Yesterday something really strange happend to my vision... it's happend before but not for nearly two years now; and this time I didn't freak out but tested it and tried to analyse the experience logically but I still don't know what is happening and I am beginning to think I may have something wrong with me. 

I've had migraines off and on for years, but this experience is much different than I remember.  In a real migraine I experience extreme light sensitivity, nausea and sound sensitivity, those who've had it know what I am talking about, a migraine is so painful and almost untreatable.  Sleep is the only I've had that works, but I digress.

This newer experience is much different.  I was just working normally, feeling alright; when suddenly my vision fractured, it was like looking through a kaleidoscope, and there was extreme light as well around the edges of my vision.  I could see well enough through "tunnel" vision forward, but through each eye and mostly to the right side, there was a bright pixel like light streaking across my sight, like a light filled veil fell across my vision.  When I closed my eyes it was still there, and each eye saw the same thing when I closed them one at a time... so I don't think it was an outside influence. 

It only lasted an hour this time, and other than feeling disoriented it didn't hurt until after it was over and then it just hurt like crazy in the center of my forehead, but it was treateable with tylenol.  I was at work this time and tried to hide what was happening so people didn't think I was nuts- but what if I had been driving?  I am afraid that some head injuries I had as a child may be affecting me, I've gone blind during migraines and that is terrifying to experience.... so I thought it may have something to do with that.  But I've seen specialists and had the usual tests and they just give me pills to make the pain go away- but we've never discovered what is happening with my eyes and brain. 

Has this happend to anyone else?  Does anyone know of this occuring?  It's scary but I am trying to have faith that all happens for a reason.  Any help would be wonderful, thanks so much, all.  Have a wonderful day!

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  • Thankyou very much for sharing :)  Yes, it is ascension, this is an old post, my friend.  It's now evolved into visions of geometric forms which move around, they occur most frequently on power days like the super moon.  I can feel my eyes wanting to flicker into seeing the flashing scintillating lights sometimes but I can push it away now most of the time.  I wish I could explain and show what it is like, it's very surreal to experience.  Lol, try holding a conversation with someone while a giant catherine wheel is spinning past their head and no one really knows about it much, I try not to make a big deal out of it, except if I am driving, then it's scary. 

    I found an article about the third eye that I put in Triangles, or was it Padawans... but it mentions seeing geometric forms as part of the awakening of the third eye. 

    My well of dreams is opening up too, gosh life is interesting, isn't it?  I hope you are doing well, feeling good for this next wave on the 20th :)  Best wishes. 

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    Thank you, you honor me :)  Namaste :)

  • Thankyou, Minerva, I love your pic by the way :)  This is an old posting, I know now what it is and it's accelerated quite a bit and gotten more interesting, lol.  My third eye is progressively awakening and my rainbow bridge was building, plus I do a lot of meditation so it increased my sensitivity even more.  I'm awakening to my true self, it's been quite a ride! 

    I've had all the brain exams, lol, eye tests etc. neurologists too because in my early twenties I began with crippling migraines, the normal kind, they stopped abrubtly and then a few years ago I had my first auric migraine, which I understand now was a years long awakening of my pineal and ajna in conjuction with my centers opening up :) 

    I'm sorry to hear about your condition, Minerva, there are some excellent blogs here about cancer and candida, I think it was... you may be interested if you haven't already heard of it. 

    Thanks alot, have a great day :)

  • lol :)  I'd rather sleep it off myself :) How old school of me.
  • Yes Kelly.....this sounds like the sputtering start of you ability to 'see' the real world.

    As you are aware the 3rd eye is actually built with vitreous fluid and a different set of optical receptors....step back from the picture and the pineal gland is arranged in the head just like a neutrino fact the receptors are designed for a frequency range in the 100,000-1Mil. cps range.

    now you have the parts list...lets talk about the software....most people don't realize that the majority of optical receptors in the 3-D eyes are set up to 'see' in the near ultraviolet maybe that is where so much fascination with vampires comes from.....

    the light's that you 'see' are the mind switching to the 3rd eye view overlayed on top of the data input from the 3-D eyes..


    1 stand in the bathroom facing the mirror with all the lights off....and only a minimum of  light coming in from outside.relax your focus and pay attention to your peripheral vision...soon you will see a glow or shadow around your body...this is you seeing your can develop into a full  color spectrum as your mind invents 'names' for the different energies.

    2. once you become accomplished at the 1st exercise then stand as you did before and while maintaining your focus as you did move your awareness to 'seeing' the room from your 3rd eye.....eventually your image in the mirror will vanish and it will be replaced by a glow of white light....this is the real word....not the matrix world.

    the light you have been seeing is you starting to have this ability( sometime you 'see' you heart beat energy) are way ahead of the pack! I only have to explain this to the masters who teach the lightworkers....nice work!

    love as light



    • Wow, Gregory, that is fascinating.  I haven't had the light effect for about four weeks now and it has been getting less intrusive each consecutive time.  It's surreal, like pixels from a computer screen breaking into your vision, and the sensation in your mind/head is like being in two places at once.  The pain has diminished almost completely, thank goodness, I am a big wuss when it comes to personal discomfort, lol. 

      PS.  Don't let the doctors give you anything other than tylenol, some drugs are harmful to us these days. 

      • Yeah I get that "pixelated" thing in the corner of both eyes now--not too frequently. Originally it was only in the corner of the left eye. 

        sometimes it is so strong that I can't focus on the computor screen and have to close my eyes for a bit. I still see the pixels with my eyes closed but they gradually fade away.

        No headaches or other pain but then I don't experience "pain' very often.

        Love. B

        • I find it different patterns each time, escalated into some wild scenes a few times but has been null since the spring equinox- it happend while I was driving and it was as it a flock of pixilated butterflies were breaking into my vision, I was unimpressed and more worried about pulling over, lol... I pushed it away after ten minutes of concentration... neat you don't experience pain :) 

    • Thank you so much, I will try this when I get home tonight :) It has been improving very much since I received an etheric implant, which is to be removed in a couple of weeks, I'm excited about what will happen after then.  I'm going to print this off so that I don't forget.  Thank you again, much appreciated. 
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