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The band Disturbed did an amazing remake of the song "Land of Confusion" originally by the band Genesis. This music video is, in my opinion, one of the most inspirational pieces of art out there. Although I realize many disagree with my views on this site, seeing them as unloving or dark or whatever, I still stand by them.


I have said repeatedly that the only ones who can get us and our world out of the mess its in is us ourselves. After all we're the ones who made it this way. It was all done by our hands. It're true, there were people throughout history that told us we should or shouldn't do/believe/think certian things but it was our choice whether to follow or not. It wasn't the Illuminat, it wasn't the "Dark Ones" it wasn't the NWO, It wasn't the Catholic Church or Islam or the Anunnaki. It wasn't anyone else but us. They only gave us the ideas, we are the ones who put them in action.


And that is why I believe we are the only ones capable of changing this world. And in many ways the only ones who should. Even if our personal reasons for wanting to help are different, the fact remains that those reasons are connected by one underlying feeling.


For the future.


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Nice Reiz, I love Disturbed, they are really good guys :)  

I agree about "The Future".... 
YES! Love this song! the original is great too!

Crap still no sound.  Sigh, hopefully the reformat will sort my computer out.


Well said Reiz

i love the intensity of the remake.  I agree with reiz that it is more representative of our times =)
I cannot agree that this version is better, musically, than Genesis', but, then again, I might be biased. I am a huge Genesis and Peter Gabriel fan, though I know that Peter had left the band by the time "Land of Confusion" came out.


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