Is anyone else feeling this way?

I would consider myself spiritually "awakened." I know that there is much more going on on this planet than meets the eye, and I strive to be a better version of me. When I meditate and talk with like-minded friends, I feel like I know exactly what I should be doing to help the Earth through this transition. 


I feel like there is a gap between what I know I should be doing and thinking and what I actually do and think. I feel overwhelmed by college life and at times, overpowered by the ignorance around me. I try to feel love towards the people I see, but sometimes they just look so closed off to the truth. It makes me feel alone. On a bad day, I wonder, why do I even bother? The people around me aren't trying.


I know that's not true. I know there is good in all people. There are who are lightworkers who are not aware, and I seek them out. But I still feel alone. this website is consoling, but I don't actually encounter any of these people in my life. 


Does any one else feel separated from their true potential? I know I am capable of very powerful energetic healing, but these days it drains me when the world around me is unresponsive. I get very depressed a few times a month because I just want this to be over with. 


I hope that this is just a phase!! I look forward to any responses you may have



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    • One thing I know is that God will use you right where you are and that alot of us are in the trenches as I call it! I realized recently,(while I try not to judge people,that I do! )That a friend of mine, is really into partying, and I being his friend wanted to see him do better for himself, but as I say realized that we really are right where we are suppose to be, and that even if I think this or that person should not drink or whatever.

      I have seen his light, and how he shares with people and know that he is helping people too, right where he is.

      What we fail to know or even remember  is, that all is an illusion and that none of it is bad, it is all experience, and maybe the only way we can share our light is to be where we need to be, whether in a bar or backyrd party!

      I also believe that where we are, at the moment is a part of our creation, that it is more than possible that some or even more of the people we experince we helped (Karmically) to get where they are (stuck) and that we agreed to come back and help them. that is why I also believe that our journey, sometimes seems slow and why are we here, when we think we should be there? because we agreed to stay back a bit and help those we could!!

      I know there are those who will judge and condem, but we all need to live by "judge not, lest yee be judged"!hope that helps!?

  • Dalla, I watched a video last week of  Greg Braden, he mentioned that the square root of 1% of the population is enough to raise vibrations of the world enough to move us forward spiritually.Given this formula, that makes me the only one in my town that may be actively working to raise Gaia's vibration so that we may ascend-any time now please! ; )

    And I feel that way!  I have not found anyone to talk to about it yet and frankly I haven't ried too hard but it won't deter me from doing what I've been called to do.  I would encourage you to not give up Dalla.  We are so close, so close.  We are inhabiting human form though and these periods of doubt, tiredness, impatience are all part of that experience.  Own it.  It's okay.

    We are in the last Night Period of the Maya calendar too I believe(I may be wrong, please correct me if I am) and that affects our moods,thoughts and energy.  I am hanging out at our camp right now while my family is at home.  I need a break from the illusion of back to school, homework, guitar lessons, etc, etc etc.  My mood definately shifted a week or so ago......  

    Hang in there girl, we can do this!

  • Greetings & Salutations my friend,


    I have been where you are many, many times over the years, even to this day (although not anywhere near as often as in times past) & there is a selection from Bashar that just always rings home for me & I think it will for you as well. Recognize you are in the middle of a process & that this too shall pass.


    Peace be with you.

    - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • I know it can be frustrating, and it's just part of soul growth, though, in reality. I am finding myself, more and more, feeling compassion for those who just don't know. "These guys just don't know, I feel bad for them, they are missing out!" It still is frustrating, it still tries my patience, but..I hope to grow to a point where I feel nothing but compassion for those still "asleep".


    So, my advice is to try and keep your head up. Your chest out. Stand tall and strong. You know, posture does have an effect on our mood lol Try to stay positive, and focus on the good things, focus on your studies, and your future light work. Me too I feel like I am much more than my current situation, but if you just keep focused, work hard, have the will power, the faith, and the love for yourself and your dreams, they will come to life! Trust in God, that God knows what's best for us, and if we just put our faith in God, he will take us to where we want to be!

  • I hear you, Dalla. I think we all feel this way at times, it's the nature of the business. And it can be frustrating at times, when you are literally the only one you know that is consciously on the path. It makes me think "Ah God, what is wrong with these people? They are ignorant, and weak-willed, and they don't care about anything, they don't take anything seriously, except how they can have fun and party, and ah God!" lol I'm talking about younger types, the college kids and what not.


    I was in college for 2 years before dropping out, and I wish I had stayed. I had to work and go to school, I would get up in the morning and go to school, then go work for 8 hours until the night, and it was too much for me after 2 years.


