BREAKING NEWS !!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have committed to a complete non violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own respective countries, all warships in non territorial waters are to leave for their home ports immediately..Next week in Switzerland there will be a round table meeting the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from every known country from around the globe.. Peace talks will commence and failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an option.. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence on this historic and monumental meeting of world wide countries..Officials of the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been mentioned....It's happening... THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT TO ME FROM A HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE REPORTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE..

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  • No, not from "above". From a regular dude.

    Mario Gandolfo
    I was just informed that this story I wrote yesterday has gone viral and that someone is now laying claim that this is true and they got this from a secret source..This was written solely by me as something for the masses to give them hope and a better feeling..Thank you all who read this and gave positive feedback.
    5 · August 31 at 8:31pm
  • well said Nancy!  Not so much just to want it, but follow up with action, bring it into reality.

  • i want it to be true,theres alot of messages going around as a false flag.who knows.god knows.

  • I heard rumors of this, that it might be happening soon. As always eyes wide open. Still will look for info. Thanks for posting

  • Won´t happen...get ready for is all decided now by TPTB...not intervention yet from above...that will be later, not yet.

    Get ready...

  • THANK YOU NANCY!! Great posting.

  • Again  in Syria : UFO Over Damascus Syria, Aug 31, 2013

    At least our friends are there.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Let's not forget the Pope's decree that was going to be effective the 1st of september (


  • I just went you your link and seen this, Mr. Ed.  Thanks for clearing this up.  Walter was right.  It did come from Facebook. 

    The question now is... Why would John MacHaffie post this and say it came from "a high level clearance reporter in the White House"?

    You had very high trust in this guy, Mr. Ed.  I'm sorry about it.  At least you have the highest intentions. 

  • thanks for sharing Nancy.

    this life of earth is not for the faint of hearts nor the whiners and the complainers who have no idea, other than the video games of what it is to see their own blood on their hands as many people have had to face all over the world, because of tyrants who will never ever be in the front lines of the battlefields, but sure do like the power to command the other people to go do it for them, like it was computer game in the safely of a d.u.m.b. hole to command from as self proclaim heroes.

    one thing is to talk brave the other is to pay the price to do the actions. many of us now who are the brave, are waking up to the facts of what the bragging rights are in what they were fooled to risk their lives for the few, who always bark the most , but do the least for the best interest of it's people it is suppose to love with their lives, or breaking their backs to get a paycheck.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one

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