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Inner Peace Meditation With AA Michael Via Melanie Beckler

Instantly tune into peace, calm, love in this beautiful frequency transmission with Archangel Michael. Simply relax and listen to tune into inner peace and tranquility in this short 12-minute guided meditation.

Archangel Michael steps forward to guide and assist you in accessing the higher light of your Divine Truth and the deep wisdom, knowing and frequency of your Soul and Inner Divine Being now.

Inner peace is always available to you and simply waiting for you to discover and tune into it within.

If you'd like to download the .MP3 of this Guided Inner Peace Meditation click here:

This is perfect to listen time and time again for a quick relaxation, instant stress relief of course... Tuning into inner peace. Ready for more from Archangel Mikael (Alternate Spelling)? Listen to an Archangel Michael Message of Love here:

Or Listen to this Free Archangel Michael Clearing Meditation on YouTube here:

Enjoy! With love and bright blessings, Melanie Beckler

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance to All of You,

Steven Hutchinson

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