Ascension Group Meditation

Who would be interested in starting a sort of "group conscious exercise" on a specific day, at a specific time on a weekly or monthly basis?

From experience I recognise the importance and POWER of group effort. If we could all take some time to visualise Love ang Light on our beautiful planet, we would be making a 'Lovingly HUGE' difference in our lives! :)

Please share your ideas and opinions on this.

In Love and Light


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  • What we can do is keep 7-8pm every Friday for Group Meditation and those who are unable to tune in at this time can just recall that meditation is taking place but do there meditation on whatever time it suits them but every week on a blog we can share our experiences. Like if someone does his meditation on a different time all is well as long as he remembers even for a few moments that group meditation is taking place 7-8pm and just send some white light energy at this time which takes just a moments his/her energy is present as well ...but do his own meditation when best time suitable.
    If we call our Meditation group ...Ascension Group Meditation ...we all know what we are talking about and weekly post a blog on ACC on each ones experience so more new people will join in....the blog can be under ..Ashtar Command Crew Members Ascension Group Meditation weekly update...the title will attract more members to join and then it will build up a force
    • I'm up for whatever...time is starting to seem kind of irrelavant to me at this point.  A powerful meditation that allows me to feel connected to everyone is to visualize your "Soul Light Essense"  passing through your physical vessels and shining a bright pillar of light shining upward to an energy grid of bright light that surrounds this planet.  This energy grid is the light of all of us connecting our mass unity consciouness.  I began doing this last year and it is quite powerful.  I feel I can connect with all who are in conflict in all these countries that the people are crying out for the injustices, tyranny, greed, and corruption...I try to connect to both those that are suffering and those who are pulling the triggers in the military and government.  I ask that the "I AM" within briskly stirs them...allowing them to awaken to what they are really doing...and that they can see past the darkness to the light.  When I hear of militants defecting to the people...I feel connected.  It can be used many ways.  Blessings in Light and Love, Reane

  • I've thought about this, and it would be hard to find a fixed hour which suits everyone's needs.. for i live in the netherlands, but someone else might live in colombia, russia or australia.

    What would you all think of making the whole day a special day, and try to think of love and light and towards our better future the whole day. Maybe wear a bracelet to help you remind yourself or it during the fridays.

    Ideas and thoughts?


    I made a page on the website i run.

    We could use it to go to if we need something like a video to guide our meditation. Feel very free to join the site and contribute to the page.

  • See if you can concentrate and meditate like ANI CHOYING DROLMA praying THE GREAT COMPASSION MANTRA ..that even Mahatma Buddha would pay his respects

  • Excellent idea!  The power of two minds thinking the same thought at the same time is not 1+1 = 2,it is multiplied much more than that!   One lady who has done a  lot of work on this is Lynn McTaggart, especially her book and website The Intention Experiment - worth checking out.  As is the book of Gregg Braden on this theme called  The Isaiah Effect.


    • Actually Friday is considered as the special day of the it is very auspicious.. not all could do early morning or afternoon so i suggest 7pm to all meditate and for one hour concentrate your thought on Creating the Mode of Goodness on this Planet...First of all give thanks and bless Mother Earth for keeping us on her Planet...then send white light to all the living entities on Planet Earth and then pray that all attain Christ Consciousness on this in peace and harmony and spread love and light to all.

      Make that hour very special and wherever you are home, driving, work etc remember it is for us to tune in collectively during that hour..send white light to all tuning in...if at home you can light candles, incense and sit by crystals. Lets make this hour sacred and then create a blog every week for all to share their experience on meditation during that hour and how they felt afterwards.

    • I have an irregular working schedule so I prefer 11pm SAST.

      Much Love

  •  I am up for it. Fridays works for me. :) I also like the golden grid of Unity idea.

  • Good idea ..a Group Meditation once a week for Members all over the World to tune in ..could be one evening like 7pm every Friday for one hour..all those who join in that one hour offer prayers, white light and the return of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth...Ascension of Planet Earth and all Beings...moving more into a Golden Age.....Love and Light to all beings and World Peace, Harmony and Oneness.....LET US DO IT ...Fix a time and date and every week same time and create a Group with members who have tuned in and their experiences. 


  • This is a great idea...we should be feeling like we are connecting with the energy grid of our unity consciousness that surrounds this planet...a group should really light up the grid!  Blessings in Light and Love, Reane

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