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Most people would never feel right to confess "I Am God".  Nevertheless, when we can collect the wisdom of the ages and pass golden civilizations and apply it into modern terms, this is the one phase and thing which suggest an end to the spiritual path on earth and the beginning of the "God-Path".

It is said to be the end of all searching, meditation and spiritual seeking. Therefore, the fact is with hard work, desire and intentions anyone can become God in their thoughts, actions and heart. They will eventually meet and become God on earth where they live, move and have their being, daily living with God constantly in their thought life after a certain level of mastery has been acheived in all three minds and three physical bodies where we act like God on earth, we become the Christ, the Atma or eternal self on earth. They are seeing their self as the I Am Presence on earth.

What are your thoughts, have any of you made it this far in your spiritual walk and journey?

CoMdr LightSpeed

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Yes, we are one universe looking back at itself. God exists as 7 spirits, yet is one. Sometimes he creates someone like himself, with seven spirits, to reflect on him. I am an Omega Moonchild born on May 26, the receiving of the 7 spirits of Amen Ra. There is no one more rejected then God in his own creation. He is the light existing in the darkness. Therefore To be alone is most Godly, but to be loved is to know that one exists.

Yes,,,, the funny thing though is the Matrix has its own self righteous rabbit hole - in that the educated or enlighten mind is 100 percent Matrix.     The God head of what we are incarnated at conception, the heart started beating even before the mind or head started to grow or the body.   This un educated mind of the unborn fetus before entering into the matrix of men and deception is in its self perfect, complete in every way.  The Grand 

Deception is the Mind <---- in the heart the kingdom of heaven is first, inward path ways to the heart, leaving the mind behind as a child is the Kingdom of heaven.  There for God the you thats always in you. Is not of this world, yet in the world.  


Enlightenment of the mind, shuts the door on the Kingdom of the heart thats not of this world.  Where all things are Neutral holding the “Is”.

labels and the matrix - / + are of this world your mind is of this world..

 The heart is not of this world..........that began life in the world.


The bigger the inflated Mind gets, is not enlighten, and blinding all who enter the mind of the matrix and definitions the Grand deception who even the elite shall be fooled.   

Wise words. :)

People are lead to believe, Ascension is a enlightened mind -- just the opposite, out of the mind into the heart the seat of whats not of this world.

I Am God Shall leave this world of deception the same way it came in,, with out thought or wisdom in the way.      Complete, Before, Now, and Forever.

 With out getting our heads around any of it.     We are life,and all that's around us,we will never be just a dimension the matrix has built like a mouse trap taking all minds that fall into it.  

I Am God is also another mind trap.    If one really looks at what is not of this world , One comes up with a Neutrality of no definition. just the Grandeur of - "IS" -   there fore" I Am "  with out the label of God.

We See with out words, when words are dropped or left out, there is only room for----  I Am --- in lies all wisdom, dimensions,and life unending.   Neutrality allows all that "IS" to "be" or not to "be".. So one could say both "Be"&"IS" are the same. - - -   add the "?" one adds the Matrix and the mouse trap of thinking way to much with out breaks on a very steep Hill.  

( ( ( In Lak'ech Ala K'in 555 ) ) ) 

AsWithin... SoWithout

Jesus was not the man he was as a result of making Jesus Christ his personal savior.”...“Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are. In our culture, of course, they’ll say you’re crazy and you’re blasphemous, and they’ll either put you in jail or in a nut house... However if you wake up in India and tell your friends and relations, ‘My goodness, I’ve just discovered that I’m God,’ they’ll laugh and say, ‘Oh, congratulations, at last you found out.”...“Through our eyes, the Universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the Universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the Universe becomes Conscious of its Glory, of its Magnificence.” ~Alan Watts



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