I was very reluctant to post this because I don't want dramas, fights and other things to come out of this so please lets keep respecting eachother, no love needed, just respect and education. 

Some time ago, I was told by several channelers, Mediums and "Lightworkers" that I am an incarnated Ascended Master .The channelers you so eagerly post here on Ashtar. I was given my name, my parents names (who are also Ascended Masters) and my sister's name who is also a known Master. 

My first reaction was to doubt, my second reaction was to doubt, and my reaction now is still to doubt. I have no scientific proof for it.

The more I know about it, the more I don't want to be related to it. I see what the "Lightworker" community is about, I see the lies and the money involved and I am ashamed of it. 

If it was true I would want to resign to this role because it feels wrong.

I feel insulted by the state this world is in, the way everyone lives for themselves and by the atempts to teach me about "love and light".

I have said this before but I will say it again, you cannot teach me, nor anyone else, and it is not your mission or mine to teach, but you can do yourself and others a favor and show them their potential, give them the tools inside themselves so that they can teach themselves.

When I got told who I was I started to work along with other incarnated masters, I know much information due to it and much of it is not as you would imagine.

The more 21-12 comes close, the less I want to relate to it,I feel betrayed by all those who should be here to help without asking for money or recognition.I don't believe it but one part of me feels guilty for doubting it, for walking away from it and from being so disappointed. The other part is not able to assume it as real because I am a simple person and I dont relate to any of this. I don't like titles as they are demanding and commanding which is not what I wish to represent.

I am posting this because I don't know what to do. I feel annoyed and disgusted with myself. I don't like asking for help because I am very independent and normaly I deal with my stuff alone. I feel sickened by the Lightworker community and I don't want to relate to this "Love and Light" business the way it is now. I also don't want to live with no scientific proof of things, I dont want this world of "maybe this" or "maybe that" I am a person who likes to define things clearly, not to live in a "maybe" world.

Please do not interpret this as myself saying I am a superior being. I am just telling you what I got told and hoping you can give me any advice for this as I feel more and more upset and disconnected.

Please do not tell me to meditate and to feel love and all that...or give me a quick shallow answer, if you answer please be honest and real with me, I apreciate your honesty. 

In attachment is one of the readings.reading%202012.docx

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  • Minerva we are on a journey each with his/hers own lessons to learn what and where we came from is truly dependent on how we interpret the map that presents itself on this our lifes journey. Everyone has their own circumstances that molds us into the people we are ultimately to become. thusly these lessons lead us to the path so to say our Dharma/destiny. Knowledge comes to us at a great price as many masters have said a wiseman knows not of his own wisdom. But what brought us here is not without its merit and sacrifice. We were taught Mystics one and all that the first rule we must judge all things within our hearts because the heart will never lie to you when we listen to the intelligence of the heart we do not need any validation when we seek validation from others lost to this 3D and asteral plane their perspective is twisted thereby thusly confused this results in the blind leading the blind trust what is in your heart Minerva you are on the right path the channelers who disclosed this information to you was knowledge ment for your ears not that of others especially ones who are still asleep 3D minds scoff at anything that proves the Earth is not flat. I am very psychic and I percieve the same about you your knowledge is great and this is just the beginning of your lifes journey enjoy the ride Minerva it only gets better "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever"!!!!! love and light my friend Gods Speed on your journey <3

  • Dearest Minerva, my friend!

    I believe you are a master, during our short interaction here on ACC you have influenced my life in such a positive way, through you I received information that helped me to realise my purpose and direction.  You presence in this forums are always appropriate and kind.  You have integrity, you give a great example to others, you are not judgmental.  To me these are qualities of a great leader (or a master if you will).

    The problem here is the weight attached to the word master.  I think if you disconnect yourself to the label and it's weight you will feel much better about it and in turn it won't bother you at all.  Just keep on inspiring us with your energy and you are doing what you have to do as a "master".  Kind of like that school teacher from elementary school that you will never forget because of the positive influence she/he had in your life.  This is how I regard you and the positive impact you had in my life and I am absolutely sure I am not alone.


    I love you,


  • pink incarnated bunny....no worse than a goldfinch, hahaha


  • I know Kelly, it makes me laugh too....wish I could get back all the money I have spent on stupid stuff....readings, diet pills that make you actually gain weight....all sorts of stupid stuff....I used to believe in everything people told me or ads that I read promising wonders and majical results....not any more...


    Me in my past life (before that nasty snake ate me for lunch, weren't I cute???????buahahahahaha!


  • Yup Kelly, good addition to the list....I was gonna add a couple myself, ya beat me to it...

  • Your list sounds right Minerva.....had that list shoved up my keester here more than once....good synopsis of how it seems to work.

  • Be careful is all I can say Mike, when it comes to getting readings......I paid 40 bucks for a past life reading of akashic records and was told in my past life  I was a directionally challenged goldfinch that got eaten by a snake when I haplessly flew into a tree and knocked myself out and ended on the ground....hahaha.....it cost me FORTY bucks, lol...A fool and her money are quickly parted.  Since then I will not pay a cent to anyone who says they know more about me than I do, lol...There are slippery people in the New Age community who prey on innocent seekers...beware, lol.

  • True unconditional love toward humanity,although not in plain sight,but truly in that mechanism, reminds me of the karate kid (show me sand the floor) genius I like you, firm grasp of reality,excellent
  • I have also found that I prefer to think of myself as a mystic. It is a lot easier for me to manage and work with. If I think of myself as this or that it feels daunting and grandiose. I also think that when you have ascended and vibrations are raised then other people will start calling you things because your vibrations are so high......When vibrations are raised you will be aN ascended nonetheless
  • Its as if when someone seeks insight or advice,maybe a first hand account from someone who has experienced similar situations or problems,do they receive that support? Not here,riddicule,mockery,words and phrases.taken out of context,as if everyone looks for a cyber-brawl,really? I post here to share help and attempt to further this ride,for me,my children,you,and your family as well,not for remembrance of me,but as to be a stepping stone for the future,focus people back to the goals you picked,or better yet if that's not your bag(reincarnation) and your only here once. Do something if you didn't set goals beforehand. Then focus on current matters make a difference,and if not for your race,then for the self.I am sorry you have been mistreated only for asking questions,how dare you people,honestly are you really seeking to argue,what is it that tells you its OK to treat your family that way,ignorance at best.
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