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For the commanders so and so of such and such fleets/ship

I've noticed a few people around here claiming to be commanders/ admirals/ persons in charge ect of some ship or fleets. Now that's all fine and dandy, if you've assumed that all this UFO/ET/Spirituality stuff is true, then it's equallily plausible that we've got some people in charge of these many millions of ships.


The only question I have is..


 If you're down here.. .. then who's doing your job up there? o.O

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I honour you, for being so honest and open, about who you are, and stand up for what you know. Thank you, Sister!
I agree with you. Others may have their truth, I know mine.
Love, Light and Harmony to All.
Soli Trinsia of Sirius
We are all multi dimensional Beings and remember Life unfolds endlessly; within - without is all the colors of Existance.
Lord give us the Love and Courage to assume our various fonctions. Blessings !!! Divsy.
Namaste and many blessings to you. When vibrations are raised and one moves up to one or more dimensions, it is possible to move back and forth from the 3D world to the 4D or 5D, etc. It is also possible to be present in both at the same time as many ancient Yogis have demonstrated. At higher levels, you are indeed able to create your reality. Remember you have 7 layers of your physical body. It is also possible that as one is ascending, to wake up and realize who they are. There are many beings at different vibrational levels and dimensions here to help us as we and our Earth ascend. I'm for respecting one's titles, opinions, and level of expertise. We all learn from one another! We all have special and unique gifts to share. I would love to be at the level where I, too, could command a ship and help all living beings and things! Wow now that would be so amazing! Love and light...

Namaste and many blessings to you. Everyone has a mission or a role that is his or hers alone to do for the creator. Once you've awaken to the call and raise your vibrations, it is given to you depending on what level you have achieved. You receive the knowledge that you are ready for at the time. Sometimes, it seems as a roller coaster with never stopping information. Other times it seems to plateau until the next quantum leap. One thing to keep in mind from getting frustrated or confused is that you may be a higher levels of awareness and knowledge than others , as well as others being at higher vibrational levels and dimensions than you. It is never a competition of who is ahead or has the most knowledge, but rather where you are in your spiritual ascension and what you are ready to receive. You will get the knowledge and. all that goes with it when you are ready. Everyone must be on their own path and on their own time clock. You will even move through the fabric of space and time through the different dimensions. Remember, one cannot understand what one does not know and one can not know what one can not understand. It is really quite simple. Much love and light on your journey's path...

I'm always curious about them.

If they have alienated space titles, would that mean they met or been to spaceships?
If so then they have knowledge about something that happens at the back scenes and can give statuses?
What are their purpose/mission as with their appointed position? Are there some benefit on having some?
If they are in contact with the above or below ETs in their spaceships, can they share more info about it? (Life beyond of what we know on earth are always interesting).

so many questions... I hope they can share.
Thank you pathfinder and Shelly for your kind and loving comments! Blessings to you both...
I would like to add my ten pence worth to this discussion , why do any of us feel superior to any one else we all arrived here the same way unless you are a walkin or got dumped on this planet from a spaceship,.

Most of us have had a crap life which has made us search long and hard for the truth and if we were complete and perfect then we would not be doing this or even be here in the first place all earth is ,is a place to learn like a school room, we are all in lesson.
Are you taking the p**S out of my statement or do you find it that amusing. Please answer truthfully Blue_Wolf_cat

I don't like to think you are treating me like an idiot.
Blue Wolf Cat, you just assume I am angry , and I knew you would turn it around and say if I thought you were treating me like an idiot that it was down to me.

Have a nice day or night whatever it is .
Have you ever notice that if something sounds too good to be true most of the time it is....but not all the time.....
this is yet another thing we will soon find out.....

and what question are we not asking yet?
a better question?
more intelligent, more relevant.......something we can experience now, something we can really know.....

its not a stuff, its not aliens, ets or spirituality

Its who are you? do you have any idea of who you are?
Another point worth pondering in all sincerity and I say it with love from my heart is that it seems that if one is truly without ego, why would you care what someone's title or titles are? Did it ever occur that it was given to them by higher Adepts, The Ascended Masters, the higher echelon from the Ashtar Command, or the Galactic Federation of Light or from the Creator himself? We all have a purpose to serve; a mission and path that is ours alone to carry out. Only can the higher self knowingly carry out that plan. When ego gets in the way, it decreases one's vibration and can distract us from our real mission and purpose which is service to others. Everyone evolves and ascends according to the level they are at. While it is curious and exciting to wonder, we should be concentrating on the task at hand, that we too may be of the knowledge and understanding of how this could be and is most definitely possible at the creation level. There are many books and articles on ascension and initiations. A good book is Joshua David Stone's Beyond Ascension:How to complete the Seven Levels of Initiation. It also explains the Seven Paths to Higher Evolution. Another must read is Sirius by M. Temple Richmond. It explains in depth about the cosmic and astrological dimensions of Sirius as it relates to our Earth, our Solar System, the Universe as well as our initiatory paths. Both these books are comprehensive and the knowledge is layered. It is amazing to read and reread again and again and so surprising to see what new knowledge is revealed as you are given what you are ready for and to receive. I found these books on my own searching for the answers of what I was experiencing. Everyone stands at the threshold of new knowledge and experience all waiting for you We all learn from one another no matter what our titles are. I challenge each of you to continue on your journey's path with love and light, free from ego, and in truth to a higher plane of existence where all knowledge abounds! Blessings on you journey's path...

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Moontemplegoddess.
Food for my heart and a confirmation for my truth. You are doing this in such a loving and respectful way
Love and Blessings



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