This message is very appropriate to get into the energy of Dec 21 - your heart center/space - your Universe...we are all One in God and God is in all of Us. Shine on!


A Christmas gift for yourself - For those who need rejuvenation, strength, courage right now - please say this out LOUD - I accept, I receive and I experience God's love and support now. Thank you Mother Father God, Amen.

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Heaven #3682 The Holy Star

Every single eve is Christmas Eve. Every single eve has the willingness and ability to be Christmas Eve. It will be Christmas Eve every evening when enough of My children desire it to be so.

It is typical that on the one designated Christmas Eve, you set aside all your resentments and ill will for good will and peace to all men, and so here it is, Christmas Eve. It has been planned for. Lights have been put up and stockings filled. It is an Eve much looked forward to.


You can prepare every evening so.

You can prepare a feast of love.


You can be Adam and Eve sitting down at the table. You can be husband and wife. You can be as the little children. You can create a feast of love in your home. You can gather tonight in celebration of the love and peace to come. You can usher it in. Why wait for a holiday to be declared? Declare your own holiday.


If you can celebrate on one eve a year, you can celebrate twice a year, or ten times, or 365 times a year. You. I mean you. Your heart. Your being. Your desire.


Let your heart be Santa Claus. Ride your reindeer through the land and snow and deserts as well. Go down the chimneys of hearts. Leave your gift of love. Keep on. You can make Christmas Eve last all year and still not be done.

Who of My children has all the love apparent to him that he so yearns for? Ah, but don’t wait for your heart to be filled up. Fill up other hearts from your meager store. Start filling the longing world with love from your heart, and soon your heart will be overflowing with all the love in Heaven, and you will fill the world so that now it can be said with gladness and accuracy: “All the love in the world.”


Surely the world wants more apparent love than it has now. Someone has been stingy with love. I would like to think it hasn't been you.


But, no matter, be generous with love now. Hearken to the love in your heart and leave it wherever you go. Leave it like a pebble you might leave on a doorstep, a reminder that love is and love has been left for whoever it may be who passes by.


I have charged you with a bounty of love, and you are to discharge it. You are to be lavish with love on this eve and any other eve. I did not say: “Love just when you feel love bursting from your heart.” I say: “Love now under all circumstances. Just love, for Heaven’s sakes, and keep on giving love. You have enough in your heart to feed the world. Don’t wait for a better day. Don’t wait until you feel more like it. Love today. Water the garden of My world with the love from your heart. Restore your heart to love. I ask you to do this now. In sun or sleet, in rain or shine, let the love from your heart shine so that all hearts will awaken and join with you in a round robin of love.”


Leave your gifts of love under the Christmas tree. Where there are no Christmas trees, leave your love anyway. And when there is a Christmas tree without love under it, leave your love there as well.


Beloveds, you are no longer for yourself alone, or your family alone. You are part of a bigger family than that.


Be the Holy Star that shines in the sky tonight.


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  • thank you the heaven letters are so very uplifting and bright.  Thank you for sharing this. And have a glorious holiday time.
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