government shutdown?

been hearing about this as of late anybody have a clue if this is true i know it was mentioned on cnn if it is true is it just a scare tactic by the cabal, is it the cabal losing control, or something else so many questions whats your opinion folks

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  • "And your definition of real money acceptable at your market is..."

  • "When the United States, Russia, or China sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold." - Anonymous

  • I can feel the ground trembling in anticipation....;).

  • ....and all the angels in heaven rejoiced.....

  • I've played both games, indeed, in flight simulator, they teach you how to fly planes, I can proudly say I would be able (in theory) to take off in a small plane (and do a terrible landing :P),

    But in the case of "Call of Duty" they have lot of missions where you control a gunner in an AC-130, like this:

    Which is basically like controlling a real drone with weapons, here real footage:

    • WOW. It's almost like murdering "enemies of the U.S." I kinda like Terminator 2 at my local arcade. I have no problem with "blowing away" robotic machines, or cans of hair spray. Be wary of those men with the shaved heads and nice pressed white shirts. Those are the new military recruiters, and not the one's in the nice Marine Corps dress blue outfits.

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    Game Over: Total Collapse is Imminent


    Game Over: Total Collapse is Imminent
    • But will the banks "get theirs" before the collapse? WATCH YOUR WALLET DUDE!

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  • So I say let them crash.

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