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In This Moment, The Universe Wants You To Know ... By Matt Kahn

When too much personal desire leaves no space for active moments of gratitude, the end result is an energetic residue commonly known as the vibration of fear. While the ego rationalizes fear by imagining people, places, and things as the objects it’s afraid of, the true essence of fear is this unsuspecting imbalance.

While many attempt to face their fears, push the limits of each personal edge, or trace a fear back to an early childhood memory, the true resolution of fear is found when knowing how to balance things out.

This occurs by taking extended breaks from focusing on desires, or waiting for different things to show up in your life, while increasing the practice of presence and gratitude throughout the day from a space of surrendered authenticity.

When no longer imagining that you’ll only feel better once 'better' circumstances unfold, while bringing greater perspectives of gratitude to all the gifts of life -- whether appearing the way you want or not, the vibration of fear is released out of your energy field and transmuted back into its original form of radiant eternal light.

This may help you understand that our current global circumstances are not actually the reason why most people are afraid. Instead, fear is arising because so many carry this imbalance in their energy field, where they are fighting a mental war against the perception of external adversity by trying to focus on the desires they have, as if such desires might not come their way if they stop focusing on them — even for one moment.

It is important not to confuse patterns of imbalanced desires with the necessity of hope.

If such patterns of desire had a voice, it would say: “Things can only get better when x,y, and z occurs, and until it does, I hold my breath, contract the light in my body, and wait for a series of static outcomes before allowing my light to shine.”

Conversely, if hope could speak, it would say: “As a Universal rule, no matter how things seem or appear, it can only get better in time. I don’t need to know how it will get better, or even track its progress like a Fed-Ex package.

I know things can only get better, and such faithfulness gives me tremendous space to invite gratitude into my daily awareness so I may shine my light for the well-being and evolution of all.”

It is also important to note, this imbalance of gratitude is not what manifested the coronavirus. Such a belief would just be an egoic equation of cause and effect envisioned to rationalize reality instead of surrendering into the flow of it.

No matter the conspiracy theory believed to be behind its unfolding, from the highest perspective of Truth, coronavirus has created an opportunity for humanity to enter a portal into a new 5D reality rooted in the vibration of unity consciousness.

The gateway into this shift is the 4th dimension of time, which is why so many people have an abundance of time to connect with their loved ones, get reacquainted with who they are on the inside, not just fed by the roles and identities of who they are in a busy fast-paced, results-driven world.

Of course, when the precious time we’ve been given to re-connect to the Universe is occupied with waiting for desired changed to occur or internally fighting against the circumstances that seem anything but outcomes of desire, we spiral in stages of personal purgatory instead of serving the salvation of individual and collective expansion well under way.

Video - "Surviving The Unthinkable" By Matt Kahn -

It is also important to acknowledge that those who have crossed over as a result of coronavirus have not left their bodies because of this imbalance in their energy field.

Despite the superstitious tendencies of the spiritual ego, no one dies because they weren’t grateful enough. Instead, each soul playing the role of each person who has recently passed is serving a high level purpose for the awakening of humanity. Sometimes our contributions to others occur in our presence. Other times, it's a matter of how deep of a healing and perspective shift can be activated in our absence.

Of course, this determining factor rests in the hands of fate as we simply put one foot in front of the other, grateful for the intensity and magnitude of this opportunity to help reshape a society rooted in the ethics of gratitude, compassion, unity, and truth to create a world more aligned with consciousness and in harmony with the natural kingdom of Mother Earth.

Out of profound respect to all the innocent hearts who have recently taken their last breath, and their loved ones who are navigating the losses, it is the manifestation of coronavirus that is inviting us all back into a state of centered simplicity. This is where we can balance out our fields by focusing on the things we are truly grateful for that have often gone overlooked when living in the constant pursuit of 'bigger', 'better', or 'more'.

Coronavirus is not giving us something to be afraid of, it’s challenging us to deepen our practice of gratitude, so these tested times can become the greatest doorway of transformation for those who are aware of life as far more than a matter of momentary gains and spontaneous losses.

To anchor this wisdom for yourself, your family, and evolving humanity, please repeat the following words:

“I accept that coronavirus and the necessity of self-quarantining is an invitation into reconnecting with myself, the Universe, and the flow of nature and is nothing to be afraid of.I accept such fear may be perceived as a result of global uncertainty, but it is actually an imbalance that occurs when personal desire leaves little or no room for an authentic practice of gratitude.

Whether I believe this to be true in my own life, or I am simply emptying the imbalances of the collective, I allow all vibration of fear to be released out of my energy field, returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely and healed to completion now.

I thank the Universe for granting this energetic clearing and emotional healing, now that I know the true source of fear. As an anchor of light for myself, my family, my community, and the world at large, I thank the Universe for raising my vibration to the frequency that is most comfortable and supportive for me to embody in support of humanity’s ascension that I help accelerate with a daily gratitude practice.

I also thank my Angels for actively clearing my energy field on a daily basis, so I may entrain with the light I’m shining rather than mirror the fear being healed in the world. Thank you wise, loving Universe for this opportunity to shine my light and play the perfect role I’ve been prepared to act out for the evolution of my journey and the awakening of all.

Thank you beloved, Universe; I let you lead the way from this moment forward now. Thank you, beloved Universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is.”

May those of us who are anchoring the consciousness of a new reality for humanity lead by example, demonstrating to those around us the true essence of happiness, which is never a matter of what anyone does or doesn’t have, but how deeply the gift of evolution is being received — decorated as the mystery, magic, and magnitude of each precious moment.

All for love,

Video - "Christine Day's Transmission For New & Expanded Awakening"

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