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Just Some Gentle Words For Everyone I have Ever Offended - I'm SORRY

Dear friends,

I would just like to say, that I'm sorry if anyone was ever hurt, by any actions caused by me...past and present.

Maybe my harsh words, methods, tactics, style, or ideological I can be somewhat opinionated and it may be provocative to others, so causing anger..

But in essence, it does not matter what beliefs we have, we are all still connected in spirit...

I try not to cause offense, but sometimes circumstances seem to compel it and it is regrettable that pain results...I will however unreservedly apologize to any offended ones out there....I'm truly sorry to all I have ever offended, or upset, or hurt, for whatever reason......It does not matter who was "right," or who was "wrong"...I'm just sorry about it....and wish you a spirit of goodwill.

May peace prevail in all hearts....

Blessings of Love and Light for all....


Your friend at the end,

Drekx Omega

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Claudia, ever at your service.....

I'm putting this out there I'm not ending what I have with drekx or my friendship with you Lee just to make someone else happy. Its my life and I'm pleased in my choices as they are what gives me happiness and strength... I have a great friend base here. I am who I am and I'm proud of who I am I'm proud of my lineage no one will ever make me not have pride in that again....sometimes there are those you can only love from a distance that's all you can do.  As for me I finally found my happy xoxo lol I'm getting back to the me I was when I first came here. You drekx and my faithful big brother mikeil helped me to find that again.....

Thanks to everyone, for your treasured responses to this.....And I mean it all.....I am sorry if any were ever hurt by my words, my innuendo, or my tactics......I feel for all that have suffered....I ask for your understanding and compassion....No hard feelings, we can all rise above stuck energies....I have, so you can too.....

Just be in fears, no anxiety, just LOVE.......

Be magical in all the things you do.....Selamat ja...!!!

I feel like some groovy night riding, dear friends......!!! This forum has got to number two in the ACC hit parade....Nice one....May the funk be with you all....!! Thanks and happy may day..... XO

Getting the party started hun

Sure thing babe.....!!! ;-)

Dance thru some walls

Would l be old if I said bits been years since I heard that song lol oh my god the shoulder pads back then lol

Hehe...!! I Know whatchya mean, but with time travelling, any fashion is current....;-)

I was twelve when that was a hit in the UK.......LOL Love it though....

I still like leather lol

....Drekz....No...Offense...But....Do You Actually.....Learn.....By Your Lessons......???....Hmmmm.....



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