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***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)



***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Must Hear Phone Recording

This one is a Deal Breaker!


If you haven’t yet, you all need to hear this cc call from 11/29/11.

Talks about Nesara, White Dragons, Basel III, Arrests of the bad guys,
including Trump, Gates, Soros, etc.

RV and Prosperity Packages too.


All expected to go down by December 31, if not before.

Sounds to me like the White Dragons, Hats and NESARA all got together
and realized there was power in numbers.

And wait til you hear about Obama. I’m still having serious problems
with that one!

You don’t have to believe it all in order to gain a great deal of info
from it.

This phone call is going viral.


It provides a lot of backup to everything Ben Fulford has been saying. Go Ben!!!

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this vid is actually from aug 30 2011, and give no dates just soon soonn like the GFL messages. and i LIKE fullford, im just not holding my breath any longer, soon can only work for a couple thousand years then we are tired of soon and demand NOW

Is that phone call free even outside the US?

edit: I saw a url link posted above. Is the link above the same as in the phone call?

Sorry I asked...

I don't have a home phone cell phone with a limited plan I'm not racking up a 500 dollar bill to make a stupid call I have children who nee to get fed so CALL THE NUMBER AND EDUCATE OTHERS OR QUIT WRITING STUPID TEASERS AND NOT GIVING THE DETAILS!

saying, im not the stupod one here" implies someone here is stupid, more judgement, you could have said, "i am not stupid" and left it at that :)

first of all I apologize for the terrible attack I had alot of things bothering me the last few months I went through posts and found non sufficient information,

 and frustration at the liars lying daily about themselves and who they are is creating a very disgusted point of view about humanity and their multiple facades.

Then you see the spiritual babies who are expecting huge leaps of evolution because that is what they hear is going to happen,

 and no one listens to a real person who has real experiences asking real questions to the real information bearers because the rainbow and lollipop point of view IS ALL THEY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT,

Well then you have your negatives infiltrating all sites to give huge streams of negative energy to the masses and picking apart the truth not to mention them who quote unquote supposed to be enlightened individuals being flat out rude to some despite my warnings about the creation of negative energy and the perpetuation of these negative actions alone is a dispicable show of pure EGOTISTICAL powerplay, that is like little babies fighting over who is most favorable it is too much. 

...poet, I empathize with you. Take care and hang in there. Here is a 97 second blissful time out....

...poet, Also this video explains why tensions are running high this week....

I for one won't be on the fence.The straight truth of the matter is it's just more talk. So expect nothing to happen, and you definitely won't be disappointed. It does however seem to as time passes, that certain individuals have a special interest in supportting communications with no evidence and therefore and always ends with disappointing results. It is a shame. And by the way, beware of all the cost involved, as you could end up paying for something  which could end up costing much more than expected.

Dont't know what "sit on the fence" exactly means ... but my view is:

- I have an objective (finding and pursuing my purpose in this life), no matter if change comes now or later.

- Be non-dependent on the outcome nor on outside changes = seek the truth within

I allow myself to trust in this event and be happy about it NOW, and to visualize it as beautiful I'm able to at this moment. But without the potential for deception if it will not come, because then maybe I was not ready for it, and it will be just a bigger opportunity for personal growth, just a different moment of "now" - because now is all there is and is the only moment having every potential in it.

I'm far from being perfect in this (!), but it is the way for me.

"The Alex Collier Aid Project


Millions of people on planet Earth have heard my friend Alex Collier reporting the good, bad and ugly truth regarding extraterrestrials. However, most people do not know that Alex paid a price for going public with that information. For the past few years, he has been unable to get work due to his reputation as an “alien conspiracy” theorist. This situation also contributed directly to the destruction of his marriage and family life. He really needs some help right now to get back on his feet.

On December 1, 2011 Alex created a PayPal account to accept funds electronically.

Please send your donations to: [email protected]

Or, if you prefer to send a money order please use the address below:

Alex Collier

PO box 795

Morrison, CO 80465

On October 28 of 2011, Alex was a guest on my show: The Unicus Radio Hour. At that time, I urged people that know and respect Alex around the world to come to his aid. Although a few people have offered to help… the situation for Alex remains dire. He has been trying to find work for the past few years with no luck. Here is a message I received from him on November 29, 2011:


Sleeping in a friend’s pop up trailer with no heat. Could use any help at all. Prayers, energy clearing, donation whatever………… I hope this is the darkness before the dawn, buddy. I am very, very tired……….


Source -



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