    I wish I had stayed, because it's much harder to do anything in this society without a college education, so feel lucky you are in school! Try to make the best of it, try to focus on your studies, and your future. Use your skills to help get the word out in your school, give speeches, make presentations trying to get higher knowledge out to people. Other people might not be on your level....well you know, feel proud for that.


    That's what I try to do at least, I feel proud that I have this knowledge, and I am this advanced in soul growth. That might not be very good, but I do feel proud that I am more advanced than most others. And I feel it's my responsibility to help teach them and rise them up, and it's frustrating when they are too shallow and ignorant to listen.

  • Dalla, I can relate very much to what you say. I would just stress that you can teach and heal with just your presence. There is no need to get anyone to believe anything or be more like you. They are where they need to be in their journey just as you are in yours. I would also say that it is possible to have universal unconditional love for the people around you and people everywhere without having to approve of their actions or attitudes. For some reason this is difficult for people to understand, but it is clear to me. Love people for who they are essentially, their illusory selves are in a process of awakeninng and this takes time.


    Don't be so hard on yourself. It is enough to just radiate love and light to those around you. And though they may not act like they know or appreciate you when you do this, know that it does make a substantial difference in ways that cannot be measured. If you want to teach others in a conventional way, you first must find people who are open and receptive and hungry for such things. You cannot force any of your views on others because that would be impinging on the life path that they have chosen for themselves (though I am not suggesting you are doing this). And finally, I will just say that the fact that you even care about helping others and about maximizing your own spiritual potential speaks loads about you. Just stay in a place of loving kindness and nurturing acceptance and have compassion for others, but especially be compassionate to yourself. Believe me, I too feel there is more I could be doing, but I suspect I would have that feeling no matter how much I was doing. Namaste. Brian

  • I feel also separated from my true potential.

    But there is Light! Since a year or so I slowly gain my true abilities back, and I believe all conscious people do.

    It's a difficult path we walk, but who said it would be easy? We ourselves... well I did. ;-)


  • I very often feel as isolated as the island I live on. But I am reminded every day by people like yourself and all the other beautiful people who are sharing their love and light and the very beauty of this planet, that WE are NEVER alone. It's like you want to express the transformation and the true reality to people and to share experiences but it seems most people around us just don't get it. I can count on 1 hand the people I can actually really talk to. Two who are my son's. Thank you God! Well, the rest I am learning to make peace with and let them go about their own lives and allow myself to be at peace with myself. The most important thing for us who do KNOW is to just hold the love vibe in our hearts and it naturally spreads over all. When a cup is full and and over flows because you keep adding liquid light, it flows to the ground and flows outward. That's what we are. WE are the cups overflowing with love and gratitude. LOL and PEACE
  • First of all, don't worry! This is just a phase. Any person that has had it's ''awakening'' will be going through this. However, the way you experience it is different for every individual. For some it is a struggle and for others it isn't so much of a deal and they overcome it faster. I also know that it's indeed hard to act as you REALLY want from your heart and feel love for others, but when you are mostly confronted with all the crap of this world and the ignorance that comes with it... it wears you down and its hard to actually do! I know, I understand you, fully. :) However, when I was in the same process, OPTIMISM was what kept me standing. Stay positive, for every bad way of thinking about something, there is a good way of thinking about it, remember that. So when you are brought down because there are still so many people who are not on your ''level'', don't feel bad.. just know that more and more people are awakening and that the ignorant people cannot help that they're ignorant. Just be happy that you and I are actually blessed for being awakened! And it's especially us who can make the difference together. I also understand that going to college and trying to just live along with everyone.. knowing that it's just a part of the ''system'' can be overwhelming and a real PAIN. But again, don't bring yourself down.. I also go to college but a few years back It was overwhelming for me too! Nothing made sense anymore.. I rebelled against the system by not doing my best at school. This actually made things worse for me.. and my grades sucked ultimately making me stay back twice at school. After a while I figured that if I really wanted to make a difference in this world.. I HAD to play along.. Why? Because when you have a good degree from college.. you can achieve more in life and get your word out.


    So don't feel depressed, it's not worth it. I know it's hard.. but you can do it. :) You are a beautiful young lady probably with a good future (that's what we are striving for now right?).. and I cannot say anything else now than that optimism should be the key in your life. And know that, you are never alone. When you feel lonely.. think about those people that are like you now (or were, like me :D).. 'cause there are more of them then you might think.


    I wish you the best.




  • you are not alone, i very much have days like that...try being like a kid, we use to have imaginary friends, when your feeling lonely or trying to get thru the crowded day in one 'peace', pretend you have a friend walking next to you, a friend that believes all the same stuff,same interests, your soooo close to this friend you can carry conversations in your mind,and you dont have to look at them bcause you see them in your third eye....i once read somewhere that your most reliable,caring, loving,forgiving friend in the world is your own higher in Joy!!!
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