High Vibrational Violet Flame Meditation By Melanie Beckler


At this time, I call upon beloved Source of All, Solar Logos, Christ, guardian angels, guides, ascended masters of the highest, most benevolent light and love. 


Connect with us now directly, as individuals and together as one, with all of the Divine Light that is Divinely Perfect for Each of us and our Soul's Divine Plan. 

And so, it is… 


At this time, allow your body to relax and your heart to open.

Allow your mind to become still and calm, finding the space between your thoughts, the space between these words, and enter into the space between.


Enter into the area of your heart center – your awareness moving inward, moving inside to the central point of light within the envelope of energy around your heart center.


Enter in, moving into the stillness, the space, the presence within you … as now, from above, the light of the violet flame – violet light – streams down upon you, creating a sacred space, a sacred container, a sacred capsule of energy.


You can consciously, with your awareness, with your intention, step into this sacred space now.

Step into the light of the violet flame, which pours in from above, which manifests all around …


Video - "Violet Flame Meditation" By Melanie Beckler - https://youtu.be/jmyIUfSoZEU



A cylinder of violet light around your body, around your mind, around your energy, the light of the violet flame and the presence of the guides and great masters of light associated with this energy of transmutation – transmutation meaning the ability to raise the vibration, to change the vibrational state of energies within or around you.


Within your body now, tune into an area of your body where you sense love, light, and wellbeing can more effortlessly flow; sense an area of your body that’s ready to become even more vibrant.


And as your awareness focuses in this energy center, the violet flame pours in, changing the vibrational state, pouring into every cell, pouring into the DNA at the center of every cell, raising the vibrational state of your cellular structure, of your energy center, of your body, and of the energy around.


Feel the violet flame pouring in to limited belief structures, patterns of thought, habitual patterns of emotion illuminated with this violet light.


Allow yourself to tune into gratitude for the violet flame that works for you, to help you shift out of distortion and into truth.


Surrounded by the light of the violet flame shining around you, igniting every cell within you, allow your awareness to move through the veil of illusion.


Your mind may say, “But I don’t know how,” but the part of you that is innate, the part of you that is able to follow this energy now remembers that you can effortlessly move into the center point within your heart.


Move into stillness, move into presence, and step through the veil of illusion into truth, into the realm of spirit where your vibrant soul presence, your divine I Am presence awaits you.


Allow yourself to merge with divine presence, the bliss, the knowingness, the joy of this authentic reconnection.


And now, focusing your awareness back on your heart center, back in your body, bring divine light, bring your I Am presence, bring embodied truth into your physical form, allowing yourself to vibrantly shine as a divine being embodied in the physical, in this very moment here and now.


The violet flame is here to support you, your team of guides and angels around, your divine presence ready to thrive, to shine, to love.

And so, it is…

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

With love and bright blessings,


Infinite Blessings of God's Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Quantum Energy Healing Session For Starseeds, Empaths, & Lightworkers"

















Soul Communion By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Hope


Are you at Peace, my friends? Anchoring Peace within you and on the Earth is of paramount importance now. Humanity is in need. Peace and all the qualities you desire are in Divine Light.


As you gather the field of Light around you, it’s possible to invite the deeper qualities of consciousness to be with you, clarifying those that you require such as Wellbeing, Abundance, Courage as well as that elusive quality of Peace. You then gain a powerful focus of intention that will serve you as you interact with the world in a new way.


It’s all in the Light, we say again. It takes a certain refinement of your inner receptivity to bring the Divine Light through you. Know that you feel a deep desire for the experience when it is being called by the voice of your Soul acting within you. All the Forces of the Universe that support your life are activated through this deep desire. Your Soul guides the experience.


This is a time for deep feminine teachings. You are gaining an awareness of the receptive nature of all life surfacing now. There is freedom in the receiving because it is a natural flow through all of Nature and you are aligning yourself with that teaching at this time.


Bask in the golden waterfall of Divine Light. Feel this flow as if you are filling up your inner reservoir. You can only share from fullness. Fill the empty spaces within you with the energy of Love and Peace. As you do this activity, you are connecting with the deep Feminine Presence available now relating to you as the voice of your Soul.


There is a next step after your desire for communion, after allowing the Light to flow through you:

Fill yourself with the sweetness of God’s love.


It’s easy to lift out of your body and float around in this Light field because it feels so delicious. Allow yourself time for that experience. It is a rare feeling in your daily world. This is the refinement process at work. You need to know how it feels when you are connected in true Soul Communion within Divine Light.


From this space you have access to any question in the world and out of it. It is often necessary to write down your question before you allow yourself the spaciousness of this expansive state of Divine Light within your meditation. While in this state, all information is obvious. Clarity is there, Peace is there within your field.


The next step is to embody this energy. Freely allow the energy to gather within you and bring that intention to experience this spacious connection to your Soul into your personal life.


Consciously you then will be able to send the Light flowing through you into your root system to create a Grounded Presence. This empowering intention brings the deep communion with your Soul into the Earth’s nurturing field and into your daily life. Now you are Home.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Hope

Love and Gratitude,


Infinite Blessings of God's Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Buddha Enlightenment Frequency Mediation" - https://youtu.be/nb6a0kfnHQU













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Golden Yellow Ray Flame Meditation By Joanna


With all the Love and support of the Universe (and beyond), we're calling in the irrepressible Joy of the Yellow Flame and the eternally renewing Light of the Golden Flame to bathe all life here, aligning the whole Earth field and all consciousness, all energies here, with the galactic blossoming of New Earth, within the multidimensional network of Love, Peace and Oneness.

