Green Light! Mass Arrests Will Now Commence!

Pentagon and military insider Drake has announced, tonight 6/27/12 at approximately 8:30PM, that the long anticipated green light has been given and the military and law enforcement alliance known to the people as the 'Earth Allies' will now move in within a time frame of 72 hours to begin the world wide sweep and mass arrests of thousands of members and associates of the criminal organization known as the 'cabal'. For those unfamiliar with this action, these arrests will free, once and for all, all of humanity from their dark captures who have conspired to bankrupt, sicken and finally imprison every human being on the planet.

All citizens are advised to pick up a week or so worth of food, water and all necessary provisions as some store closures and utility outages are possible. All citizens are also advised to withdraw from their financial institutions enough cash to last at least a week, and preferably up to three weeks, as certain banks are expected to close their doors, rendering credit and debit cards useless for at least a certain period of time. All citizens are advised to remain calm and within a centered emotional state. All citizens are strongly urged not to riot or engage in any violent actions of any kind.

Military units and law enforcement personnel will be witnessed making these arrests throughout the United States as well as in some other parts of the world, and all are advised to understand that these men and women are working in service to their brothers and sisters, to freedom, to constitutional government and to love. These military and law enforcement units are not moving in to arrest the citizens of their respective countries as some media outlets may erroneously report in the early stages of this far ranging operation. These units are engaging in the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal and their many associates, that is all.

All are advised to stock their homes with the basic necessities and also advise as many family members and friends what to expect and what these arrests will mean to the people of this world who have suffered too long under the oppression of these criminals and their dark agenda of power and control. This day has been a long time coming, and all are advised to celebrate as these arrests are televised world wide as a signal to our brethren that this is not more of the same bad news we have been programed to believe is the only form of news. This is a time to celebrate, and the celebrations will continue through the July 4th holiday, which will be a true celebration of independence for the people of the U.S. and all the people of our world.



Drake Interview this Evening.
Drake Said:
* New Chat Room: globalvoice2012.us then go to top of page to FORUM.
* The Rio G-20 meeting earlier this week had as its purpose to create a NWO.
* The only purpose of Obama's State of Emergency executive order had was
to keep the U.S. in state of emergency powers act for a dictatorship.
* This is from the military: The Calvary is coming.
If needed, the militias and citizens will be contacted.
They say sit back and watch the fireworks
* The Rio G-20 failed to create the NWO.
* We have won!
* There should be no interruptions of infrastructure.
* He implies that all should happen by July 4th.
* The foreign troops are no match for our troops.
* Majority of the G-20 told Mrs. Clinton they are no longer interested in creating
the NWO due to lack of money.
* The House Oversight Committee approved a Ron Paul bill today opening
the Federal Reserve to a full audit.
* This is Green Light status issued by the military. Look for activity within 24 hours.
* The Euro is on its own now.
* A lot of globalization agreements are now void.
* U.N. goes back to its original charter purpose.
* He got information from some of the highest ranking military.
He knows those leaders and trusts them.
* You will not see NATO uniforms, just U.S. uniforms.
* Central banking systems will be closed.
* All of the things that are contrary to We the People will be taken care of.
Look for extraordinary changes.
* We have cut ties with all foreign relations.
* Top off your auto; hold 2 weeks of cash, have food on hand for several weeks.
* We will have to be schooled to learn how to communicate with the ETs.
* Drake will be updated in a day or so by Neil Keenan.
* International travel will be shut down for 72 hours. To begin ???
* Obama will have serious problems.
* Government checks will be going out as normal without interruptions.
* NESARA will go into effect, with the peoples having the ability to vote changes to it.



The military has told Drake “This is Green Light.”

The spirit of the call was like freedom bells ringing throughout, once Drake said the green light had been given by the military.

Notes from Drake call of 6/27/2012
G20 meeting was all about the NWO takeover.
12 false flags around the U.S. had been planned, including nuclear devices, for October (maybe a rerun of last year’s “October Surprise” that didn’t happen), so there would be no elections. They’ve been handled.
According to the ET’s, “the cavalry is coming.”
They will take care of things.
“Sit back and watch the fireworks.” They’ll call on the military only if needed.

