A movie like the lord of the rings, we think about it, it's a thought, 5th density is the thought density, so, the world of The lord of the rings exists there. And it's a succcesfull movie, which means that is supported by the collective thought, so it's a dense thought. Think about it, it's simple. It's thought.

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  • Thanks Tesla....you are dear to me too. I have known you a long time here, and feel maybe even longer in another time...wow surprised you picked up on that too...cool...

  • I agree...and no other movie made me yearn for that time...I always identified with Elves as well...

  • Well Tolkien and PJ both made sure to include a lot of European-isms into the books/movies, it definitely does trigger cellular memories at the least, maybe even soul memories. That's why so many people resonate with the particular culture of them. A particular European essence, a certain je ne sais quoi.

    Aside of course from the more general themes of humanity, history and even spirituality.

  • seems to me this is more like 4th ...so ya, lots going on besides love, peace and parties...i need a higher love...much joy and love to you

  • I agree with you that one cannot heal dark aspects if they are not brought into the light and recognized...we all have some darkness in us, it is part of the 3D life and conditioning.  Sweeping everything under the rug does not work nor does it make everything all better.  Sometimes the darkness people are so eager to point a finger at in others lays under the rug in themselves.  One cannot banish darkness by hiding it, one must illuminate the darkness, and if it is under the rug it just stays there still dark and lurking. Sorry for the under the rug analogy....seemed to fit but kind of lame. 

  • the movie is quite different than the books.  the characters and their motiviations are different in the novels.  the novels which were written by a man who was in two world wars and seen the change of the "magical" to the industrial age, are a mirror to that experience. all the esoteric knowledge people have right now people had 100 years ago, they were inspecting the same ruins and thinking the same things about out there, until they were interrupted by two devastating world wars which changed people and how they lived. 

    by the infinite parallell universe theory anything you can imagine exists in some other universe.

    also by your sucess theory you would have to say that many other sucessful things are "real" like hellraiser, texas chanisaw massacre(which was real sort of) freddy, jason, etc etc.  if success in a film is all that is required we have to also say spongebob quarepants is real, and killer tomatoes. and darth vader.

  • If we think for a second between the differences between our earth and the middle earth (:3)

    The only major difference is magic. All the creatures like orcs, hobbits, elf, etc. Could all exist in our reality as another evolved species, so the only difference is a physical manifestation of magic.

    which doesn't seem to be way too off from us, so I don't think is as far from our dimension, to say it's a fifth, maybe somewhere between 3 and 4 (as with a lot of things, there isn't really a defined border with a sign that says "You are entering the 5th Dimension" lol).

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