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For the commanders so and so of such and such fleets/ship

I've noticed a few people around here claiming to be commanders/ admirals/ persons in charge ect of some ship or fleets. Now that's all fine and dandy, if you've assumed that all this UFO/ET/Spirituality stuff is true, then it's equallily plausible that we've got some people in charge of these many millions of ships.


The only question I have is..


 If you're down here.. .. then who's doing your job up there? o.O

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~very well put! thank you for the example.. ;0)~
Hmmmm. I must have a Love ship...I don't consciously remember seeing it though. I believe that since everything is energy, whatever name you have personally or describing your work, is what you resonate with in your own uniqueness of you...I do what I love best, and what I think is the most important:
Ben had said "what you think matters, will be matter"...well Love matters, and Nature is Love
We are progressing everyday with our questions, and with a growing awareness there is more Light on the path.
Love, Light and Blessings to you and all



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