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Let Your True Self Be Your Path To The Holiday Season This year! ... And ... Conscious Breathing - Your Ticket To Freedom ! ... And ... Removing Obstacles From Your Life Path By Shanta Gabriel

Let Your True Self Be Your Path To The Holiday Season This year! By Ann Albers

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As so many of you embark upon your holiday preparations, remember that your life, even at this busy time of year, can be easy, joyful, graceful, and fun. Furthermore, if you allow yourself such joy in the moment, then the next will be even better.

Can you buy your holiday presents with joy? If not, skip the shopping and write love letters to your loved ones, make something for them, or offer them some help. Can you decorate with joy? If not enjoy the decorations that others love to share. Can you write your holiday cards with joy? If not, call, send emails, pray.

Dear ones you are under no obligation to anyone upon this earth whatsoever, no matter what you – or they – believe. Your singular obligation is to the Divine Presence within you, to your heart of hearts. The Presence of Love that gives you life wants you to love your life, and it knows that in allowing yourself to honor your own heart you will, by your very loving nature, care about the hearts of others as well.

In filling your own cup, you desire to spill it over. By giving yourself the time you need to find peace, you bring peace to others. By honoring your own finances, you will give gifts that have meaning rather than just "buying to buy." Those of you who have children will become better parents if you honor your own heart. Those of you who teach will share by example. Those of you who take care of others will come with a loving, compassionate presence if you share compassion with yourself first.

So this holiday season, ask yourself, "What gives me joy?" "What is truly in my heart?" "Which traditions resonate with me this year and which do not?" "Which gatherings do I truly feel like attending?" Be honest with yourself. And then be kindly, lovingly, honest with others. This dear ones, is Love – an authentic sharing of the Christ-light and Presence within your own authentic hearts.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Weekly Angel Messages For November 25 - December 1st"

By Melanie Beckler -


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

I am a little Christmas crazy. I love the season. The decorations are up. Thanksgiving dinner was half prepped a week before. My hot cider is spiced with cinnamon and cloves and I've already been watching the Hallmark holiday channel late at night.

However, this year, unlike Christmases past, I am slowing down when I do the holiday activities and making sure I enjoy them. I'm not rushing through the to-do list. I'm being present with myself and doing things I truly feel like doing when I feel like doing them. Of course, as a result, I'm getting more accomplished! The house was decorated before I bought the turkey. The cards may or may not get done. Shopping isn't as exciting right at present, so I'm not sure how much I'll do.

Echoes of the angels' words are in my head at all times. "If you're not enjoying it, don't do it." Every time I get sucked into "I have to," I remind myself, "I choose to..." I strolled slowly through Costco before Thanksgiving, enjoying samples, and smiling at frenzied shoppers, and sharing recipes in the checkout line. I put up the outdoor lights on a sunny warm day when climbing the ladder was actually fun. (For a short girl, you get a whole different view of the neighborhood!). I cooked my 12 course Thanksgiving meal over the course of a week to spread it out and make it fun.

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that the season is all about love. Loving life. Loving ourselves. Loving those dear to us, and loving total strangers too... The key is and always will be, choosing love in each moment. The Christ-light is there for all of us, all the time. No matter what our beliefs, the Divine is there, waiting for us to feel the bliss of an immense love in every single moment.

Here are some pointers to help you enjoy the holiday season...

1. If you're not enjoying it, don't do it

The angels constantly remind me of this. Of course I countered with the obvious... "What if I have to do something, like clean up after work, or do accounting?" They smiled at me. "Focus on love then," they answer. "Why are you doing those things?" "Because I love my work and love helping people." "Focus on that." Now I see such chores as an act of love with a higher purpose.

Likewise the holidays bring many expectations. Try to be as authentic as possible and if you feel you must do something you don't really love, focus on the higher and happier reason you are doing it. 

2. Share love and kindness wherever you go

Love and kindness are the real gifts of the season. They bless both giver and receiver.

A gentleman helped me back my car out in a crowded parking lot the other day. He made my day. I chatted with an elderly man who was waiting for his wife in the grocery store, and made his. A clerk in the store helped me find the missing green beans, and when I joked that he saved my Thanksgiving dinner, his playful smile lit up my day!

We crave kind personal interactions in an era where technology often distracts us from interacting face to face. Allow your kindness to bless others, even as you allow theirs to bless you.

3. Be honest... with yourself and others.

If you can't afford extravagant presents, be honest and give what matters. If you feel like changing traditions, start a new one. If you're not feeling terribly social politely decline invitations.

By honoring the truth within you, you honor everyone else with your true Light and Presence.

This season can get very busy but it can also be a time to master some profound spiritual skills. Drop into the present, be true to you, and focus on the joy... Happy Holiday Season!

Love you all!

