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For the commanders so and so of such and such fleets/ship

I've noticed a few people around here claiming to be commanders/ admirals/ persons in charge ect of some ship or fleets. Now that's all fine and dandy, if you've assumed that all this UFO/ET/Spirituality stuff is true, then it's equallily plausible that we've got some people in charge of these many millions of ships.


The only question I have is..


 If you're down here.. .. then who's doing your job up there? o.O

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~i heart your pictures Jouni!~ :0)
Dear Reanne.
I believe that when people call themselves Commander etc. then it is their truth, I look into my heart, and believe them.
I can speak my truth, as an answer to your question. As a split up soul I live more than one life now. One of my lives simoultaneous with this one, is working on a ship in the Command. It took me some time to understand, and get used to that belief. Now it feels natural and right. That is why it`s great to be in this spiritual Network, talking about this, learn and share. I am sure I can manage my job, out there and on Earth too.
There are more of us on Earth than you can imagine. I wish, that also you one day will know, who you are, and where you are from.
Unconditional Love and lots Blessings to you
Soli Trinsia
Well. People like to use imagination and they like to be what they are not. We are human after all.

CaruTon Kon.
Leutenant II & Captain 7 Stars (Green Medal of Peace from GFOL)
Glorious Belle Epoch III Starship from Orion
Very well said! On the other hand, I love being a child of Gaia, down here.
It IS even more "dandy" to LIVE FROM THE HART ..... !!!!

That is a very good question. I don't claim to be in command of any ship. In fact, I am not. Though I do know where my ship is. I am a Lieutenant, however. I want my own ship, though! I guess I gotta do more deeds or whatnot lol

I think that there is more than one being operating those ships or fleets, so while those commanders are down here doing what they're doing, I'm sure other beings are up there taking care of their ships while they're busy. Simple enough :)
The answer is simple if one gives up linear thinking one realises that i am bilocal i am up in my ship directing and i am down here collecting soulevolutionary data . We are multi dimensional beings and all dimension reflecting in timequality experience fractals at the same time if you check in and out as i do you realise how difficult that is to intergrate this form of existing .

Hope that answers your question.

Ra the Arcturian
That is a good answer!
We don't maximise the potential of space time, multiple selves and dimensions , and it's corridors and possibilities in our view pint right now.
Word up!
Well said.....why indeed the need to have a status before the name........we are all equals............lets relate to one another like it too..............
I have noticed that channelings from some higher beings are without name. They tell you themselves that a name is not important, they get a name to comunicate so we in 3D can put a face to it.
Where can i get an application. I want to apply for one of these ships. Job down here sucks. Lol, Jkng =)



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