Like a Thief In The Night...

... so what DOES the saying "like a thief in the night" really mean? ... think about it - you never expected the thief, right? So it could be looked at as something that happens when you least expect it. But think about it again - you usually don't even know that the thief was there until you wake up the next morning and realize something is missing or something has changed...

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  • I think you have seriously misconstrued what I said there. :)

    But, your new question is also fair. However, I doubt there is anyone out there who could actually miss having ascended since ascension starts with Them making an active Choice. Ascension is chosen. It can't be forced upon someone.

  • Someone posted this video before,  but I think it has relevance to this post.

  • To say "like a thief at night" just means that someone is being so quiet and stealth that nobody notices him. As in "he's walking like a thief at night" which basically means "he's walking very quiet".

    There's no change or loss involved in this saying. For that you need to say "It felt like I'd been hit by a thief at night".

    Grammar is tricky. I barely meet anyone nowadays that knows anything about it. The schools have apparently declined rapidly since I went there (many years ago).  :)

  • Like a thief of the night, those who choose love over fright.  Blooming roses in the sun.

  • Bible in my opinion should be read parable by parable and not separate phrases as this takes away from the context. Although I kind of get what your getting at. Anything is possible in a multi dimensional world. But if your going to be following a particular scenario then best do it in context.     

  • The thief could have already come and gone for some... It's a matter of perspective...

    The "thief" meaning the things you aren't aware of...

    You wait for something to happen, and yet it's happening right before your eyes and yet you still don't see it... (not "you" mind you, just the observer in the situation... :)

  • Interresting, damn man, dont like this wait'ing bizz'ness, wish everything would happen right now >_>, the event, us in the 5th, waking up to our multidinmensonal selfs, sorry if my spelling isnt good, yea eh? "thief in the night" im glad to be part of this experince, of co-creator's, everything is meaningless, you give it the meaning!

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