If you feel so guided, you can connect in your heart/intention with the fairy, elven and elemental beings co-creating with(in) Ascended Earth, and the many beings of Love who flow through the Yellow and Golden Rays, beloved Sananda&Lady Nada, the Angels of the Yellow & Golden Rays (including Archangels Uriel&Khemiel and Archangel Ariel), the Golden Phoenix mothership of Ashtar, high light solar soul expressions (radiating as Amaterasu, Apollo etc) and the Golden Lion Beings of Love. If you like to meditate with Crystals, citrine, honey calcite, lemon topaz and golden heliodor are especially aligned with this activation.

Breathe deeply now, breathe into your heart, come into your centre…breathing in love, filling every cell with love, breathing out love to All…breathing in light, filling every cell with light, breathing out light to All.

As you breathe in, know that you are the One Source expressing for the joy of expressing, through its Infinite Sea of Creation, throughout universes, galaxies, planets, atoms, all beings, and in the cherished energy ‘form-focus’ of each and every Being right Now on Earth.

You are the infinite AM, beyond ‘I’, beyond all dimensional planes of creational expression, yet holding this fine-pointed focus of ‘self-awareness’ here, with beloved Gaia, within this planetary ascension, with this unfolding New Earth. One-within-the-ONE, radiating from the ONE, as we all are…and in this Now we choose to Unify the Source Light we all are, consciously on this plane and around this planet, for the Divine Well-Being of All.

Breathe and relax, let yourself feel the endless love, joy and well-being of the Infinite Source Field, of the divine soul-sparks we all are, radiating from beautiful Oversouls like a sea of stars radiating beams of pure, clear Light in every direction, through many universes, through many dimensional planes of expression.

Know that we are always assisted and supported by countless Loving Beings in service to Divine Love, by the Source that radiates the loving impulse of Ascension, Renewal and Restoration of Divine Harmony and Joy everywhere throughout existence.

Let your heart connect with the heart of Gaia, and with the whole field of energy in, on and around this planet and Solar System, within this galaxy, within the Infinite Sea of Creation, as we focus our loving intention Now with the 5-5-5 Gateway ~ aligning Divine Harmony and Restoration of pure Universal Love, Grace & Light in our hearts, in union with the Heart of Gaia and the infinite Source-Heart of All, together as One in the eternal radiance of Blessings, with Love for All on Earth and Everywhere.

Know that the Divine Yellow Ray flows to uplift All, as the Eternal Golden Light bathes every atom and cell, flowing deep through our DNA, RNA, subtle fields, and that of the Earth and all Life here, aligned always with the Universal Golden Harmonic of Creation:

solar flow

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we call the Yellow Flame of Infinite Joy and the Golden Flame of Resurrection to flow through our Hearts and radiate through our Beings all around this planet, upholding the re-newed New Earth of Universal Love and Peace for the Highest Well-Being of All, in Oneness with Gaia.

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we align with the faery, elven and elemental realms supporting the Ascension of Earth, with the Agarthan 5D light realms and all Beings of Universal Love uplifting and assisting the etheric layers of the Earth and all life here with us Now, anchoring as One the restorational vibrations of the Golden Ray flowing from the Source, radiating wisdom, gentle playfulness and infinite joy through the light-grids and Earth's field, for All.

We attune to the Prime Harmonic of Creation, anchoring collective Ascension in our Hearts and flowing through our Beings Now with Gaia for the blossoming of All in Oneness with the New Earth.

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we call the Yellow Sunflower Light & the Violet Flame to saturate any and all energies non-aligned with 5D and higher vibrational expressions, including etheric, electromagnetic and physical pollutants, viruses and toxins, and realign them into the Love radiating from the Golden Frequency of the Source-field.

We call the Golden Ray to infuse our Beings, this planet, the collective consciousness field and all its co-creations, with the Love and Nurture radiating eternally through its omniversal fields of expression, to uplift, align and harmonize all energies in Universal Love.

We ground the Golden-Yellow Light through the Sacred Heart within us All, within Gaia’s crystalline Heart…shining continuously within the harmonic field of the Flower of Life around the Earth.

Through the Source-AMness we Are, in Unity with all love anchors around the Earth supporting Ascension, we ground the Golden-Yellow Light with beloved Gaia for the New Earth, with the Divine Many of the realms and planes of unified Light, in Love & Gratitude, amplified through this Gateway and every moment.

May Love’s Infinite Blessings radiate and be received everywhere in, on and around the Earth, clearing, dissolving, transmuting, uplifting, lightening all energies, all humanity and all beings, in the Spirit of Oneness and Eternal Love. So Be It. So It IS. It Is Done.


Thank you as always, beautiful love anchors on the ground, let's keep grounding the Ascension Light!

Love, Joy & Peace to All in this New Age of Gaia, with gratitude to the Light Beings of many realms and dimensions supporting the New Earth frequencies,



Photo taken on May 1st 2021 of the faery folk, with 'golden solar gnomes' visible here (circled in the enlargement) at the foot a tree bathed in gold afternoon light and 5D Earth vibrations, in Kalamunda National Park, Western Australia.

*For more about aligning & anchoring the Golden Flame, the Yellow Flame and the spectrum of Source Rays in their Divine Flame energies, see The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations.


Video - "Embody The Creator's Love In Your Life Now ! By Natalie Glasson" -https://youtu.be/3_iuqqeNXgQ



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