BREAKING NEWS !!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have committed to a complete non violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own respective countries, all warships in non territorial waters are to leave for their home ports immediately..Next week in Switzerland there will be a round table meeting the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from every known country from around the globe.. Peace talks will commence and failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an option.. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence on this historic and monumental meeting of world wide countries..Officials of the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been mentioned....It's happening... THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT TO ME FROM A HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE REPORTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE..

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  • You have to buy the info about the monetary system?   This is just another scam.

  • You know it is really disappointing when people write these stories and they are bogus.  I am not positive that it is but I am 99.9 percent sure it is.  It makes me so disallusioned that people intentionally toy with our hopes and desires and it turns out to be a pile of falseness.  People wonder why I am a skeptic, well it is the people who write up this stuff to deceive that makes me angry and disillusioned.  I wish it to be true, I hope it to be true....but all indications is that it is a creation of a tricksters mind, for whatever reason, and that is pretty sad that deception is intended.  What is the agenda here to write these untruths I am wondering.  Thank you for sharing though Ed.  At least we get the chance to know what is being said so we can decide for ourselves.  

  • I would like that to be true but have to hold my horses of enthusiasm , thanks to a lot of misinfo and fake/ridiculous chanelings flooding the net.

    I am gonna check few of those links .......................

    • well another bogus story.....................

  • Check This one

    Thank you.

  • There are some ufo`s seen and reports of ufo`s atacking rebels in Syria.

    • By rebels you mean hired mercenaries hired by the US right?

      And that looks human-made... if real and not cgi, I think that's an USA secret weapon

  • Wow! Can this be true?

  • I don't know anything for sure but all I know is disinformation is thick nowadays so I like to be sceptical about most stuff.
  • thanks for sharing Mr. Ed.

    i am with your opinion on this one.

    i will call the people that say there is no life other than earth  are just stupid, with all the facts that there are crafts all over the world now filmed and seen by many thousands of people, or it  must be the  trolls here who really would enjoy the tormenting the others, like in the playground for their kicks and funny bone, for this is not a joke nor is this funny.


    if the crafts  are just tourist watching all the wars and animal behalvior of this world, or they are the visitors who have  come here to help is still to be seen, but to denied that all this was just wishfull thinking, for the little green men and other b.s. now it has gone way pass this points in time of what is facts. the many high level people saying this:  that the atom bomb silos all over the world are always being shut down tampered with and other events is not a joke nor a stupid dream somebody had that is a nutcase.

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