Painful Lessons,

Sometimes, despite your best of intentions and actions, you realize you have reached the end of the line with people in your life, for various reasons. Perhaps some of them are violently opposed to your spiritual growth and fear it threatens them or the relationship; perhaps they are the types that do everything in their power to bring you back down to their level; maybe they are so opposed to growth in their own lives that any time you gently point out something that might help them or the friendship continue in harmony, they vehemently oppose it and play a victim role

you deserve friends who will bring out your best qualities, not the worst ones! you deserve someone who knows about your spiritual path and accepts your choices joyfully. Just as your friends deserve that from you !

Sometimes, it’s just time to let go and move forward into the light of awareness and gratitude.

look at your own lives… are you holding onto any ‘toxic’ friendships or relationships, out of fear or for any other reason? Even if you realize that they are simply mirroring behavior that you have within yourself, it doesn’t mean you are required to hold onto the relationship. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to change while tethered to a person who wishes to remain in the behavior that you are trying to change within, and the best thing for both of you is to move on. After all, why hold onto something making both people (or just one) miserable? holding onto toxic friendship simply enable you to be abused time and time again. why punish yourselve And for what?


Think back to your last argument with a loved one or friend. What exactly did they do or say that really bothered you? Be honest. Write it down. Then be even more honest, and think about how you may be doing that very same thing in your life. Maybe you are doing it to yourself. Maybe you are doing it to someone else. At first, it takes a while to really see how you are mirroring the behavior. But with practice, diligence and honesty, it will become apparent. The most amazing thing is that once you identify the behavior in yourself and start working on it, you will see the other person working on it, too. We don’t only mirror the ‘unpleasant’ stuff. Positive changes in yourself can and will be mirrored and reflected outwards, like the pond ripple effect. You’ll see.

taken from spiritual gal .com...

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  • Thank you for your wise words.

    I ended a toxic relationship recently. Even though I care about this person and am grateful for what I learned when I was with him, it is time to let him go, and to let go of my regrets I have about ending it. I wish him well. 

    Thanks again.

  • Hi folks, Hi mari, thanks for sharing.

    Though mari, I think it should be obvious to many people, that at this point in human history, human living systems make the majority of our circumstances, even though we can to some degree influence relationships and other various things or large.

    I'm trying to say we each have much power, though our real power, is with the many people of this world and that would be why, yet again, massive mind control campaigns have been waged on the minds of humanity, to try and prevent them from doing things that would be self empowering, rather than empowering a few others.

    It seems to me, many, many conversations brought up on this website, boil down to the same equation, basic needs being met without conditions.

    Since, generally this is not the case, many people cannot genuinely choose the life they wish to live and the mind manipulators of this reality know this full well and we then have all these myriad of relationship issues, based solely on acquiring ones basic needs.

    Some may choose to deny this simple truth, though lets be honest, that is what many, many relationships are solely based upon, survival and all the drama associated with it that keeps fueling this, what many call 3d reality.

    peace love light

    and also meant to say, these relationships can be anything where humans interact.

  • For me it's got to the point where I am completely unable to form relationships with people and have no friends at all. I thought I might start to draw new people into my life, but it hasn't happened.

  • You are a wise sister thank you Marianina

  • It's okay, some are going to agree or not agree with it, yeah some people don't understand that we are the ones that can walk away from a relationship that we feel isn't healthy for us.

    Unless of course, in some situations where you end up being married, have a few kids by them, and they are like that to you. That is something different i guess. Over all though, we do have choices in life to make. Even before marriage we know how someone will be with us, before marrying them

    Bless the Nite,


  • I think when we are "connected" or in any relationship we may take on certain karma or energy from being in that relationship and that can be positive and/or negative.  Toxic relationships go a step beyond that, it's when you know something or someone isn't good for you but for some reason you keep putting up with what they do anyway.

    I would be lying if I didn't say I hadn't been in a Toxic relationship and often times I wonder why I attracted that energy to me, the weird thing is, people seem to get more destructive when they see how positive I am.

    Sometimes I think we open ourselves up to that energy because we may respect the person on some level, even though we know they aren't treating us right. Of coarse everything is a learning experience, there is no doubt about that, and you have to know when to walk away, and do it in a positive manner.

    At some point, something deeper inside you awakens, and releases you from these petty dramas.  

    You have to show the other person something by being able to let go.  Letting go is powerful, and what you come away with is something much more, and it's good for you and the person who you feel is Toxic, because it's a learning experience for them too! 

    Great message Marianinia, thanks~ <3

    • Not sure if i would put that under Toxic though. See for me the word Toxic is something we do to ourselves, more like when we are smoking in the 3D, we are adding in toxic energy, in our system. Not sure if that makes sense at all. For me Toxic is more like a chemical word then anything.

      I think that our Chakra energies are always going to have this sort of Toxic system in us, as long as we are living on Planet Earth. I mean everyday we are living here on Planet Earth, we are breathing in something.

      I think that with Relationships though, we are learning something from everyone. Karma is more what I would call it when we enter a Relationship. Like you had said we all have something to learn, and it is powerful when we can walk away from a bad relationship. 

      I think though having emotions are real, and that is what it is called when we are cleaning out our energy system, just going through cycles of everything we had learned from it. They say that when you start your journey in life. You will start to see your Soulmates that you were meant to be around in the 3D. In visions of course, and in dreams. I find that to be true, because they show up, and we look at what we had learned from them. Life isn't always about sparkles and glitter, but we can take what we had learned from a person, and I think when we let that lesson go into the light, we become more tolerant towards that person.

      Then again this is all different then when we are in abused relationship, or when someone is really getting physically hurt. 

      That is way different.

      Bless the Nite,


  • This is really interesting, Can't say I have ever had a toxic relationship before, because for me it's all about learning something from someone. Even when you disagree with them. All about learning and if you can learn something from that person, whether it was good or bad, then you can let it go easier. 

    I think today there are so many new age words out there, that describe the up's and down's of a relationship. Not every friendship or relationship is going to be perfect, so there really shouldn't be any shame in what we have learned from that person. To say that you have never had any up's and down's with someone, there is something missing then, because no matter what kind of relationship you get into, there will be good times and bad times.

    Over all life has been a learning experience and that in itself can make your life rich with knowledge and experiences.

    This is really interesting though,

    Thanks for sharing this

    Bless the Nite,


    • I tend to agree with you, April. It'll be toxic to you if that's how you view it. If you view it as a learning lesson, as this person is mirroring to me something within me that I need to work on, or is giving me an opportunity to perfect how I respond to adversity, "toxic" relationships can actually be very beneficial.


      Of course, it's easy to say that, when you're not in the moment, when someone is biting your head off, and picking at you, and trying to bring you down. It's hard to feel in the moment, when you are being chased by lions ready to maul you, that....."one day, I'm gonna use this!" lol But ultimately, it's all a learning lesson, and like Marianinia says...there are no victims. Everything comes into your life to teach you something.

      • That is true, there are no victims I agree with that one when it comes to relationships. I think that this is where Soulmates come into play. We learn the lessons we need with them, and then we move on when we are ready to, or after that lesson has been learned.

        The only time we are the victims in anything, is when we are being stranded somewhere and can't fight or defend ourselves. Other then that when we enter a relationship, we sort of already know what we are getting into, before entering one. There was something to learn from it, even if it was a bad lesson.

        The other thing that wouldn't be for our highest good, would be a relationship where we are being abused. That is different though then friendships.

        Bless the Nite,


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