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Dear Family,

     Everyday I see Obama getting slammed for his efforts, and it's becoming  quite clear that the majority of the people feel that Obama is NOT on the Light's side.  So, before I ask you what you think, I want to tell you my feelings on Obama and the role he's playing in this Light vs Dark plight.

     First, I wish to say...please use compassion, and open your minds to a very difficult job that's been placed at Obama's feet.

     When Obama first came into the lime-light to be elected as president, I never heard of him.  I am one of those people who has never given a flip one way or another when it comes to politics.  To me, politics has always seemed so stupid and one-sided.  So, out of my 57 years, I  had NEVER voted once until Obama came up for president. 

     The urge to vote for Obama was so overwhelming, I had to vote, and that it was a predestined type of thing.  I was "meant" to vote for Obama so that he would win that election.   That alone tells me that he IS of the Light, and was meant to lead the people, and put them on a path to the Golden Age of Peace, Love and Abundance.  

     So, is that still the case?  Is Obama going to fulfill his destiny?  I still think so.  Perhaps he's already done that.  Perhaps he's gone as far as his destiny has taken him as president.  I see Obama as a complex "double-agent" who is caught in the middle, and who has been tempted and forced to join the dark forces.  Now, whether that's truth or not, in my heart I feel that Obama is doing the best he can do under these extreme circumstances of temptation.  Sometimes, a person must do certain unthinkable things to get to the next level of a plan.  Maybe he has given into temptation.  For when wealth and power is obtainable, it's easy to lose One's perspective of right and wrong, good and evil.  

     I know.  I can hear it already.  "So why was he wanting to make war in Syria?" you're asking.  There are  always possibilities.  Perhaps he knew the war wouldn't come to fruition.  Perhaps he's putting on a show for the dark.  Perhaps the fear, temptation and power is too great.   Or maybe, there is a bigger plan at work.  One that we won't know about until the time is right.  One thing for sure is, whatever happens, whatever he has done, he's still a Light Being doing a very difficult job.  We have got to have compassion for all those who have fallen to the wayside of the dark life.  Yes, even Obama.

     This is a huge subject, I know, so please be kind.  We don't need to be slamming one another for their opinions.  In saying that, let's hear yours. 

With Love and Peace,


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Why do people always keep on making excuses for this guy?  He must be awfully mesmerizing. 

He must be awfully mesmerizing.

 Why don't we become this.. in active real collaboration.

they need a Jesus but because of their political agenda all they get is a satan,

Obama like all others bites the bullet of the masses... and our need to ride the waves of those who bring forward change through direct courage. They become the backs we ride. This is not what is supposed to happen.

 He opened a space. For us.......

Like so many others.

Things are never the way that they seem to be.  The obvious is always the powers that be  influence over the sheeples.   The truth will eventually come out.

Time will tell, I suppose.  Some days I can't stand the guy... other days I think he's trapped and doing what he's ordered to do, out of fear.  It's really hard for me to believe anyone, even the banking cartels could be so cruel.  But I suppose it's possible when people don't have empathy.  It's obvious bad thing have happened and continue to happen.  But it also seems these "bad things" are on front stage for all of humanity to see.  So we can decide we don't want these types of things to happen (war, starvation, rape, murder, torture, chemical/nuclear weapons, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, poison food/water etc.).  We have to decide, globally, we want PEACE!  As much as it hurts, there are still a lot of people who carry much hate toward other humans/cultures/races/etc.... sad but True.  We really need to have compassion for ALL!  It's the only way we'll get out of this mess.

It amazes me that after 5 yrs in office , we know that he does not fit the profiles of a "light~worker", people still ask such a silly questions.

What are the profiles of a Light~worker?  

......well, someone who is not accused of war crimes, changins laws for establishment like monsanto and/or chemtrails chemical attack on his own citizens, bragging about organic garden in his "house" while lobbing for for gmo produce for the masses, definately not someone who looks like a dork meeting world leaders/their representatives while getting noble peace prize....................if I knew that working for the cabal was my part of the deal, as a light worker I would never have taken this assignment. I can do more good for the entire planet, advocating yoga, vegeterianism, eco activism, meditation, social anarchy and changing self discipline..........................................

Assiya:  He is God.  Do not ask questions.

ONE appologies for being curious.............

Obama is a criminal and a worshiper of Satan. WHAT IS THIS BULLSH!T THAT HE IS "a lightworker????" Well, Lucifer was a lightworker at one time also. Here's 140 crimes of this "lightworker," more than Pappy Bush and Junior Bush combined. And we know what light they followed.

Hail Satan!!!!!



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