“We have won.”

With mass arrests and removals from office, the MSM may not have a choice about reporting it.

Yesterday and today Drake got his answer from the military:
They have the paperwork and it’s been submitted correctly.
The majority of the states have submitted notification that they are free of the corporate govt.
The military can take action on behalf of the people against the corporation.
The military will begin supporting the vets as they should be.

Get some cash out of banks, though no major interruptions are expected.
Drake has been given a day for the event–this week. (I assume that means in the next 3 days, and possibly tomorrow or Friday.)

He thinks the military has finally gotten the idea that if they didn’t act, the people would.

Every time the opposing forces have tried to do a trial run with air vehicles, they’ve been met by superior forces and told to land.

Lady Dragon reporting:
FBI was on CNN about braking up a large child prostitution ring.
The audit the fed bill made positive progress today. There was a unanimous vote in the House in favor of it, something unheard of in the past.
Cobra also confirmed things are working well and to remain calm.

Drake again:

The politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Some of them will be lucky to retain their lives.


Drake again.
The military has told Drake “This is Green Light.” It will be posted on his website after this call.

Many other countries are watching us. They feel if we can do it, they can too.

England and the European Union are having extreme duress maintaining life support. G20 said they would cut all financial ties to other countries. The European Union is on its own. The E.U. was the prototype of the NWO.

A lot of the money that should be going into our highways has been going into the trans-America highway for the North American Union (Mexico/US/Canada). (From the nature of the call, we can probably assume that that won’t happen.)

He suggests that the U.N. will begin to have some very difficult problems very shortly because they’re following globalist policies. They will be terminated as they are and be reinstated according to the original plans for it. It was taken over by the globalists.

The religions (religiosity) will be attended to shortly also. The E.T.’s will give us the true story that’s been denied us.

He did some checking with other countries about what’s going down and got confirmation there too.

He said the military will go mainstream with this as soon as they can. They’re listening to these calls to ensure that the info is being put out correctly. They wanted Drake to be educating the public about this coming event. They’ll also be using some people well known to “out” the info. Wanted freedom and militia communities to be reached, so they wouldn’t take action unless necessary.

Canada will have to determine if they will cooperate or not. The central banking system on this continent will be closed, which includes Canada too. So they’ll be up against hundreds of other countries wanting them to cooperate if they don’t comply.

The notification process (declaring our independence from the corporate U.S. government) to the Hague set us free from the other ties and treaties contrary to the American documents–Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence. Nullification of all former contracts which are contrary to these documents.

Listen to traffic stations for possible slow downs.

All things that are contrary to the best interests of the people will be attended to, including courts, judges, etc.

Women will be much more in charge.

Governments start wars, not people.

There will be major changes coming. The legalities will be changed. Finance will be changed. “Eventually we may not need money.”

Individual rights will be reinstated. Attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters will become standard.

IRS will be going. People in prison because of them will be released.

http://WRAMsite.com (Minute Man’s Well Regulated American Militias website)

We have cut ties with England, City of London, and other controlling places like that.

Vatican Bank has serious financial problems. Been cut off largely (called the Northern Connection). That’s been severed.

Federal Reserve goes out.

Was asked when E.T.’s might make an appearance? A time has been given but he must hold that info for now.

He suggested a week’s supply of food; stock up on necessities in case of interruption. Take two weeks of money out of bank account. May have hits and misses in terms of deliveries. May have some food shortages due to delivery issues.

He has update on Neil Keenan and the various financial law suits but can’t say it now. It may become public before he can say.

A traveler told a caller that their flight was sent to Las Vegas and couldn’t land in Denver because the military were arresting several hundred people there.

Drake has been in “school” for about a month learning how to communicate with the E.T.’s, through imagery and thought. They will be sharing that with us, so we can better communicate with us.

There have been an unusual number of flights leaving the Dover (England) airport today. The Queen was wearing “green” today. (We wondered if there was a connection to “green light” there.)

