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Hi all, I'm happy to be added in this forum. I have been reading a lot of the articles for a while. My name is Alis, I am 49 years old, and have been working in mainly 2 directions in my life. I have worked as an artist - painting, collages, teaching, played in a band MANY years ago - and I have worked as a healer with various sub-techniques and made my own series of flower- and crystalremedies. I started a new phase in my life 10 years ago, because I started having more and more pain, migraines, neural-pains everytime I used any sort of tools, later came exhaustion and different other symptoms. I have tried my best to get 'better', so I feel at peace with my life knowing that. So no more painting, but I can make collages (sometimes) and no more clients, but I still make my crystal-remedies, and they help me in all sorts of ways, I share them with old colleagues, who use them to help their clients, and I use them to help animals. 

So I feel I'm sitting here in my own personal spacecraft with my garden surrounding me with beauty and lifeforce and more than ever connected to Ashtar and other spirituel connections in my life. And I'm glad to be here and am looking forward to diving into the different areas of this site and meeting people :-)

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Altid hyggeligt at møde en med-dansker ;D

Thank you <3

I am glad you are here as well AlisB. Welcome! : ) I have heard that healers carry a lot of physical pain....I am sorry for that but but I thank you for making the sacrifice...especially for the animals you work with. I am very intuned with animals as well. They also tend to absorb our pain physically and emotionally. We need them as much as they need us we just tend to forget that sometimes.

Much Love, and good luck to you on your journey home,

imready : )

Hi Imready, thanks for your response, it's nice to hear, that you have a deep connection with animals as well.  It is almost wrong to call what I do  work,  because opposite a lot of us humans, they respond without resistance. If the help is right, they say 'yes, please' and just get better, it is really uplifting :-) And that is also great healing for myself to be able to use what I know, even though I can't do it as often as I would like. Much love to you too, Alis :-) 

Welcome from Australia! and other distant lands. Its nice to have you here.

Big Loves.


Thank you for your warm welcome, it's healthy for the heart ;) Love & Light Alis

Welcome AlisB. Hope U find U found the right place for U ;-)

Hi Woofler, thank you :) Ihope so and same to you (in the big picture ;) )

Thank You for blessing Us with Your presence.

and warm greetings to You!

Keep shining whatever gifts You can, whenever You feel,

From my vantage point, (=

It..(they) are all so precious...and unconditionally loved,

Thank You for being You,

Much peace, healing and love,


Thanx Steve, and thank you for being you ! 

Thank you Marianinia :) I appreciate your description. I have taken healing classes etc. in a danish group/ spirituel society (IRL) many years ago /for quite a few years. I learned SO much, I'm glad, I went there, but today - after that experience or maybe just because, that is who I am - i'm a little allergic to hierarchical systems in groups. Not that it's not needed in practical situations, but except from that, I prefer meeting people in eyehight <3 Love, Alis


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