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From Wikipedia, thought you guys might want to know the history on your little religion. I was surprised it's popular enough to warrant a wikipedia article:



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Ashtar is the name of a purported extraterrestrial being, who was first claimed to be channeled by early UFO contactee George Van Tassel, on 18 July 1952.


Van Tassel

Although the purported method of communication resembled what is commonly referred to as "channeling",[1] Van Tassel claimed to have established a new form of telepathic communication with extraterrestrial intelligences[2] utilizing a method which included both natural human abilities and the use of an allegedly advanced form of alien technology, rather than the more traditionally "religious" non-technological spiritual medium based approach taken by many other early channelers of the era. Van Tassel maintained that the method he utilized was not a "paranormal" or "metaphysical" activity, but rather an example of the application of an allegedly advanced extraterrestrial science, that anyone could implement with the proper training.[1]

Residing near a large boulder, situated in the desert of southern California called Giant Rock, in a UFO focused community he founded in 1947, the earliest messages Van Tassel claimed to have received from Ashtar were first presented to the public at an annual event called the Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, which he himself organized. Van Tassel's early purported messages from Ashtar contained a great deal of apocalyptic material, which focused on concerns regarding the development of the soon to be tested hydrogen bomb.[3] Van Tassel also claimed that Ashtar had provided specific messages that he was expected to pass on to the U.S. federal government regarding the potential negative impacts of the proposed upcoming bomb tests.[4]

Ashtar Command

As the weekly channeling sessions at Giant Rock continued through the early 1950s, the Ashtar messages became much more elaborate and began to provide details of the purported existence of an extraterrestrial "government", which claimed to closely monitor activities on earth and offered material and spiritual support to its citizens. This concept of an "Ashtar Command" was appropriated for use by a number of prominent early channelers, both inside and outside the Giant Rock community, and was soon being utilized by several in the context of their own personal claimed messages from Ashtar, along with the use of the figure of Ashtar himself, originally developed by Van Tassel.[5]

By 1955, a few well known channelers of the era, including Elouise Moeller, had incorporated the concept of an Ashtar Command and related ideas, as key components of their own developing systems. Several channelers, including Van Tassel himself, began publishing accounts which described predictions of the imminent arrival of an Ashtar-led UFO armada on earth, in order to guide and protect mankind. The public failure of these predictions had an enormous negative effect on the expansion of the Ashtar Command 'movement'. Without Van Tassel's role as a single authority constituting the sole source of messages from Ashtar, the movement became less cohesive and began to splinter from internal pressures. Several dozen channelers were simultaneously claiming to be obtaining, in some cases, competing authoritative messages directly from Ashtar. The overall movement began to wane in relative popularity because of infighting.[6]


After decreasing in popularity within the New Age community for a period of roughly twenty years, the concept of an Ashtar Command was revitalized by a channeler named Thelma B. Terrill, (best known as "Tuella") who channeled messages and wrote a series of books on the subject in the 1970s and 1980s.[7] Her work shifted the focus from Van Tassel's extraterrestrial technological model, to a more 'spiritualized' approach. Tuella's version of the Ashtar narrative tended to play down the necessity of the direct involvement of UFOs in human affairs, with the shift of importance being laid onto purely interior spiritual development as a means of reaching "higher dimensions" and receiving the assistance of Ashtar Command. Despite Tuella's influences, several channelers maintained a separate more UFO-based cosmology, which insisted on the importance of messages from Ashtar containing predictions of the imminent destruction of earth, and the need for a literal physical evacuation of the planet, with the assistance of the spacecraft of Ashtar Command. By the 1990s the movement began to splinter into factions once again.[8]

Yvonne Cole

One individual, named Yvonne Cole, who claimed to be channeling Ashtar messages from 1986, predicted the destruction of all earth civilizations and the arrival on the planet of various alien cultures in 1994. Cole claimed that governments were working with extraterrestrials to prepare for contact.[9][10] These prophecies furthered the continued fracturing and disappointment within the movement when they failed to occur.[11]