Drake said since he has been allowed to go public with this, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh could do the same. They both have Drake’s email if they want more details.

When military determines we are free, church bells will be ringing.

Military doesn’t have much respect for B.O. He hasn’t been listening to them.

Govt. checks should continue as expected. May get larger.

NESARA law will be publicly discussed and perhaps enlarged.

We have a bright and shining future.

Central banking system will go out in the near future.


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  • do not be fooled by certain channels of false gifts---mulitple upload and constant channelings--does not mean its true, but believe me there are craft of the trinity and of god---not gfol or gf

  • LOL, funny pic!

  • We expect events to happen in the old and familiar way. But we know that the planet is making changes, unprecedented. Beings from other dimensions and other civilizations involved in these changes. Their methods and tehnoologii are different from those we know. This is not Hollywood scenario in which we know in advance what will happen and how to complete the action. It is quite possible our role is only supportive, and we just witnessed the happy ending.

  • Today is th 4th of July, right? Happy day to all our friends in the USA.

    However, has anyone been arrested yet? Almost a week since the 27th June......

    • It been postponed due to bad weather

  • S heart I thank you and Saint Germain

  • From what I have gotten real clear on, is how to get rid of all this negative shit.
    I heard from David Wilcock that Earth is richest in this delicious food our slave masters thrive on called LOOSH (spelling?)
    And that if all the world could all at once be free of fear, the Reptilians/CABAL would begin dissolving, and flee from the positive energy that is anathema to them.

    Today July2 , there is a wonderful message from Compte de St. Germaine with instructions on how to beat the heat...

    A New Twist
    Conditions are good in all countries for changing the direction of negative attitudes into more caring, delight and awareness. Why? An astrological configuration is going to assist. When an impending drama is about to occur, no man has the ability to change this by mind's design. But with what is now the new ascension commitment, the next dense cosmic node is about to dismantle its negative mode of influence and do what all negative materializations are about to do: detonate at the branch of creation coming directly from divine conception. Core level density management is about to occur. Are you going to be free of disasters in the world? No, but freedom is not about being in a particular physical condition, its more about your mental attitude.

    Are you able to deny the gross desecration man has made to his habitat? No, well God doesn't deny that this has occurred either, but will care for all, no matter how they need to be cared for. When negative attitudes about anything are desroying God's creation, the way to deliver love is to name the darkness as a gift that helps you become more aware of your own dark thoughts. Safe and active consideration towards any dark thoughts will nullify them.

    Can you do this in all situations? Yes. Ask for a new awareness about the dark object of your attention. Is it a dark drama in your own area of existance or in a different area? It may not be a drama now, but will be in the days to come. Can you recognize the fear in your negative attitudes? Are the most negative people  afraid of what they mandate against? Yes, in almost every case. Against war? Afraid of it. Against control? Afraid of it. Being against anything means being afraid it will damage one's current level of comfort.

    What do you care about in life? Will it be affected? If not, do you give forth any negative attitudes? No, only against conditions confronting your fears. Against child abuse? Against drugs? Against malnutrition in other people's lives? Are you negative about these things? Consider all your causes of negativity to be a fear based distrust of what can occur in your world of influence. Cherish these confronting appearances, because they deliver another detail in the nature of man's mental delusion to your awareness. These discoveries become your gifts from divine light as an opening to another level of consciousness.

    Preparing for ascension includes this new detail. When we describe conditions of darkness it is always to deliver more awareness to how your mind reacts to an obtuse comment or direct declaration of one thing or another. Are you afraid of what the controllers are doing? Then you are adding dense energy to their claim on your life. Can you change them or their actions? Not directly, but by not assigning negative thoughts to their actions, you lead more caring energy to others than those thoughts would bring. After an event that appears destructive, give only love, not blame. When missing pieces of the deception emerge, allow divine grace to flow through you. Bless your adversaries, for they bring you a gift of great magnitude.

