How do You plan to take back your POWER/VALUE this year ahead & how does 2012 feel like?

Personally i feel this year, 2012, connects with power (power as in FEELING "I am - mighty" etc) and with this comes grander realisation of our Value/s. To me 2012 feels kinda mighty. I will let some other start/continue this thread and i´ll post more later on. It will be VERY interesting to read!

Please, go ahead:

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  • oh! migthy god iam!!!!

  • I know 2012 will be a crescendo for me. Not only energetically but in my spiritual mission. It has taken most of my life to put the pieces together. I have come to realize the deepest depths of who I am my light and my dark. The courage that it has built within me, has given me a picture of who I really am. I can honestly say,  that courage I thought I never had, has seen me through some of the hardest lessons and has only made me so much stronger. I now know I can face anything. Courage and fear are opposites. I have been blessed enough to have faced most of mine. I have been taught that this illusion called life here in this 3d is my dream and I have remembered that it has a name, and the name of my dream is Love. I will have the courage to remember who I am and remember the name of this dream of life. and in so doing This will bring me home. Everything is love...

  • @Sungod-Singer: I Agree, this is what is happening alot of times in the forums, people project their own ideas on some comment, when the actual intent was even more than what was written. There are No correct answers in texts. Words are very limited. This is very humorious...there are Eternal Souls with eternal Love behind the words, so this is just a "play" of "sharing", which inspires people, who may read them.Words arent that important, its the intent behind them that matters, its not always possible to feel the intent of another human being through the "written word". Its a whole different thing to stand face to face with a human being, sharing your Being and intent.
    But now we share to the best of our ability through words and things will be "messed" up sometimes, let the "play" continue =) AUM*

  • I plan to become totally self sufficient and claiming my name and sovereignty back from the dutch state.

  • I get what you are saying.  Courage is mighty, and most Courage has been built within us through pain and purified through honor or right things, and yet Courage doesn't mean you aren't humble.  You can be Mighty in your Heart and Mighty in action. As a matter of fact I am counting on it. Strength in who you are. We are many things and because of Love that's what makes us Mighty.

    I also LOVE the lion picture, it is beautiful.

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