred, and your lights are not going to be extinguished.

Don't give up now. Don't relinquish your God-given right to love, and your desire to share your hearts and souls. Don't shrink back in fear when others can't recognize your love. Don't fight when others want to engage you. Resist the urge to fall back into old fear-based survival paradigms and instead begin to breathe in all of life! Breathe into your heart and feel it beating. Breathe into your body and give it life. Breathe into your painful emotions and feel them deeply. Breathe in and know you are taking in all vibrations, all perspectives, all people, all races, all colors, all creeds – indeed the energies of all of life.

What happens next? These vibrations of life itself mix inside of you. They ride in your bloodstream through your heart, into every cell of your body. Your cells, informed by your soul, take in the vibrations that assist them in being the YOU that you choose to be, and then you exhale the particular expression of love that you are. You, dear ones, through your breath, are breathing in the Divine! You are taking in all of life and exhaling your particular signature of love.

You could exhale hate. You could exhale prejudice. You could choose to exhale vibrations that don't represent who you really are. If you emanate less than loving vibrations and if you exhale less than loving vibrations, then dear ones you will see the very same in others. If you fall into hate, you will see hatred even when love is readily available. If you fall into judgment, you'll see things to judge even though open-minded souls are everywhere. If you fall into despair, you'll notice others in despair more easily too. Instead, breath out, and emanate love for the light within all beings. Then, dear ones, you will naturally be drawn to see more love in the world. As you bear witness to love, you strengthen it.

For in truth, love is emerging. Love is flushing out the pains and the darkness. You are seeing the sludge that is being cleansed right now – the pains, the angers, the frustration, the guilt, the shame, the brutality, all of it... and yet behind this, beneath this, is Love and only Love. Humanity has collectively, through its desire to come together, given the Divine their free will permission to rise up from within and cleanse all that is less than love.

So be gentle with yourselves dear ones, tender in fact, if you can be. Be loving and accepting of the feelings that arise within you. Be kind to yourself even when you feel less than loving, for love always and forevermore, must start with the self. Only when you accept all that is within you, can your love spiral outward in ever increasing circles to your family, friends, communities, and your world.

Don't give up. Don't give in to despair. Birth is messy. Most mothers in the throes of their labor pains have uttered the phrase, "I can't do this!" But they can, and they do because the force pushing new life forth is the Only Life, the Only Love, the One that sources universes. When you don't know how you can continue, your Source does. Ask Divine Love to rise up within you. Pray for Divine Love to fill your heart and heal your pains, so you can at long last be free.

Rest in the Divine dear souls. Sit. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe... and receive.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Archangel Gabriel Transmission - Releasing The Paralysis of Pointless Guilt" By Steve Nobel -


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

Tensions are running high and emotions are no longer stuff-able. They're coming up and out as the greater waves of love are starting to flow through human hearts. Covid and quarantine seeded a desire in humanity for greater connection – for being #InItTogether – and as a result, everything in human hearts that has blocked true connection is coming up for healing. It isn't pretty, but then again the systemic problems and troubled emotions that have been pushed under the rug or bottled up inside of us weren't pretty to begin with. We're being forced to see ourselves, and to be with ourselves – the good, the bad, and the ugly as the saying goes, both as individuals and as a society.

Where do we even start when uncomfortable or upsetting feelings arise? I was giving one of my gaze talks last Sunday when the angels got in my head and reminded us that we start with a simple breath. Covid-19 tried to rob us of our breath. George Floyd's killer tried to snuff out his spirit by robbing him of breath. But neither – although they did rob the body of physical breath – could steal the Spirit of life and love that lives and breathes in all souls, both in heaven and on earth.

"Breathe," the angels remind me often. "Breathe." Such a simple thing is a profound gift and a tool we were given for shifting consciousness into a higher space.

I been doing a lot of deep breathing with the angels lately. I breathe when I feel the world's upsets, and in just minutes the peace of the angels and the Divine flows into my being.

I do Wim Hof Breathing to alkalize and energize my body in the mornings and to go into spaces of inner peace.

I breathe when people attack me due to their own misunderstandings and projections and the breath carries in with it an understanding of their perspective and pain so I can remain loving, even when the hatred hurts.

I breathe as a gift to shift the energy of the space around me, taking the world in and exhaling only love and statements of truth.

I know we all have different perspectives. One of mine is that George Floyd's final words, "I can't breathe" were a chilling reminder to us that we can, and we should never take this gift of breath for granted.

The world will evolve into a kinder place. We can all find our parts in this birthing simply by dropping into our hearts, and asking the Divine to show us the way. But first... just breathe.

Here are a few pointers for using breath as a tool for consciousness....

1. Breathe in the World. Add love. Exhale.

The air we breathe in comes from nature, from your friends and the people you don't like, from the sick, the healthy, the loving and the hateful. Like it or not, with each regular breath, we breathe in the vibrations of all life. We can consciously intend to take in one vibration or another, but for when we don't, we take it all in. This is how it was intended to be.

The breathe mixes inside of us with our own vibrations and then as we exhale we gift the world with our own particular energy. Why not exhale love?

Imagine as you breathe in, you are breathing in rainbows of color and a vast array of patterns of energy. Imagine this going into your heart and mixing with pure light and love. As you exhale imagine exhaling your own personal colors – your own frequencies of beautiful light and love, that uniquely express your being, are traveling out into the universe.

Breathe in all of life. Mix it with love in the heart. Breathe out love. Breathe in all vibrations. Mix them with love. Breathe out. Do this a few times when you think of it. It feels wonderful.

2. Breathe to relax

This type of breath biologically vibrates the vagus nerve which runs along the back of the neck and tells the whole body to chill out - to rest and digest and get out of the incessant stress-based fight/flight mode that is so easily triggered these days.

Breathe in normally. Breathe out much more slowly exhaling as if you were a balloon slowly deflating, or as if you were breathing out slowly in a steady stream. Do this for a few minutes until you feel your stomach soften, you heart rate slow, and your entire body relax.

3. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

You've heard this from the angels and me a gazillions times because it is simple, and it works. When you feel upset, tired, off-kilter, sad, in need of comfort, in need of guidance, or in need of any assistance at all, you have angels that are willing to help you.

Breathing with intent allows them to ride into your energy field, to make adjustments in your aura, and to help tune your field so you can attract what you want, be soothed, calmed, healed, and helped.

Best of all it is "brain-dead easy." Ask your angels for help. Intend to receive. Sit in silence or put on a good song, and breathe. That's it. If you do this regularly, you will eventually feel an expanded or floating sensation, very much like a quick meditation. You will become more clear-headed and able to see through different perspectives in your life. You'll get your guidance more easily throughout the day. Your manifestations will come more quickly. It is so simple yet so powerful.

There are serious problems in the world that are coming to the surface to be healed, and it is tempting to jump into action, but the angels remind me always, before we do, breathe. Get centered in love. Then from that place of peace, calm, and higher consciousness, you will more easily be able to discern inspired and guided action, given to you by the very Creator whose spirit flows through us with every breath.

Love you all!

Video - "Judy Satori Transmission - 'Nourish' -


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