Experience Ann's Healing & Transformative Gaze - The Power Of Pure Love:

Video - "Archangelic Healing Chamber Webinar By Natalie Glasson

Conscious Breathing - Your Ticket To Freedom !
Message From The Arcturian Collective Via Marie Mohler .....
It is the Arcturian Collective here, bringing through Frequencies of Love, Light, Peace, and Joy to fill your Hearts and re-fuel your Spirits, so that each if you can feel in this moment how loved, guided, blessed, and supported in all Highest Good Ways you are, by the Grand Benevolence and Perfection that lives in this Universe, and All Universes.

We invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us now, allowing that Sacred Breath to journey within your Sacred Body Temple, and re-fuel every single cell with Pure Source Oxygen and Pure Source Light.  

We invite you to tune into the Wisdom of your Sacred Heart Center, now in this moment, and feel what colors your body temple needs to better be able to receive these messages of Love and Light today.

Now take another Deep Divine Breath In, and fill your Breath with any color or colors your Wise Heart Center Within summoned, for your best healing, soothing, inspiration, and/or activations today in this transmission. Allow those colors to fill your Sacred Heart’s Awareness, and to journey inside you to all of the layers and parts of you that need and desire that deep bathing and this deep showering in Source Love and Infinite Universal Support and Light. You are loved on such a grand scale that’s sometimes in the tasks and distractions of daily life on earth ~ attunement to this immense love and this profound support can easily be forgotten." alt="Conscious Breathing: Your Ticket to Freedom, Marie Mohler ~" width="200" border="0"/>

We wish to call you today . . . back into a present moment awareness . . . of all that is loved, perfect, whole, and highly gifted inside you. Sacred Breath and Conscious Breathing like this reconnects you to all that is Divine, any time you need or desire a dose of this good energy, or just a reminder that it exists.

When in doubt, or crisis, or a healing crisis, always go back to the basics. The basics being . . . The Conscious Breathing of Sacred Source of Breath . . . to refuel your body temple with the Perfect Divine Nourishment and re-sets it needs . . . to re-align with Source Original Perfection and Source’s Infinite Love for you, for humanity, for all living beings here on earth, and for the Earth Mother herself.

One single Conscious Breath can do all of that. Truly. Imagine 2 Conscious Breaths. Or 3.  Or 10.  If each person on your world breathed consciously in this very gentle, loving, intentional way, . . . well . . . you might just create a brand-new world . . . and certainly . . . a Brand New Earth

And this . . . is what we would recommend you do! Breathe your way each day into Conscious Re-Union with the Power Source of Your Very Beings.  When connected in this Sacred Way, it is very hard to be disconnected from each other. When connected in the Breath to the Source of Divine Union and Infinite Love, it is nearly impossible to remain separate slices of consciousness in your world today.

Peace, in this way and higher understanding, is simply one breath away . . . from where your consciousness might still be in some form of pain, or lack, or suffering due to separation thoughts or consciousness . . . to the Resplendent Union and Light that human beings and all sentient life are wired to live, breathe, and be." alt="Conscious Breathing: Your Ticket to Freedom, Marie Mohler ~" width="300" border="0"/>

Peace is a choice.

Sacred Breathing is a choice.

Conscious Union is a choice.

And at this time on your world, the choice to turn toward louder voices,
louder calls of separation consciousness, and louder cries of
separation pain and suffering . . .


. . . softer subtler quieter calls to your heart centers, to Union with the Divine
in your heart centers, and Union with the Divine Source Creative Life Force
of this Universe and All Universes . . . is YOURS.

And yours alone.

For Conscious Breathing is a powerful soul choice you can each make
hundreds of times a day. Isn’t that an exquisite invitation from Spirit?
From your Spirit? From your Timeless Heart Centers that house and
guide your soul essence and presence on this planet today?

We think it is." alt="Conscious Breathing: Your Ticket to Freedom, Marie Mohler ~" width="200" border="0"/>

So pausing in your day . . . to create One Conscious Stillpoint and One Conscious Sacred Breath . . . in a sea of loud calls to this event or that experience . . . creates a Moment of Infinite Connection with the Original Blueprint for a Soft, Peace-filled Harmonious Earth reality . . . that once was . . . and that will be again.

How will you get there?

Through a series of choices.

Your own. Along with billions more of you.

One by one, each will have to Choose to Breathe the Colors and Life Force of Love, Compassion, Soul Remembrance, and Conscious Union with Source.

And one by one, each will begin to turn gadgets’ volumes is down or off, to begin to hear the sounds and wisdom of nature again. And the natural order again. And the Way of Divine Perfection again.

So we invite you, at this busy time of year on your world, as people prepare for holidays around the globe, and the hustle and bustle to hopefully create the feeling of connection with family and friends this holiday season . . .

