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Greetings Dear Light Enthusiasts!

     This morning, I woke up thinking about all of the people having a difficult time, whether it be by homelessness, soon to be homeless, or those living in unhealthy relationship trying to "get out".

     Is there hope for them, or must we wait until the prosperity packages arrive, not knowing if or when they'll arrive?  Have we become so "money-driven" and unsure of our own futures that we've become stingy? Do we look the other way while the suffering continues to grow, or do we come together as One to help?

     The Indians thrive in self made communities by living off the land.  Is it possible that we can shun the system as they did by creating a Light Community?  Have we got the guts, fortitude and compassion to make it a reality? 

     In the 5th Dimension, there will be many Light Communities.  In these communities, soul groups join together in Togetherness, Love and Cooperation, and provide healing services for those in need.  They've dropped out of the system, and live a very satisfying life.  They help each other by creating homes, educating the children, buying or bartering self made goods and businesses, providing spiritual guidance and mental/physical healing, or cultivating organic gardens and crops for food.  It's a win-win situation for ALL who live in the Golden Age of Peace Light Communities. 

     I believe that after The Event, we are going to see many of these Light Communities pop up all over the place.  Don't you think we need to start planning NOW?  Waiting is not beneficial to those suffering now. 

     So, how do we go about forming a Light Community?  Let this be our topic for discussion.  We need a plan of action and coordinator.  Got any ideas?  Let's hear them!

Love and Light,


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Wonderful post, D'tewa. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves if we're ready/willing to co-Create a harmonious community far away from the control of the current system. This goes along with much of what I've been thinking and writing about lately, and I notice that it was posted at 4:44 ;)


Much Love!


Wes :)

Incorrect, Dear Dreamdeluder!  I live across the country. 

Sending you Love and Light,


Not necessary to "co-Create a harmonious community far away from the control of the current system."

The CURRENT SYSTEM is already collapsing and WILL CEASE TO EXIST very soon!

A new harmonic/divine system will need to be far away...wherever you are, if you still here, you will be part of the new harmonic/divine system.

And will know exactly what is going to be your role and you will know exactly what to do...


Dreamdeluder:  "I'm a dark enthutheist" - LOL.

Wonderful!  We have Nancy and Wes on board.  This is a beautiful start, but we want more of you to get involved!  There's nothing we can't do if we band together as One, because everyone has something to offer to make this become a reality.  The first big question is: WHERE?   I think it goes without saying that it needs to be in the United States, but which state?   We need a donation of at least 1 to 2 acres of land.   Dig deep into your hearts, Dear Light Holders.  Think of how many you'll be helping by creating this Light Community.  I don't know if ours would be the first built in the U.S., but we can certainly start by paving the way for others to follow, agreed?  So, here's the question:


(As owner of the land, you may name the community!)

Also, those interesting in joining Our Light Community: Please let us know if you're willing to relocate, and what talents or gifts you're willing to offer.

Blessings To All,


I'm not positive but I would guess you might find some land out here in San Diego County CA.  maybe in the far eastern part even a bit east of where I am but it is nice here. I don't personally own any land but I'm sure if we put our heads together we could figure something out. I posted the Venus project on the last page. I would say Hydroponic Gardening would be a good thing to learn about as well.

when you need organic master gardener, drop me a note....................................I come with a teepee or 2 if necessary.........

Fantastic Assiya!  Thank you!  Once we find a location, we'll need your talents and teepee's asap!  Isn't this exciting?

And So The Community Grows,


no , just 2 teepee's

I used to have an army tent but this bugger was stolen from me. I wish I still had it'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

would it be something one could find at any Army/Surplus store? you know the type I mean? I think there is one near me I ought to check it out.

Feather Winger:  I see they have a fan - does that mean that they have electricity?

Feather Winger:  Pretty cool looking homes!



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