I don't want to write a full blog but it would be interesting just to see what you make of this photograph, which depicts the Queen of England and a serious amount of Gold.

Please feel free to share your thoughts based on the following photograph and what does it tell you  ... 


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  • Not that I am a huge fan of the monarch, the crowns of Scotland and England have been united since 1603, so there actually has not been any king or queen of England for more than 400 years. Try and get your facts straight - it's pretty insulting when you make insinuations that Scotland is just an English province. But then again, that's pretty much what we are now isn't it?

  • "I was referring to your belief that you cant afford new and better equipment"

    Ah. that is not a belief.
    The govt is currently confiscating everything I earn except for the small ammount of money I need to feed myself.
    Other than that, I'm poor as a church rat.

    I can't even afford to replace the cover on the chimney which blew off during the last storm...

    "indeed, it appears to be unaffordable to you until you change your perspective"

    Yes, I am very good at building anti-personell mines from kitchen-appliances as well as hand-grenades and mortars, and there are plenty of organisations that would pay top money for my expertise in that field but... I'm not so sure my Karma could manage such an export.. I have the ability as well as the possibility to precure the money I need. All I lack is the degraded morality that is nescessary for me to have, to be able to utilize all these possibilities. :)

    "you will begin to attract to yourself your abundance, instead of the lack thereof ... indeed, the Universe always provides :)"

    The problem with the law of attraction is that it requires an ACTION to actually come through, and... The only ACTIONS I've seen so far to solve my problem, has been morally WRONG.
    I fear that I am one of those people who will actually have to WORK for their income instead of just being spoon-fed like a baby by the almighty cosmos.. ;)

  • ".... its all in the mind, Mr Observer :)"

    Not really, I've seen Kraftwerk live and I happen to know that the equipment they used to make "The Model" did cost about 15 thousand euros (roughly translated as the euro didn't even exist back then) at the time it were made. :)

    But, I've been using my current synth for 22 years already and I have no problems making new and fresh stuff on it still. :)

  • "However, not all musicians require Gold to make their music sound incredible .... "

    Lol, I'd say that almost NONE of them do. Most have gone digital or optical when it comes to sound nowadays.
    I however, still work with analog stuff and this for 2 reasons:

    1. I can't afford new and better equipment
    2. They don't make synthesizers nowadays as they did before.

    Most people connect their stuff through USB.
    I use DIN-cables to connect and sync my equipment.
    I'm like a 2015 version of the 1980's "Kraftwerk". :)

    And yes, nothing beats the Vinyl sound. It's still The Best there is, when it comes to truly FEELING the music. A rave without a Vinyl-player is no rave at all. :)

  • Hmmm.... my fave story as a child ROBIN HOOD......just saying.....lol jk
  • Hmmm.... my fave story as a child ROBIN HOOD......just saying.....lol jk
  • Only one of the pictures are REAL and not pasted/cut together/manufactured, so... I'll comment on the last one in the collage (the real one).

    As the Head of State, it'd be prudent of her to at least once in her life, truly inspect the gold-reserves that the State is supposed to have. Anything other would be treason.

  • I feel the same....this obsession with gold or precious stones is so stupid to me...

  • ~Super cool, Luke... I caught him when he came to Pasadena in 2001... he had just released Children of the Matrix. It was an all day event & well worth the time. Really good vibrations from the people who showed up as his ideas were just beginning to cut through the mainstream 'story' of our reality. ~InLight555

    • I enjoyed that presentation Stick....right on the money, lol

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