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1) Bill Clinton and his dark cabal cronies have allegedly bought an island in the Bahamas and building a city. This is to be a refuge from international forces trying to arrest them. Security is allegedly being provided by Moss ad, French and US Navy Seals.

2) All the world's central banks controlled by Rothschild s have been served papers for genocide yesterday and have been instructed to close down. Rothschild bankers and associates are being hunted down and arrested worldwide.

This intel is from the highest level and credible. No jello here!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:19 PM 1 comments

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Mad Hatter awaiting his cup of whiskey, I mean "tea".  Yep already knew this.  Have a happy unbirthday and enjoy a cup of "tea". 

Knock. Knock.

Can I have a cup of sugar so that I may bake a cake for my dear grandmother?

No, go away crazy wolf.

Fine then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow down your house!

I said go away, here some pepper you nasty wolf.


Hey look a pork dinner, don't mind if I do.

Being that its so heavily protected, that makes it an ideal target for an Airstrike. We could just say that a ground assault was too risky.

They should name that particular island, "The Isle of Ostracizes" since they ALL will be ostracized from their "own" hand!

Where the heck do u get things from MR ED, seriously.

Here is the real story guys of what was going on with the Clinton's and the Bahamas, the Intel Update from the Rabbit H*** is like reading the Enquirer magazine, false predictions and false story telling of what so and so is really doing, and then you turn the news and find out that it wasn't that big of a deal to start things off with

This here though is the real article on what was taking place

He was there making a donation, towards people who have Aids, there was no talk of him Building a City over ther, because he is scared of international forces trying to arrest him 

Bless the Nite


Clinton and his family are well known affiliates of the Rockefeller clan....His family are in service to the Rockefellers.....which explains much about his activities...

The funny thing about building a city, or even a bunker....IS THAT GFL PERSONNEL CAN WALK THROUGH 12 FEET OF CONCRETE whenever necessary....also teleport in and surprise them........Better still, freeze time around their bolt holes and walk in as efficiently as a flash of light, between the ticks & tocks of a clock's seconds hand....   ;-)

Now don't worry Drekx thinking that the your GFL Crew will have to go in and attack the Clinton's for Building a City in the Bahama's, because according to the real article that had pointed out what he was doing there, there was no mention of him be linked in with Building a City over there, so I don't think that your GFL Crew will have to worry about walking through 12 feet of concrete or freeze time, but it is good to know what your GFL Crew is cable of doing lol

According to the charts that Alfred had given out on here, your Star Nation was linked in with the Rockefeller's as well, are we suppose to be believe that your Star Nation was linked into things like this? There was a pretty well laid out chart of what your Star Nation was all about, and I think it had said that it was also warning to what the NWO agenda would be doing in the 3D world 

My point is do we believe everything we read, because according to some, they would say that your Star Nation is linked in with the things you are accusing the Clinton's of being linked in, and I'm not a huge fan of the Clinton's either, but who do we believe until the time comes in all of this 

We still have choices yet as to who we believe, we could chose to believe Alfred's charts of where he had come from, and what this was all about, as he was warning members coming in, or we could chose not to believe Alfred's charts and listen to the things u had to say as well 

It's the ppl that get to decide right now what they want to believe, and until they see these things with there own eyes they aren't going to believe everything that is being put out there by Lightworkers who are trying to tell them which way to go on there Path 

Bless the Nite


They can run, but they cannot hide.....Currently the GFL have a planetary quaranteen in place for the cabal, so they cannot transport beyond earth orbit and also, they are not permitted to enter inner earth....simultaneously, their surface movements can be tracked by each aetheric template of each family member, along with their supporters and hangers-on...

There is nowhere they can go to escape justice....but trial awaits them....we are not in the business of executions...

It is not the GFL who are "angry" with the cabal, but the people of surface earth may be very angry at some stage, when the truth is fully disclosed to them.....We will always protect the cabal members from harm, so that they may stand trial in what will eventually eclipse Nuremberg 1946....

I do not keep track of nursery stories, besides that is not the point. If you are different from the rest of the "said" society, lets say a wolf in among sheep, the sheep know no better to attack the wolf and the wolf no better than eat the sheep. I live in the mountains in a lush pine forest were the aspect of flooding is not a remote possibility. So sit here I wait and drink my "tea" eating a fine pork dinner.
By the way, I am no pig, and yes pigs swim, just not very well.

*also from deep down the rabbit h****  halp, i tink im lost! send a rescue! :p



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