Found 55 lines of coronavirusfraud in markdown format

  1. 2020-0302 US Health officials say people should not wear masks because they do not use them correctly. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  2. 2020-0320 20,000 US troops arrive in Europe without biohazard gear despite COVID-19 issues for the Europe 20 exercise. Equipment includes tanks. They are exempt from travel ban. All this means COVID-19 is not any more dangerous than normal flu. #coronavirusfraud #coronavirustruth

  3. 2020-0323 COVID-19 tests from #China are highly inaccurate with 70% false positive rate. #coronavirusfraud #ccp

  4. 2020-0328 MSM making fake reports of deaths of people who never died. #coronavirus #msm #fakenews #coronavirusfraud

  5. 2020-0330 Testing centers are a joke. In UK? #coronavirusfraud

  6. 2020-0406 Business Insider says WHO says no need for healthy people to wear masks. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  7. 2020-0518 COVID-19 tests all showed positive in Tanzania, even for a goat and a fruit. #coronavirus #coronavirustruth #coronavirusfraud

  8. 2020-0523 #CDC going door-to-door to collect your blood and DNA. They could be infecting many people. #coronavirusfraud

  9. 2020-0529 CDC says some people should not wear masks: children under age 2, people with asthma or COPD. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  10. 2020-0601 WHO says masks not needed. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  11. 2020-0611 Quarantine procedures closed many small businesses but the hardest hit will be businesses like nail salons (80%+ run by immigrants in my area), hair salons, tattoo parlours, etc. because they are closed the longest and have no cash (sales) coming in to pay the bills. The sales stop, but the bills do not. CONVID-19 planned to shut down small business, and make them go totally out of business, thus making people dependent on gov't again. 99.7% of people in the US are employed by small business with less than 500 employees (, nearly none of these have cash to weather hard times because people are so bad with money. The COVID-19 was a con, the test has a 100% error rate, all tests show positive, even tests on a goat and piece of fruit in Tanzania. ( #coronavirusfraud

  12. 2020-0615 NIH fires 54 corrupt scientists who failed to divulge ties to foreign governments. #corruption #nih #coronavirusfraud

  13. 2020-0713 At least 11 sources say not to wear a mask. Multiple studies, MSM, CNN, NBC, WHO and CDC says people don't have to wear masks or masks are not very effective. Some stories are from March or April 2020. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  14. 2020-0713 Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results. #coronavirusfraud

  15. 2020-0713 Study: Fresh surgical masks don't block bacteria after 120 minutes, and viruses are much smaller than bacteria. Surgical masks don't block much of anything over a long period. #coronavirus #study #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  16. 2020-0713 Study: Mask-wearing Asian countries have no less influenza that non-wearing Western countries. #coronavirus #study #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  17. 2020-0713 WHO video "How to wear a medical mask" says do not wear a mask that has been previously worn. #coronavirus #nomask #coronavirusfraud

  18. 2020-0726 Health company admits the coronavirus test was all fake, apoligizes to 600,000 military members. "Tricare apologized for alarming several hundred thousand people because of a poorly worded email that implied the recipient was a coronavirus survivor. The email went out from Humana Military, a regional manager for Tricare." #coronavirusfraud #nomask

  19. 2020-0727 Medical coders in hospitals are told to code all patients with COVID-19 illness whether they have it or not. #coronavirus #coronavirusfraud

  20. 2020-0803 Young nurse Danielle DiCenso died of kidney infection not COVID-19. CDC demands doctors count SUSPECT CASES, thus artificially inflating infection rates. #coronavirusfraud #fakecovid

  21. 2020-0804 CDC director admits hospitals, medical folks have 'perverse incentive' to falsely count Covid deaths. #coronavirusfraud #CDC

  22. 2020-0809 Truth about COVID-19 with references and links to studies from a Swiss doctor. Lethality is about 0.1% to 0.3% (and most of those are the very old or unhealthy). and #coronavirus #coronavirustruth #coronavirusfraud

  23. 2020-0811 Fake #vaccine given to gov't officials, with the needle cap still on! #coronavirusfraud

  24. 2020-0813 NCDHHS admits that 221,444 Covid lab tests were double-counted. #coronavirusfraud

  25. 2020-0818 COVID-19 testing accuracy varies a lot especially in days 0-7 of symptoms. Beware of anyone who tests positive in days 0-7. and #coronavirusfraud

