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Investigations against the US-American huntress Larysa Switlyk...SURELY ONE OF THE BIGGEST FOOL ON PLANET EARTH

After a protest the terrible baboon murderer Blake Fischer from the USA had to resign from his offices! The "white barbarian", as African media called the American Tess Thompson Talley after shooting a rare black giraffe, also experienced a violent protest. Now the US-American Larysa Switlyk has been caught.

Larysa Switlyk S** Toy Unleashed
She is threatened with criminal consequences. Larysa Switlyk shows you how cruel trophy hunters can be. In one photo, the 33-year-old poses next to a dead sheep and holds a bloodied s** toy in her hand. The picture was taken in November in Norfolk, a county in Great Britain, during a hunting trip for women only. They are hideous photos published by Larysa Switlyk! Now the "sextoy huntress" is being investigated, because in Scotland she also boasted about the slaughter of wild animals.

Investigations against the US-American huntress Larysa Switlyk

Detail Adventures Company Elk Larysa Switlyk
You can see from Larysa Switlyk that the Americans also like to hunt in Europe. In addition to the 370,000 native hunters, Germany is increasingly becoming a popular hunting destination for hunters from all over the world. For a red deer hunt in Scotland the hunters pay about 3000 Euro for 5 days, which can also be found on "If you have special wishes, we can adapt a hunting trip according to your wishes", so the website. More and more people are obtaining a hunting licence in Germany. "Hunting is a pleasure. Hunters discover, experience, feel, feel, smell, kill game in order to have hunted, taste and enjoy, " hunting trips worldwide with K&K Premium Hunting - unlimited possibilities - so on one website.

The pleasure of hunting for the US-American Larysa Switlyk she showed on a hunt only for women in Great Britain, when she posed next to a dead sheep, which she had shot before. In her hand she holds a bloodied giant d****. One of the women from "all-girls hunting trip" to Norfolk, told "Dailymail" that the s** toy was a gift for one of the women celebrating her 30th birthday.

Larysa Switlyk comes from Sarasota, Florida. She even has her own show on Canadian television and also proudly presents her trophies on Instagram and Facebook. See @

In October 2018 she hunted on a Scottish island and posted: "Beautiful wild goat here on the island of Islay in Scotland. It was such fun! They live on the edge of the cliffs and are masters at hiding."

Larysa Switlyk is a professional hunter and has her own show "Larysa Unleashed".

But now she's in trouble, in Scotland.

After the photos from Scotland were published in October 2018 and tens of thousands of people complained on the social networks, Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, came forward and announced that the government would review the situation and consider changing the law accordingly. It is understandable that pictures of dead animals shown as trophies cause trouble.

Now the time has come, only two months later Larysa Switlyk, who is repeatedly criticised for her photos next to dead animals, is threatening criminal consequences for gun crimes in Scotland.

After posting a picture on Twitter of the hunt in Scotland, more than 20,000 people, mainly in the UK, convicted Larysa Switlyk.

The police have since received several complaints. Judy Murray, mother of tennis star Andy Murray, also twittered:

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There is a lot of people who would love her trophy 

The soft approach on those who kill animals, sell animals flesh and those who eat animals has to stop and TIT FOR TAT SHOULD BE PUT IN PLACE ...this will stop animal killing on Planet Earth. All life is precious which includes animal life.

Perhaps in their next lifetime they'll be incarnated as an animal most likely to be hunted.

I remember a story back in my young days of a rich rancher selling off some cattle to be butchered for meat. He watched as they took young calves on the cattle trucks and saw a mother cow, plaintively mooing and tears running down her face as she watched her young calf being roped and pulled onto a truck.  He told them to stop, put the animals back, he changed his mind and wasn't selling.  He never sold another cow.  I was told that on his death bed he said,

"I'm not leaving a lot of money to my family but I'm leaving something more important. I leave them my peace, amen" and he left with a smile on his face and peace.

If you have Royals like this do you really need them ?

This woman is a nutter  ..a lot would like her trophy 

I'm with you on these big game trophy hunters who get pleasure out of killing beautiful precious animals and then post ego fame photo's of it all on line's disgusting & stomach churning...But I dont get the s** toy thing??... is she using that  fist thing on the dead animals or what??? If she is she's one sick woman & has got a mental illness big time & should not be in charge of any licences for firearms or weapons,they should be revoked...

However this world will never stop killing animals for food..As only those who wish to become full vegetarians will do so.

Image result for protect our animals 

You are right ..Sir ..killing of animals, selling corpses of dead animal flesh and eating corpses of dead animal flesh is murder and a beastly other words they are not human so they are what they eat.  ...this planet wI’ll get nowhere till all living entities are treated with respect. 



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