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Just Some Gentle Words For Everyone I have Ever Offended - I'm SORRY

Dear friends,

I would just like to say, that I'm sorry if anyone was ever hurt, by any actions caused by me...past and present.

Maybe my harsh words, methods, tactics, style, or ideological I can be somewhat opinionated and it may be provocative to others, so causing anger..

But in essence, it does not matter what beliefs we have, we are all still connected in spirit...

I try not to cause offense, but sometimes circumstances seem to compel it and it is regrettable that pain results...I will however unreservedly apologize to any offended ones out there....I'm truly sorry to all I have ever offended, or upset, or hurt, for whatever reason......It does not matter who was "right," or who was "wrong"...I'm just sorry about it....and wish you a spirit of goodwill.

May peace prevail in all hearts....

Blessings of Love and Light for all....


Your friend at the end,

Drekx Omega

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Beautifully said never forget how wonderful you truly are 143

And you...!!! xo

better late than never.........................................kudos

Haha...!! ;-) Always a bit late, but here now....No offense....

I forgive you. You have never hurt me, but if it helps I forgive you. I forgive you in advance. I forgive you for everyone that wont. I have to, I have to forgiven everyone all the time. I feel there emotions and it hurts me more when people don't forgive, others or themselves. More to the point I can't forgive me if I don't forgive you.  Here's a song so you'll never forget

Hello I don't know you but here it is.  The right thing is never the easiest thing to do but worth it to do.  Forgiving someone is not for that person but for you so you can move on.  Whatever you do unto others you do unto yourself so if you forgive others you do forgive yourself. I believe that helps to clear some karmic debt... You and drekx showed your true hearts in your post and if people can't forgive then I believe that adds karmic debt unto them.... Know we love you too.....

THANX.....Nice sentiments.....

Is there anything to do with our interactions (you and me), here that applies to your general blanket apology, that you can think of? Kind of a trick question here... : )

Blessings All Around...

you've never offended me Drexx-I've seen is you being attacked and then responding

Hey Pet Rock....Love ya bro.....No probs mate.....!! ;-)

I have many friends from the area drekx lives  and its courteous to compliment women america made it like that.... Drekx is a good guy.....




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