The Truest Connections . . . The Timeless Connections . . . The Most Beautiful and Authentic Connections exist outside of the hustle and bustle . . . They exist inside your Heart Centers . . . And you access them by focusing on the Light of Source in your every single breath." alt="Conscious Breathing: Your Ticket to Freedom, Marie Mohler ~" width="300" border="0"/>

For in the Breath, you are Perfect.
In the Breath, you are Loved.
In the Breath, you are Immense Light.
In the Breath, you are Abundance, Talents, Joy, and Eternal Gifts . . .
Flowing Source Goodness . . . from the Core Heart of One . . . to the Collective Heart of All.

This may seem too simple or even too fantastical to be real. But we, as the Arcturian Collective, assure those of you with ears to hear, hearts to know, and eyes to see, . . . The Breath is your Ticket to Freedom.


It is your Ticket to anything you wish to manifest. It is your Ticket to all of the good you desire in your life, your loved ones lives, your countries, your governments, your livelihoods, and your life experiences.

So pause in these next few weeks, as more and more storms arise in the global narrative now, pause . . . and embrace a moment of stillness.  Embrace a Conscious Breath amidst the winds of change and brewing political, planetary, or personal storms.

And just B ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ T ~ H ~ E!

And do it again. String several Conscious Breaths together. Feeling the gentle rhythm of the inflow and outflow. The air moving through you . . . caressing and bathing all of your trillions of cells with the Love, Peace, and Timeless Eternal Light.

This is the Gift of the Holiday Season.

Not the gifts you think you are tangibly giving.

The True Gift . . . is reconnecting your very disconnected heart centers to the Always and Ever Present Divine Source Frequency of Love, Unity, Abundance, Light, and Peace . . . inside you.

This is the task for humanity at this time. To relax all of the outer races to spend money, travel here or there, ship this or that, see this person or that person, etc.

In the breath, you can see, bless, feel, and visit with all of them. One at a time, or all at once.

It is an inner connection with them that is MOST REAL.

It is a sharing of your inner light that is MOST CONNECTIVE. 

And inner connections don’t cost a dime. They are free. They are timeless. They are a life force giving and receiving, always and forever, just like the breath.

In, out, receive, give, connect, send love, feel and inspire, heal and manifest, Love and Light . . .

Sacred Breath in this Way blesses one and all. The Giver and Receiver.

This is what beckons your world collective at this time.

It is a Call to Union.  To Re-connection.  To Remembering Yourselves as Light. 

To living beyond duality, and joining the Divine Power and Presence of Infinite and Ever-Loving Unity once more." alt="Conscious Breathing: Your Ticket to Freedom, Marie Mohler ~" width="300" border="0"/>

So during your upcoming holidays, work days, and world events,
make time to Breathe the Energy of Divine Union.

Make time to Harmonize your Breath with Divine Breathing.

Sync up your Soul Colors and your Life Purpose and
Dreams in the Embrace of a Conscious Breath. 

The Conscious Breath receives those dreams and color vibrations
And delivers them to the Conscious Universe
Who then activates the Conscious Gears
To bring them into Conscious Form.

The Breath is so many things.

But for all of you listening in your busy lives on your busy world today . . .

A Conscious Breath . . . is first and foremost . . . A START.

A Beginning . . . to Return to Peace, Ease, and Harmony.
In your bodies.  In your spirits.  In your minds.

2018 has been a year of big cosmic and planetary unfoldments.  The Great Crumbling of the Old Paradigm is well underway.  The Great Beginnings of a New Light on Earth are now underway as well.

The choice is yours . . . whether to breathe your way unconsciously into more experiences of the old timelines and old paradigm now failing.

Or into the new timeline of Light, Peace, Joy, and Unity just beginning to grow its first tender roots . . . for a beautiful new cycle . . . of Conscious Connection in the Hearts of All with the Heart of All That Is.

Great New Light is on course to burst through and emerge in Conscious Collaborations and Creations more and more.

Will you have the Inner Breath Support and Soul Eyes to see it?

Which choice deep in your heart . . . calls you at this time . . . more?

The Love of What IS Possible when Conscious Union is the New Blueprint For Creation?

Or, the Fear of the World that is known and is releasing?

Spend time now in your breath . . . making that very soulful choice.

And then BREATHE deeply to expand the wish and powerful intention into your life experience.


In 5D Earth, we breathe the light of our conscious intentions very clearly and transparently.

We invite you to simply allow yourselves to embrace the Power of Your Breath to Unite, to Clear, to Heal, and to Manifest the life and lives you most desire now on earth.

It is the Conscious Breathing that will take you to that special creation you most desire with your most dominant energy now, every time.

The Breath Within, each and every time, asks you . . . its Soul Presence, “What do we wish to create and experience today on the in-breath?”

