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We are all treading different path to same destination, as we are moving in one direction from different directions and from different distance- so the experience in journey shall be different.

that does not makes one's journey less enriching than other's.

every one has his own experiences, and no two experiences need to be same.

no route / way is good or bad, as it depends from the direction you start you journey, i.e, where you are.

mine is better than your's or your's is better than mine - EGO , the luggage which makes the journey difficult.

UNBURDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is not about "mine is better than yours" this is just about not negating the dark in search of the light.
beyond that i do not have anything else to say.

blessed be.
with intent,
much love, light and laughter,

to know light, you must know dark.

to know nothing, you must know thing.

There is actually nothing that is mine or yours because everything is pure nothing. What you believe in is your reality. That does not have to be the reality for others who have their own beliefs. Yet all of these beliefs mean nothing as we all eventually descend into nothing and then ascend back to a new something where we have a different set of beliefs.

belief is acquired - learning.

the more you learn, the more you will have to unlearn.

I have decided to exist in the 'neu' so i do not have to learn anything. 

oh! you have learnt about your existence in neu so you believe that you dont have to learn anything.


i appreciate.

No. I did not learn about the 'neu' or my existence in the 'neu'. It just happened one day when I found myself out of the darkness and started existing in the 'neu'.

Here is how I found out. Prior to existing in the 'neu', whatever I thought the opposite used to happen. Now, whatever I think, extactly that happens.

To remain in the 'neu' one has to do neuEnergy meditation which I am doing whenever I feel I need to.

So there is nothing for me to learn or know further and only to share my knowledge with others.

yog pradip, patanjali yog sutra, yog darshan (I am quoting in summary what is contained therein, may be the author were wrong) - one who knows, should not let others know that he knows, and lead a life of (as an) ignorant.

As far as things happening as you wish them to be - it is sidhdhi - an impediment in tatva darshan, not prapti.

These are purely my learnings, you have the right to differ and respect the same.

And if I am to continue my existence in the 'neu', I cannot follow any other beliefs. 

For example, I cannot go to religous places or attend events, do not follow religious customs, numerology, astrology, other forms of spirituality, etc. Because all of the existing beliefs are either based on positivity or negativity.

oh ! such a chained freedom, you are really a strong willed persona.

i appreciate.



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