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a foot so far

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snow drifts-3 to 4 feet-little feet too

Lol I would have gotten buried lol

...Wrap Up Warm Sis...x.

I wish I could send you some Florida warmth! I do not miss having snow at all, that way I don't have to shovel it, lol.  Also I do not have to slip and fall on ice either.  When I moved south I really thought that I would miss winter, but NOPE, don't miss it at all.  I don't mind it being 88 in January.  But this week it has been in the 55s and that seems soooo cold to me now.  One morning I got up and it was 44, a record low for here...I actually had to put on socks and shoes when I walked the dog instead of flipflops, now that is cold...Hope you don't get too buried in snow though...Sending warming breezes your way....

I second that this one, must post this one on facebook, lol.  My northern friends can certainly relate with this one for sure...



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