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namaste brothers and sisters!

i trust that you are all living in love! 


so kundalini syndrome, some of you might be thinking this sounds a bit peculiar, but i assure you it exists. it is known as the disease of the yogi or mystic, it is almost unavoidable when on the path. it occurs for various reasons the main one being that upon the kundalini's ascend, it cleans out the entire system. another cause is from being in an environment that is energetically "unclean".


just because ive been noticing cases of this more recently in others doesnt mean this is the cause of your issues, if you are ?ing whether or not your symptoms are kundalini related email me. i've got methods of telling whether or not it is(all except for karmic, though i probably can tell this as well if you describe the symptoms a bit) and am quite happy to answer that ? for you. 

for some reason once people become aware of this condition they always say "i have kundalini syndrome", and 9 times out of 10 they really don't at all, and its just life :)

i just wanted to inform anyone who might be curious as to what it looks like of the symptoms.


physical symptoms 



weakening of the physical body - energetically congested areas 

pain and discomfort

skin rashes



physical and etheric adjustment from the rising 

improper diet

negative emotions!

not releasing energy

lack of physical exercise

etheric conditions

lower chakras are very very large in relation to the upper chakras

there is more kundalini energy in relation to soul energy

general energetic congestion


a fruit diet 1-2 days of partial fasting

take a salt shower(getting the body wet, turning off the water, then rubbing salt on the skin, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off) 3-4 times a day


take a shower and rub lavender oil and salt. and wash off


have a massage with diluted lavender oil 

DO PHYSICAL EXERCISE(sweating is important for this)

emotional mental symptoms

irritability and anger

relationship problems

criticalness and intolerance


magnification of negative qualities


emotional mental adjustment from the ascend of kundalini

awakening of pent up negative emotion

large solar plexus 

higher sensitivity

higher mental faculty


see a healer


violet flame 


self acceptance! you wouldnt even notice the things that are making you mad about others if it wasnt a quality you already possessed. and remember the more you fight it, the more power you're giving it, and the issue will never be resolved :)

also the solutions for physical symptoms are most likely needed as well. 

kundalini s** syndrome symptoms

increased s** drive

uncontrollable s** drive


large s** chakra


transmute the energy for higher purposes (there are many techniques on this and i'll let you pick your own). you will want to do a bit of physical exercise before this and take a salt shower first, as the energy is usually quite silly during this time. if you are a woman, avoid transmutation within 2-4 days of your cycle :)

accelerated learning and development(karmic syndrome) symptoms

bad luck

financial problems


rapid materialization of negative karma


monthly tithing for a lifetime(its always suggested that you tithe at least 10% of your income as usually what we put out into the universe comes back to us 10 fold) 

service(3-4 hrs a week)

karma is always a bit of a tricky thing so its always good to meditate on it. just be sure not to get so caught up on the issue that you miss the solution to the it. ya dont wanna manifest it any more than it already has :) 

making petitions to the karmic board and kuan yin for an amelioration of karma in very severe cases(infinite karma and things of that nature), though this might prove helpful for your current karmic lessons as well.


esp and mysitcal syndrome

hearing, sight, smell, etc..

too much mystical experience

lack of praciticality


release excess energy

-blessing and rooting

-through physical exercise

solution to all the issues: 


love yourself! love your brothers and sisters! be helpful and kind to all! especially those you're not fond of, for they are kind enough to assist you in clearing soul distortions!

got two little phrases for you here if you dont mind, if you like them say them with conviction while focusing on your crown center

I release all self-judgment for what is in my life, and embrace it all as meaningful to clear distortion and embody deeper soul presence and power. 


I am grateful for those who trigger me, as they are helping me to clarify soul distortions.


and with all kundalini syndrome symptoms, seeing an energy healer of some sort and physical exercise can never be done enough(xcept for maybe karmic stuff ;)

alternatively to seeing a healer in person you can always call on the inner plane healing masters and ask them to assist. they're quite happy to be of assistance.


hope you learned something :)

much love and many blessings brothers and sisters



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This is awesome, I don't have it thank goodness (right now anyways lol) , but it's nice to know that this information is there when I need it.  Thanks so much for posting :)
This is extremely helpful to me.. Thankyou starchild ;)


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