I've started my vision this morning and there will be many more to arrive.


Start YOURS here and please share with all of us, your moments of inspiration/s and what you would like to happen.


Get creative and don't be 'afraid' to 'dream'. Your mind and heart thoughts are essential to create your 'own heaven on earth' and merge them with the rest of ours. DREAM ON! Everything is possible. Remember, when you're posting your 'dreams', you're 'manifesting' it and letting it go out into the Universe to be 'charted' into your journey. 'Now' is the moment of creating/manifesting.


Use this website as your 'Canvass'...I'm sure that Ben will approve of it. Loving all of You here on Ashtar and whoever you 'think' you might be....we all love you and support your visions.

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    • this is me in 5d yeah really grooving out..  lol8113734275?profile=original
  • ok.. I aggree with many who envision a better world etc.. and lately I've stopped FOCUSING on it.. and now I'm starting to SEE it !! .. thats the subtle difference between focusing and seeing...

    .. if you keep holding your vision, thats fine.. but remember that you'll always be holding your vision and wondering where the results are.. allow yourself the magic of seeing it.. you have to let go of your vision to see it manifest.. there comes a time when we've got to stop focusing.. and start seeing heaven.8113735901?profile=original




  • I envision a world without suffering where all life is worshiped as sacred ; that includes all animals suffering so humans can fill their lust for flesh .

    when we achieve such feast peace will be, love will engulf our hearts and light will shine..............

  • The Big Picture!!


    I want a world that is simple and loving.


    The Mediocre Picture!!


    I would love to be in a home I own and has lots of room and yards,trees nature wild life.

    I want a job that genuinely helps make a difference.


    The Superficial Picture!


    I would like to win lotto!!




    Susan xx

  • I have created a link to to allow people find my art gallery, all spiritual themed enjoy.8113734675?profile=original
  • I see us all living freely in a tropical environment.  We live in spiritual hubs where we all work together and teach eachother our specialities.  Communities produce the goods by each family working on their speciality... their trade which they foster within themselves.  All families will grow hemp and their own foods, or community gardens.  I see us all using our energies to create and I see "technology" not being needed at all... unless it is there to amplify our natural abilities to vector or resonate reality into focus.  We are fully telepathic beings <3  We are all living in unconditional love.
  • I dream of a time where no one is seen to have anything wrong with them, when our uniqueness is celebrated

    When we dont have to label others in order to feel safe, secure within ourselves. When we can accept all for who they 

    are no matter our differences. Where we can see, feel, hear & perceive each other & hold a space for each other to grow into. 


    Where we have to learn to see the beauty of our lives, our Dear Earth Mother.........appreciate all that has been gifted to us....in our journeys.....a small part of the vision that I hold......loving Hu-mans Being......

  •  Agnes Khoo Schwenk today is the 18th and yes I have dared to dare a dream

     its called a "Galactical Spiritual Origine Protection Pact". It has been drafted

     and is designed to give "Inner Earth Agarthians" "Surface Earth Dwellers" (Us)

     "Off World Dwellers" equal rights in our part of the cosmos. I can't wait

     for it to grow. It's been launched in Australia and will grow around the Planet.

     This is a time of Transition, Growth, and Matriculation of Planetary Forces.

     Agnes you have been born like we all have with special unique talents and

     abilities. I was the first Conscientious Objector made headline news around

     the planet in the Vietnam War. I wrote the Declaration of Sovereignty for Torres Straits

     in 1993 for the Torres Straits. I was again in the papers. I will be in the papers

     again and only last week was told by a former Barrister and Solicitor of authority

     I have been entrusted with that I am to use. My extended family uncle was in

     World War 2 and saved some 10,000 Jewish people from the death camps in Germany.

    Then you drew a most marvellous unique painting for me from your heart from our heart

    Annaja has just the day before sent me a copy of the Interlaced Heart I commissioned

     Peter Fich Christiansen to do in the 1980's. Annaja is happy because she is receiving healing energy

     from it the same as I believe will happen with the painting you have just finished for me.

    So Agnes Khoo Schwenk lots of light and love peace and harmony Kingjeff

  • We welcome your beautiful light on the canvass, Annaja.

    Thank you for sharing a part of you...with us. So be it and so it is.

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