    Positive thinking is not the same in character or active manifestation. Positive cause and effect depends on how heartfelt the thoughts are. Saying affirmations as a repetitious game to change creation does nothing. Adding an active dream with a vision does nothing either, unless desire for the thing envisioned comes along with the mental construct. Being caring about what is affirmed or visioned brings it one step closer to being an active creation. BUT, caring without a creative thought is the most active energy that you can bring towards giving more light to the current consciousness. Asking only for what is in the highest good of all delivers God's will, and this makes a better contribution than anything your mind can conceive of.

    Beliefs about creating your own reality are really about creating an illusionary concept that actually appears as your dream. Giving up your dream is what ascension is about. Can you give away all that mind delivers to be an Ascended Master? Beliefs are not active in our realm, only an assessment of what comes to this realm as your dreams. Bring us no dreams and we can assess things quite differently. Bless the world, its differences and its dramas, with love. This is what will get you out of the negative dream that causes money and countries to disappear. Believe nothing about danger or control in life and no danger or control can exist. Let go of your fear—it doen't make things better. Give more gratitude and celebrate new breakthroughs in truth and consciousness—in yours and also in others.

    Ascended Master Saint Germain
    Channeled by Aruna    

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  • Thanks to Patricia Cota-Robles:

    by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


    July 4, 2012, is Independence Day in the United States of America. On that special day, Americans will celebrate all of the things that our Founding Fathers intended for this country: freedom, liberty, equality, prosperity, the ability to worship as we choose, and the pursuit of happiness. We will celebrate the fact that our Founding Fathers arranged for this to be a country of laws that would honor the rights of every person and perpetuate the highest good for all concerned. These noble men decreed that America would be a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, a government that would ultimately enhance life for every person abiding in this wonderful land.

    Needless to say, as a government and as a people we have often fallen far from those lofty goals, but that does not change the fact that these are the archetypes on which this country was founded, or that you and I are cocreating our reality day by day through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

    So let's take advantage of the opportunity being presented on July 4, 2012. As millions of Americans focus on everything our Founding Fathers intended for us to experience, let's join together and expand the collective cup of our consciousness to envelop all of the governments of the world. Let's invoke the Company of Heaven to amplify our efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. Together we will heal Humanity's past abuse of power and we will pave the way for a higher order of Divine Government. A government OF Humanity's I AM Presence, BY Humanity's I AM Presence, FOR Humanity's I AM Presence.

    Remember, as we invoke the Light of God for this activity of Light our unified efforts are being amplified a thousand times a thousandfold by the Company of Heaven.

    These invocations are stated in the first person so we will each experience them personally, but we are simultaneously invoking this Light on behalf of every government and every person on Earth.


    I AM breathing in and out deeply and rhythmically. I absorb every Holy Breath into my Heart Flame. With every inbreath, I AM cleansing the cells, molecules, atoms, and electrons of my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. With every outbreath, I AM expanding the Breath of the Holy Spirit into the physical plane of Earth to bless all Life. As I continue to focus my attention on my inbreath and outbreath, I AM lifted into the full embrace of my mighty I AM Presence.

    Within this higher level of Divine Consciousness, I know I AM One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God, I AM One with the entire Company of Heaven, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. Now, as One voice, One breath, One consciousness of pure Divine Love I affirm:

    I AM a Beloved Child of God and ALL that my Father-Mother God have is mine. I AM a surrogate serving on behalf of ALL Humanity and all of the governments of the world.

    I dedicate this activity of Light to the manifestation of Divine Government—a government OF Humanity's I AM Presence, BY Humanity's I AM Presence, FOR Humanity's I AM Presence.

    Now, through the Presence of God I AM, I ask for a special Cosmic Dispensation. Beloved Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity envelop Washington, DC, the United States of America, and every country on Earth in the embrace of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Wisdom, Transfiguring Divine Love, Divine Will, Purity, and Illumination until Divine Government and all of the infinite patterns of perfection associated with Divine Government are firmly established in every country of the world.

    I make this invocation, this command, and this decree through the Power of God I AM. And So It Is.

    In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God I AM and through the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame pulsating in every heart...

