• Wonderful Klaas...thank you for sharing.

    • No thanks, thank you to like!

      • ;)

  • Talked to an alien lately? The Blue Planet Project Lost Chapters Book has information on alien languages! Very interesting. I guess next time you are abducted you will be able to call them some bad names in their native language!

    • When they start visiting me they did take me 3 times on board.

      But it diddent felt like i was abducted indeed it felt nice and peacefull.

      Do not know what they did with me only thing i noticed is a little spot on my left hand there was just a litte bit of skin removed that turns dark and stayed to this day.

      After the first time i asked them if they could take me when i was consius.

      Then i was sleeping on the chouch and waked up by noise in the haleway.

      Direct know it was them.

      Then a clear voice says in my native language: consius or not consius.

      I got scared and choose for not consius. Now i regret that disiscion;)

      I shal try to learn some ET words to see how they react to it thanks.

      • Just make sure you don't pick the wrong words or words that mean something completely different than you think they do, like.. You think you're saying "Welcome, Beloved Friends" but in Their native language it'd sound like "I invite you to Consume Me". Cross cultural misunderstandings are the number one most probable reason for intergalactic wars still to this time. ;)

  • Yea, the sun can break into amazing rays of distortion when you have some finger-fat on the lens. ;)

    If she clean the lens with alcohol the lines will disappear.

    I used to get those effects all the time before I learned how to properly care for a camera.

  • Pulse-based communication with someone on the ground that can decode that language while everyone else are clueless. :)

    I have seen another video with similar pulses like this one. Also an obvious event of communication.

    I'll do some research and see if I can't find out what it is they are communicating. Pattern recognition is my speciality after all. :)

  • That reddish stuf on the video is lensflare caused by sunlight reflected true the water.

  • wow...  it`s amazing

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When vibrational frequency is beyond 3D there is no Dis~ease have and are dissolving the Matrix which is where disease exists..within the Matrix, a low vibrational dimension  

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