I've noticed a few people around here claiming to be commanders/ admirals/ persons in charge ect of some ship or fleets. Now that's all fine and dandy, if you've assumed that all this UFO/ET/Spirituality stuff is true, then it's equallily plausible that we've got some people in charge of these many millions of ships.


The only question I have is..


 If you're down here.. .. then who's doing your job up there? o.O

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  • I'm always curious about them.

    If they have alienated space titles, would that mean they met or been to spaceships?
    If so then they have knowledge about something that happens at the back scenes and can give statuses?
    What are their purpose/mission as with their appointed position? Are there some benefit on having some?
    If they are in contact with the above or below ETs in their spaceships, can they share more info about it? (Life beyond of what we know on earth are always interesting).

    so many questions... I hope they can share.
  • Namaste and many blessings to you. When vibrations are raised and one moves up to one or more dimensions, it is possible to move back and forth from the 3D world to the 4D or 5D, etc. It is also possible to be present in both at the same time as many ancient Yogis have demonstrated. At higher levels, you are indeed able to create your reality. Remember you have 7 layers of your physical body. It is also possible that as one is ascending, to wake up and realize who they are. There are many beings at different vibrational levels and dimensions here to help us as we and our Earth ascend. I'm for respecting one's titles, opinions, and level of expertise. We all learn from one another! We all have special and unique gifts to share. I would love to be at the level where I, too, could command a ship and help all living beings and things! Wow now that would be so amazing! Love and light...

    • Namaste and many blessings to you. Everyone has a mission or a role that is his or hers alone to do for the creator. Once you've awaken to the call and raise your vibrations, it is given to you depending on what level you have achieved. You receive the knowledge that you are ready for at the time. Sometimes, it seems as a roller coaster with never stopping information. Other times it seems to plateau until the next quantum leap. One thing to keep in mind from getting frustrated or confused is that you may be a higher levels of awareness and knowledge than others , as well as others being at higher vibrational levels and dimensions than you. It is never a competition of who is ahead or has the most knowledge, but rather where you are in your spiritual ascension and what you are ready to receive. You will get the knowledge and. all that goes with it when you are ready. Everyone must be on their own path and on their own time clock. You will even move through the fabric of space and time through the different dimensions. Remember, one cannot understand what one does not know and one can not know what one can not understand. It is really quite simple. Much love and light on your journey's path...

  • We are all multi dimensional Beings and remember Life unfolds endlessly; within - without is all the colors of Existance.
    Lord give us the Love and Courage to assume our various fonctions. Blessings !!! Divsy.
  • They have been here since time began. They are swarming here because Gaia is going through ascension. This is like watching Superbowl but even better! This time it is happening in a new way, those whose intention it is to ascend to the higher frequencies go WITH their physical bodies. Our DNA - and this has already been scientifically proven - is changing! Our "junk" or rather divine DNA is waking up. Best and easiest way to understand this is to listen to David Wilcock on You tube. Do your reasearch!
  • My number one! Don't think we don't go back and forth just because we are serving Gaia and mankind by incarnating an aspect of ourselves. We also have other aspects of ourselves in other dimensions and places also. Just for your info.
    Besides with over 3 million wonderful beings/souls/etc working on board. I think it would be rude of me to thiink I am the only one useful on board. Many of those under my command are just as capable and maybe more so as I am but all work as
    ONE. As first contact is happening and will continue to be more open you will see for yourself as you wake up to reality.
    But you are also free to live in whatever reality you wish. You may choose not to ascend and continue as you are which is just as wonderful. Commander Serena of the Starlight. Fifth Commander in the Sirian nation from Sirius A.
    • Grace.
      I honour you, for being so honest and open, about who you are, and stand up for what you know. Thank you, Sister!
      I agree with you. Others may have their truth, I know mine.
      Love, Light and Harmony to All.
      Soli Trinsia of Sirius
  • Hi Diane, well pointed out. Self appointed people are everywhere,....and does it matter what they say they are? More important is, I think, if they who claim to be commanders or what ever are working to assist all humanity or in the end only focus on them selves, to attract people to follow them......
  • Hi everyone..... your beliefs create your reallity, so simpel is it. And your beliefs start in the mind.... and the mind manages from your ego. Ego-identifications will always try to survive and trap you to stay in 3D........ Ask your Self "Who Am I"? -mind will pop up with a lot of beliefs and you can se clear who you belief you are - but unto you got the right answer your ego will "sell" a identification to you;-) In Love and Service *<)
  • Alien Drivers License Pictures, Images and Photos

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