And on the outbreath, . . . the Breath Within says . . . “As you wish!”  And thus it is so.  Manifestation Within the Conscious Universe Is Born. 

So breathe well. Breathe your best desires. Breathe Moments of Stillness, and infuse them with your Highest Heart’s Desires.

Feel the colors in your breath and guided intentions . . . float out into the world.

Breathe Gratitude for the Gift of Source, Light, Union, Awareness, Abundance, and more.

For through Sacred Breath ~ they are yours for the creating.


Conscious Breath and Conscious Creation are
the Great Gifts of this Holiday Season!

Breathe Deeply.
Breathe Divinely.
Breathe this New Earth Light and Love into Form.

You are loved, dear ones.
You Are Love.
All Our Love.

Video - "Judy Satori's Full Moon Regenesis Transmission # 11 With AA Michael"

Removing Obstacles From Your Life Path By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to be aligned with what we truly want to experience in life, and remember that we are not here to do it all alone.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


Pray to Remove All Obstacles to the Source of Divine Light

Message From Shanta Gabriel .....

Recently when I was struggling with overwhelm, I was reminded that I was acting as though I was the only one working in my business life, when in truth I have a Senior Partner — with a capital S!
My Senior Partner, who is of course, God, the Source of Divine Light, the Infinite Intelligence, who is aligned with the highest good of my Soul. All I need to do is remember I am not alone, turn over all the details and the intention for which I am working and allow this Divine Presence to step in to assist me.
In times of great overwhelm, it’s easy to forget the spiritual basics! I paid attention and placed all the myriad needs on my altar.

I then asked for Divine Order and Balance to be present in those situations, before offering all my work expression into the Divine Hands of my Senior Partner. What a difference it made! The overwhelming burdens I had been feeling were gracefully uplifted and the project that I was working on unfolded in miraculous ways.
I know that miracles are the ordinary unfolding of a prayer-centered life, but still I am always a little in awe when small prayerful actions change my experience in practical ways so gracefully. This is truly what I want to experience in every area of my life.

I continue to ask the Source of Divine Light to work with me in my spiritual, mental, and emotional life. And this recent demonstration reminded me that my Senior Partner will always assist me with the spiritual entrepreneurship that is my work in the world. I need only to remember and ask with greater intention.
My work is the gift I have been given in order to serve God in beautiful ways. Because it is the outworking of my prayers for my Soul's mission on Earth, it is especially important that I remember to include the Divine in all aspects of my life.
Divine Presence:
Thank you for lifting the burden of overwhelm that comes from thinking I am doing any of this work in the world alone. Thank you for bringing me the creative solutions, helpful ideas, and revelations I need to expand into greater levels of loving expression in my work. I am grateful for the beautiful people who can support me as well as those who can benefit from my Soul's gifts.
Thank you for removing all obstacles to clear communication with my Higher Self and my guidance system. Once more I dedicate all that I am doing to creating more Peace and Love within me and within the hearts of all beings. I ask that all of humanity may be blessed to bring their Soul's gifts forward to serve the world in beautiful ways. Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Video - "Spiritual Energy Downloads - What They Are & How You Can Access Them"

By Melanie Beckler -

The Gabriel Messages Book #42

Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.

AA Gabriel's Message .....

Dear One,
When you pray to remove all obstacles, you are expressing your desire for full communion with God. You are asking for all that is in the way of your connection with the Divine Presence to be removed, so that you can consciously feel your alignment with love.
God is your partner in life. Prayer is the key to remind you of this partnership. Prayer is a deep and powerful action bringing you into the right frame of mind so your life will work for you in happier ways.

Prayer is a tool for opening your heart. It brings love into every situation. Love is the greatest healing energy that exists in the world, so it serves you well to bring love into your life in a conscious way through prayer.
True communion with Spirit is a state of enlightenment. It is fully loving, courageous, free, and filled with joy. It is the happy state of knowing that the Divine Presence is always there to turn to so you never feel alone.
When you achieve the conscious awareness of your oneness with God, you will look at life from a state of joy, not fear. You will feel a sense of peace within you. In this state of Divine communion, your true freedom exists.
Pray with your heart, open your mind and be willing for miraculous changes to take place in your life. You were meant to be happy and at peace. You deserve all that is good. Know that you are a beloved child of the Source of all Light. 
It is possible to live in love and full communion with God. The Angels are assisting you to make this deep connection at all times. You can call upon their grace to make joy your ever-present reality.
To have more harmony within yourself today, remember this simple suggestion from Archangel Gabriel:

Pray to remove all obstacles to the Source of Divine Light.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
November 25, 2018
Video - "
New Angel Card Reading For This Week Dec 9th - 15th, 2018" By Melanie Beckler -

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