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is the depth of your heart determined by the depth of your experience?

if you spent 2 years in a concentration camp, starved and exposed to conditions that stole your health, comfort and sanity, would you have a deeper connection with yourself and god than if you had never experienced any great suffering in life?


or does outside experience have no effect on the depth of your compassion, sincerity, humility?

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I don't need to be in a concentration camp to gain a deeper experience with myself, I have done that through good and bad experiences, but more good have definitely made me a better person!  

I think anytime a person is under duress they have the potential to break in many ways... which is generally why people are made to suffer, that doesn't mean that all people would or I would, but that is generally the reason people are made to suffer.  I don't think anything can break the immutable, untouchable Spirit within us, many have tried and many have failed...  

To be more precise, I think that everything effects our humility, the good and the bad... I would say the good does more to Heal us on deeper levels.. but we let the negative things that happen empower us in every-way we can...

You can take experiences in life as with anything and sit with it assimilate it. The challenging part is to take experiences and to extract the lessons from them. I think that with certain situations we come face to face with suffering which is The first Nobel truth. I think that is where we can learn to drop the self when we are face to face with these things. We all experience suffering that is life, but if you dont let let your heart absorb what it can then it will shrivel and become enbittered.

I think that the important thing is to not let bitterness take the place of the flower growing within you. I also would think it would give you a direct experience, knowledge of the horror show. There was a zen Buddhist monk who was in a Japanese war camp. What did he do...he meditated and continued with zen.

No, I don't believe so.

The depth of your being is what it is.

Your experience of life, and how you manage that experience determine how much of your being you reconnect with.

However, what never changes is the fact that you are a unique piece of the creator, resplendent with gifts and talents that are waiting to be discovered. Complete with a higher self that is always connected to source. And all you have to do is knock on the door of your higher self to start making that connection, and for those gifts to become apparent.

There is a school of thought that says struggle and suffering compel us to dig deep and discover that which is inside us. This is true, though not strictly necessary. In practice, however, a free choice duality existence effectively guarantees that we won't choose to knock on the right doors until we are put in a position of do or die. It is in ties of desperation, where we throw caution to the wind, and give up. And allow ourselves to be humbled. this leads to compassionate action. 

 It just so happens that compassion is the door knock of the higher self.




one man gets no food - complains

other man is fasting - happy

 the first man can accept it as a fasting day and be happy 


keep complaining, blaming his luck.

accept without resisting, whatever he sends your way.

No, the depths of my heart is way deeper than my experience. Sometimes my heart doesn't make any sense at all because if there were an ounce of sense left in my brain in conjunction to my heart, I'd be out blowing up cities and stuff now. Yet I'm not.. I'm still being a loving individual and that's really really strange when one looks at my experiences ;)

Denial is a hard thing to break but once denial is cleared up then healing can begin.. I think that with mass trauma to a group of people it lingers down the generations and can have a devistating impact on them. The collective psyche rocked from the 3d terror machine that needs to be cleared out and healed. The twin towers for example all the kids born today have been taught in school about the towers in America. Like breaking the chains of abuse in families because the chain extends generations......healing the links in the chains till they no longer bind us. Till we are all free...
We can have something unpleasant in our lives happen but the more we start attaching things, clinging to the unpleasant situation the more we suffer. Then when you let go and let god - there is the release...

In my opinion, no. Someone mentioned acceptance, that's a huge one, someone else mentioned not going out and wreaking havoc, i also can relate with this one. I "think" we all have the capacity of depth, however some are able to handle plunging those depths more than others are. Some don't WANT to, even when they say they do. I come across that one a lot. Odd isn't it?



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