  26. 2020-0818 Maryland spreading COVID-19 via testing. From a nurse. #coronavirus #coronavirusfraud

  27. 2020-0818 Person never showed up to COVID-19 test, but still got a positive test. #coronavirusfraud #coronavirus

  28. 2020-0821 Hospital admissions were over-reported at peak of pandemic. #coronavirusfraud

  29. 2020-0910 German doctors just come and say COVID is a crime. #coronavirusfraud #crime

  30. 2020-0911 #Biden lies about the US military COVID casualties. Only 7 died. The DOD tweets the correct numbers: #coronavirusfraud

  31. 2020-0915 Top COVID Response Official Says Anti-Trump 'Resistance Unit' of Scientists Embedded in CDC #coronavirusfraud

  32. 2020-0916 In a move to go full Na.zi, Australia pushes measures to arrest people who do not follow the fake narrative. #NWO #Nazi #australia #coronavirus #coronavirusfraud

  33. 2020-0916 Nashville, TN mayor lied about COVID-19 data to close down the city. #coronavirusfraud Alt link:

  34. 2020-0927 #CDC admits there is no evidence COVID-19 is airborne, based on their updated guidelines. #coronavirus #coronavirusfraud

  35. 2020-1002 UK Scientist calls COVID-19 fake. #coronavirusfraud #coronavirus

  36. 2020-1009 #WHO flip flops and says to stop using lockdown to stop COVID. Message from Dr David Nabarro, WHOs special Envoy on COVID-19. and #coronavirusfraud

  37. 2020-1019 Banned from YouTube: America's Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC. #coronavirusfraud

  38. 2020-1027 #Coronavirus antibodies fall rapidly after recovery. Will be used to push #vaccine? #coronavirusfraud

  39. 2020-1027 #Michigan infection rate (with total lockdown and businesses closing forever) is higher than in #Sweden (only banned public entertainment, not restaurants, masks not mandatory, business and schools not closed). Calculations and sources here. #coronavirusfraud

  40. 2020-1027 87,000 nurses will not take #vaccine. It's a normal flu. Panic not needed. #coronavirusfraud 87000_nurses_will_not_take_vaccine.png

  41. 2020-1027 Hospitals counted heart attacks as COVID deaths. #coronavirusfraud

  42. 2020-1027 Jon Rappoport says the virus does not exist and cannot be isolated so the lockdown is based on a virus that cannot be proven to exist. #coronavirusfraud Key CDC document: (this will download a PDF for you).

  43. 2020-1028 Plandemic 2 movie. #coronavirusfraud

  44. 2020-1031 Covid-19 PCR Testing is Worthless: Even the New York Times finally admits it. #coronavirusfraud

  45. 2020-1104 CDC reveals hospitals counted heart attacks as COVID deaths. #coronavirusfraud

  46. 2020-1106 Mystery death of man who uncovered COVID fraud. #coronavirusfraud

  47. 2020-1106 This guy wants to pay people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. #vaccine #coronavirusfraud

  48. 2020-1107 Denmark and WHO spins up "mutant coronavirus" narrative, to push for another lockdown to destroy small business. #coronavirusfraud

  49. 2020-1107 Fauci admits COVID test has fatal flaw. "July 16, 2020, podcast, 'This Week in Virology': Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed." #coronavirusfraud

  50. 2020-1108 #Vaccine for #coronavirus is skipping animal and human trials, there is no proof it's safe. Vaccine can cause a cytokine response making them sicker than before. Vaccine manufacturers have special liability protection for this vaccine so they cannot be sued for damages. #coronavirusfraud

  51. 2020-1114 COVID-19 and the Great Reset. and #greatreset #coronavirusfraud

  52. 2020-1115 Irish gov't refuses to confirm COVID-19 exists in writing. #coronavirusfraud #covid19no

  53. 2020-1116 CDC new death numbers are much lower than earlier. US deaths on Nov 12, 2020 reported as 220,704. and #coronavirusfraud

  54. 2020-1116 Table 1 CDC weekly numbers dated Nov 12, 2020 are sketchy, and includes death by COVID-19, influenza, and pneumonia. I can't find any COVID-19 deaths uncombined with other numbers. #coronavirusfraud #election2020

  55. 2020-1120 California and German lawyer Reiner Fullmich talks about fraudulent PCR coronaavirus test. What he said: PCR test cannot tell one about an infection. They cannot tell the difference between live and dead matter. #coronavirusfraud #coronavirus

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