I was very reluctant to post this because I don't want dramas, fights and other things to come out of this so please lets keep respecting eachother, no love needed, just respect and education. 

Some time ago, I was told by several channelers, Mediums and "Lightworkers" that I am an incarnated Ascended Master .The channelers you so eagerly post here on Ashtar. I was given my name, my parents names (who are also Ascended Masters) and my sister's name who is also a known Master. 

My first reaction was to doubt, my second reaction was to doubt, and my reaction now is still to doubt. I have no scientific proof for it.

The more I know about it, the more I don't want to be related to it. I see what the "Lightworker" community is about, I see the lies and the money involved and I am ashamed of it. 

If it was true I would want to resign to this role because it feels wrong.

I feel insulted by the state this world is in, the way everyone lives for themselves and by the atempts to teach me about "love and light".

I have said this before but I will say it again, you cannot teach me, nor anyone else, and it is not your mission or mine to teach, but you can do yourself and others a favor and show them their potential, give them the tools inside themselves so that they can teach themselves.

When I got told who I was I started to work along with other incarnated masters, I know much information due to it and much of it is not as you would imagine.

The more 21-12 comes close, the less I want to relate to it,I feel betrayed by all those who should be here to help without asking for money or recognition.I don't believe it but one part of me feels guilty for doubting it, for walking away from it and from being so disappointed. The other part is not able to assume it as real because I am a simple person and I dont relate to any of this. I don't like titles as they are demanding and commanding which is not what I wish to represent.

I am posting this because I don't know what to do. I feel annoyed and disgusted with myself. I don't like asking for help because I am very independent and normaly I deal with my stuff alone. I feel sickened by the Lightworker community and I don't want to relate to this "Love and Light" business the way it is now. I also don't want to live with no scientific proof of things, I dont want this world of "maybe this" or "maybe that" I am a person who likes to define things clearly, not to live in a "maybe" world.

Please do not interpret this as myself saying I am a superior being. I am just telling you what I got told and hoping you can give me any advice for this as I feel more and more upset and disconnected.

Please do not tell me to meditate and to feel love and all that...or give me a quick shallow answer, if you answer please be honest and real with me, I apreciate your honesty. 

In attachment is one of the readings.reading%202012.docx

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  • My Dear Sister/Friend, Minerva.

    No Problem. As time progresses your channeling with the Higher Dimensional Beings will only get better.

    Yes, Meline is a good source and she can be trusted. Sorry, I've not heard about the others but I will research about them too.

    Yes my Dear one. I know you work very well with the Violet Flame. And there's no question about it. Again, I'm sorry that I had questioned you about it in my first post.

    Keep the good work going my dear sister. Thank You.


    The Force is always with you.

    Love n Light:)



  • Hello my Beloved Divine Sister/Friend, Minerva.

    There is no scientific proof that God/Ascended Masters exist. Nor there is any scientific proof of  the existense of the Violet Flame or the Blue flame.

    Or if there is a scientific explaination for them I think I would've missed it. I mean I never heard of them being scientifically proven to the mankind.

    But I do believe that all of the above exist because I do feel them and experience them.

    I wantedly asked you those questions. And I apologize you for that. I didn't intend to hurt you or make fun of you. All I wanted you was to think that scientific proof is not required in the Spiritual domain.


    And my dear sister/friend Minerva, if you want to know the truth about yourself. No need to ask anyone. You can find out the truth by yourself. Like you said that you channel the higher dimensional beings, not consciously, but that is not a problem as long as you know that they're right. And as you grow spiritually you might even channel them consciously, but that would not be exactly channeling. But it would be face to face rather.

    So ask the higher dimesional beings and your Higher Self for answers. You can never go wrong by that way. And you need not require any scientific proof when it comes from the higher source.

    By the way, I read your readings.docx file. From where did you get it? You did it yourself or got it from someone else?


    The Force is always with you.

    Love n Light :)



    • And You are really sure, that this "voice in the head" is not just the product of your subconsciousness?

  • Yes I work with the violet flame for many years now, I see it clearly. I see blue around my hands and violet / blue around my head.

    If the color of the aura is actually yours, then you can not be an Ascended Master. Your levels of development is too low for that purpose, or you have incorrectly identified the color of your aura.Aura, it is always a combination of colors, like a rainbow. For example:
    blue / gold - is the seventh level, while blue is the color of the core of the soul.

  • This You could see as an coincidences or not.

    In my case there were a few situations like this. But that were no proofs only evidences (or sings) that it MIGHT be real. On the other hand: There are unfortunately at least as much signs for the opposite.

    As I have said. Only half-proofs.

    If you investigate hard enough You will find a logical explanation for every paranormal event or in every paranormal statement/message which You get from a person.

    Thats the only problem I think

    Let me experience ONE situation which I can´t explain in rational terms and I will start to believe..... till today it was never the case.

    The next step would be to begin to know.

  • Hello Minerva. I've a few questions for you. Would you like to answer them for me, please?

    1. Do you believe God and Ascended Masters (the beings in the Higher Dimensions) Exist?

    2. Do you work with the Violet Flame or see it? Do you see pink colour or blue engery flame/colour around you sometimes? (Do you believe these Flames/Light even exist?)

    3. Do you channel Entities (Higher Dimensional beings)?

    Thank You.


    The Force is always with you.

    Love n Light :)


    • Excellent questions! The Violet Flame is the KEY.

      For the record I don't believe you can be told you are an Ascended Master. If you don't have a cognition/memory of the Ascension process and haven't consciously done the work needed to make that jump, it would be far-reaching to think you could be an AM. I do believe we all have the God-Head-Code in our genes and deep in our bodies and soul, but you have to work VERY hard to reach the title of Ascended Master.

      I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires is a mantra I learned from St Germain (not personally).

      ; }

  • There were moments where I just though. dafuq did I just read.

    Some sort of almost-proofs, or half-proofs. But never a real full. black on white proof. That drives me crazy sometimes.

    But not only on this topic. That concerns every paranormal topic. ... unfortunately.

    Yes a good point the stories and art. The problem is where they get such ideas. Is fantasy just more than fantasy? Are this some sort of memories of past lives? ... maybe

    I don´t know. But You see I am open minded for new Ideas but I don´t belive it 100% until I get a proof.

  • Actually, I am in the same boat as You are.

    Well more or less, because I am not a ascendent master. :D

    Some time ago I was told I am some sort of incarnated being.

    To be exact, some sort of otherkin.

    My first reaction was like Yours: To doubt.

    Till today I search for scientific (or at least logical) proofs for this claim.

    I have leraned that it is not everytime possible to wait for scientific proofs. Because this topic is anything but scientific.

    Scientific proofs are not possible on principle. But You can get at least some personal proofs. (If any)

    That depends. Some people get them very fast in matter of days or even minutes. And some need weeks monts or even years.

    I don´t know if this people just have a big fantasy but it happens.

    And sometimes I am running out of words, when I read some stories of people I know, which are such "otherkins" themselves.

    I am too a sceptic, I need at least personal proofs to believe something, because I don´t want to believe, I want to KNOW.

    And feelings and emotions could be fantasy and You can´t build on them.

    Even if I find this very interesting and like this idea, unlike You, it´s not enough.

    Well, I think I can´t give You any advice because as my name says I am a Seeker ;)

    I would like to read the opinions of other people here to this story and what they think of such "incarnated" souls.

    Possible or not?

  • Violet flame, the color of the aura, does not match the level of the "ascended masters" (although the term is also nonsense), is the level of the average person (not yet completely reasonable person).

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