Developments after the mid-1990s

Despite these failures, by the mid-1990s, and continuing to present,[2] several of these channeling groups began to utilize the Internet in order to promulgate their beliefs and to attempt to encourage a movement toward unifying the movement and establishing a single 'authoritative' source for all Ashtar messages. Individual channelers espousing messages which differed and continued to focus on themes such as the destruction of earth, were declared invalid. It was claimed that channelers who had avowed such messages in the past and continued to do so, had in fact been deceived by spiritual forces who opposed Ashtar's benevolent intentions. Most significantly of all, the new more unified movement declared that in future no new channeled messages from Ashtar would be accepted as valid unless they complied with criteria established by the recently formed and authoritative core group. The criteria consisted of a set of twelve "guidelines", which it was claimed established a baseline of 'orthodoxy' for the movement. After the alleged radio broadcast from Vrillon in 1977, they also began using the term Ashtar Galactic Command as opposed to simply Ashtar Command (see Southern Television broadcast interruption hoax for more details). Ashtar came to be depicted as commanding a fleet of dozens to hundreds of flying saucers continually monitoring Earth, and the being Vrillon came to be depicted as Ashtar's communications director. [12]


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meow from mr anti ashtar

so why do you care what other people think and beleive

i wonder if you dont have better things to do


What makes you believe Reiz cares about what others think?  Reiz simply posted something from the internet. 

Good point Reiz.  Isn't one of the daydreamers' common beliefs that if you wish for something to happen then it WILL happen?

Why does everything have to be positive?  What about truth?  What about reality?  What about hipocrasy?  What about contradictions?  We see these issues on here everyday.  Get real and start being honest with yourself because living in this fantasyland of yours where everything is rainbows and unicorns doesn't exist.


Oh, but let me guess.  It will exist if you wish for it to exist.  That's how it works, right Merlin?

This post is a blatant attempt to discredit this site, why are you a member of Ashtar Command if you dislike Ashtar and channelings?

Ashtar Command isn't a religion and you certainly can't rely on Wikipedia for an accurate or complete account of history.

Ashtar is one of many higher dimensional beings and groups contacting and assisting humanity. A few failed predictions does not prove that all channelers and advanced beings are false.

It's wise to have an open mind and heart while keeping an eye out for obvious disinfo, it's much better than being so narrow-minded that you're left blind in the dark : )

Infinite Love & Light To All...


Absolutely True beingoflight888

Nice One!

Gotta Love the irony

Then if you are so unoffended why ask those who say things you disagree with to leave the site.  Usually people are asked to leave BECAUSE they are offensive to a particular group.  You on the other hand claim no offence but still demand those who do not believe what you believe to leave.

Cosmically ridiculous statement.

There are people here older than you who have been into this for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.  The absurdity of a statement like "I am older than you so i know more than you" is astounding.

There are geniuses who are young and nincompoops that are old.  Claiming the age card again shows your lack an actual point.

Sceince articles and others like medicine etc are required to have people who are registered in their fields to add to wikipedia.  They do not let any old tom d*** or harry add to those articles because we would have people adding their beliefs into articles about facts.

Go aheead and try to change a wiki article that is science related.

You are quite correct. There is absolutely no logic there.  It is called faith and has caused more strife and suffering than anything on Earth in history.  When you are answered back with circular logic or responses like "let us agree to disagree" the person is telling you they have no answers and they are lashing out because they are actually angry with themselves for believing in something they have no explanation or proof for.  Trying to make the other person look evil or confrontational is the only defense they have at this point because they are too prideful to just admit they do not have the answer or that their belief is ONLY a belief

"what is the GFL's definition of Light? How do we know that such and such ship in this video is really the GFL's? What makes the Dark Cabal so bad and why do they need to be "removed"? How do you plan to "remove" them? Why have no mass arrests happened? What is the definition of Light and Dark anyways? Why is Light better than Dark? Why is 5D better than 4D?"  And so on.

- A plain proof that you're not reading the materials on this website. Most of your questions should be already answered - only if you read those articles/materials/channelings you call a joke. You want answers? Then seek it. Lazy person like you who want to be given answers on silver platter are likely given opinions from fellow members. Opinions that you don't agree with and bash it for lacking logical explanations that can appease you. And if you can't find answers here, you know well that you can search mr. google like how you found your article here.

And, how about you read ALL articles before you QUESTION? Please don't be lazy, please use that brain of yours to help yourself find the answers you're seeking. I'm very sure that if you exert notable efforts in your search for answers, I'm pretty positive that you'll find it. Good Luck!




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