    I invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory, the Silent Watcher over Washington, DC, Beloved Columbia, and all of the Mighty Guardians, Galactic and Cosmic Beings who dwell in the Etheric Complex over Washington, DC.

    Blessed Ones, come forth now, and assist me with the most powerful cleansing activity Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. As One unified heart with all Humanity, I now invoke the 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection, the perfect balance of my Father God's Blue Flame of Power and my Mother God's Pink Flame of Divine Love.

    Blaze, blaze, blaze this Solar Violet Fire in, through, and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness, and all obstructions of the Light, that I or any part of Life have ever placed in the pathway of Life’s perfection. Transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory NOW and FOREVER.

    BLAZE and SUSTAIN this 5th-Dimensional Solar Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around:

           The President of the United States of America and his cabinet—today and forever.

           The Senate and the House of Representatives for the United States of America—today and forever.

           The Supreme Court, ALL Courts of Law, and ALL legal  procedures—today and forever.

           The United Nations and ALL of its members—today and forever.

           Through ALL world leaders and those associated with the governments of Earth at national, state, and local levels—today and forever.

    God’s Will for the United States of America and all of the governments of the world SHALL MANIFEST. The Divine Plan will be fulfilled and Divine Government will be the order of the new Cosmic Day on Earth. I so decree it and accept it done. Beloved I AM.


    In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God I AM, we, the Children of Earth, humbly come to the Heart of our Father-Mother God to invoke into the physical plane of Earth the most intensified activity of God’s Will ever manifested in the history of time.

    We invoke the Legions of Light serving this blessed Earth to absorb this Divine Essence into every fiber of their Beings and to project it into the Heart Flame and conscious mind of every person associated with the governments of this planet at every level.

    Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through each of these souls, and clear away any destructive activity of their own free will, which might rush in to impede their conscious desire to do God’s Will.

    Help them to remain obedient to the Law of Harmony and to BE God in action at ALL times.

    Seal all governmental positions, individually and collectively, in the radiance of God’s Will.

    Reveal through Illumination’s Flame the Divine Purpose and Plan for each office and each individual, and give to each person the Spiritual Courage and Desire to fulfill that plan perfectly.

    Let the Will of God be MANIFEST in, through, and around all the governments of the world NOW and FOREVER!  Let the  LIGHT  OF  GOD  THAT  IS  ALWAYS VICTORIOUS Illumine and lead ALL Humanity everywhere!

    I consciously ACCEPT this MANIFESTING NOW...even as I call.

    And So It Is, Beloved I AM.

    This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.

    ©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

    The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

    Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
    a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization  

    FAX: 520-751-2981;
    Phone: 520-885-7909

    New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
    PO Box 41883,
    Tucson, Arizona 85717

    You are currently subscribed to patticr as: Rlmstudio@mac.com.
    To unsubscribe click here: http://venus.lyris.net/u?id=14954378.447ae36c433b5285c8104f3086b12e...

    (It may be necessary to cut and paste the above URL if the line is broken)
    or send a blank email to leave-3042369-14954378.447ae36c433b5285c8104f3086b12ef3@venus.lyris.net
  • This message and the message of yesterday SaLuSa brings much hope.

    I want to believe that all this really happening: that the leaders of the Cabal and their minions will be judged that the humanity of planet Earth will be returned birthright of God's sons and daughters the right to freedom, information, education and a real treat. Right to a decent life without being forced to live in poverty and misery. The message is said to be available technologies that will facilitate people and animals that will be accessible by all. Reference is also faster in space travel, including travel in space. I really want many, many to believe that everything happens. But my doubts are provoked by the real life that flows around me. Today in my country, Bulgaria, rose much electricity prices, water the heat. These prices were really prohibitive for people here raboteshtite are paid up to 200-300 euros per month, a massive pensions for the elderly are on average 100-150 per month. In this poverty, political demagoguery and the absence of free media, they are prepared very hard to believe that space-good things happen and that they are approaching the end of slavery. When I read these messages in me awakens hope for the future and look forward ...
    I want this position very soon to change. And all nations - large and small, to gain freedom and prosperity.

This reply was deleted.

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