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Floating for Meditation, Creativity & Learning article 5/30/2015

Floating for Meditation, Creativity & Learning

 Many people use floatation to explore their deeper self and creative being.  Floating allows you the opportunity to turn off the outside world.  Since your body isn’t fighting gravity in the float tank and your brain isn’t busy trying to process a hundred million sensations all at once, your mind is left free to explore rather amazing things.  We are free to explore all corners of ourselves courtesy of the float tank… and Theta brainwaves of course.

In theta state, we can achieve so much.  Theta state is normally reached right before we fall asleep (the elusive inbetween awake & sleep moments).  It typically takes years of practice to achieve theta state through deep meditation.  With floating, you can start producing theta brainwaves after about half an hour.  Think of it as a helpful tool for your meditation practice or a meditation “fast track” for those of us who lack the practice.  Did you know that a nap after studying helps to retain what you learned?  Theta state helps to increase our learning capabilities as well as the rate at which we are able to absorb the material we learn (recall).  Therefore, floating after studying can help you study more effectively.


Benefits of Floating

  • Stimulates left/right brain synchronization
  • Shifts brain waves from Beta (normal day to day tasks) to lower frequency Alpha (daydreaming state/ when we are relaxed but aware of what is happening around us, Theta (reduced consciousness/ in between awake & sleep), and even Delta (unconsciousness or deep sleep)
  • Creates mental clarity and focus
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases problem solving
  • Heightens visualization
  • Deepens meditation (universe mom this is plus you need first.)
  • Expands awareness
  • Intensifies acuteness of all the senses
  • Promotes total calm, peaceful relaxation (positive purity loving thoughts<UM)


A bit more about the brain

“Meditation is very important. It has a very high objective – to take us away from this world of suffering into the world of happiness, joy and Bliss.  It is a method, a discipline, that we have to follow very discreetly and if we follow it properly we will find that meditation helps us to discover ourselves, what we really are.  As we get deeper into meditation we come nearer to the Source of our
Being.”-Swami Nirliptananda

website link

My response and feed back. 

I found article relate Ben Arion floating boy on ACC facebook. this is a hard task to achieve, if found simple concept. must be  in deep mediation to work, purity of heart, pure of heart. take years to master it. Part of awaking and ascension process. Let go all your worries, let go being ground to mother earth, float your self natural. everyone skills is different... From my experience. deep sleep........

>>>>>>Everyone have this ability if the have patient to meditate everyday. 

My experience. i do things natural........ i float when i sleep sometime. i have not landed like last fall 2014 , i was deep sleep, i went mid air few min, and landed middle of my room floor. with my legs cross and awake. blanket wrap around my body, keeping me warm. so i sit on floor few few min,, thinking how did i do that?......... Than i went back to sleep. elder told me i have ability when i am deep sleep instead of meditation state. i so different unique. i  can do that meditate stage, if i give my self the time and patient........ when I meditate, i need a circle rocks or crystal around me. than i go  in singing tone mode, i say language, i get vision, than it knock me to sleep. than i am sleeping in circle, i cant stay awake meditate, it put me to sleep. i get vision, and out of body experience......... than i get direct contact experience. MY energy too advice for my understanding...... I am already awaking and combine with my higher self........... i don't need re-ascension..... i can do this ability wake stage if i wanted too. work when i am sleep....... sleep i am higher vibration.............. i had not used floating skill since than, i can control it..................... 

I can master anything, so can you..........all people can do anything spiritually , when we put are minds toward it........ bless those who want to try the ability............enjoy it. 

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Explore website for further information........ bless you on your journey. 

UNIVERSE LANGUAGE ES SOY YAL< NO SO ME COON MO ME LA you are light and wisdom........

I speak 4-5 language combine from cosmo......... I AM UNIVERSAL> NOT A STAR SEED>

i just give acc language activation for meditation.............MEDITATE THE WORDS> remember if he see me blue skin or glitter it ok..............i was glitter blue beings one of my past life. not freak out.

My frozen real body is white and blond hair..... universe body. Princess or queen carm-mal-la Real spiritual name or Al-lee-na >> two spiritual main name.

or Alluna my queen earth name > powerful rock creator queen.

more name.......................i am top scientist Atlantis. lora....

Princess during the Mayan time....... lol..... so on i can go on. INDIA i was goddess.......i may past life. i open to look into it. Fact are fact, real imprint of my soul.................thanks.

Egyptian time i was angel / higher beings. long story i was human too.

Most et call me now Grandma or mom. or princess Al-lee-na...... that what sirius call me , or queen .....i am universe royal energy.......  > half universe call me Al-lee-na, instead of Carm-mal-la.

Most the nearest ET call me me by spiritual name than Charlotte.........

Clarification, blue glitter past life body, Al-lee-na, other name is white body. lol I have two universe body, did know why yet. i am working on it.

Queen alluna have red eyes , also my blue glitter past life body... not evil eyes. folks.... Red Eyes good. loving beings........  I came  from spiritual loving creator universe..............gosh.........My white body pale blue eyes. > blue skin and red hair, lol.............. or  i shock you..... i go deep in my past life, what other beings i was...........

Right not i have brown eyes.............. I dont want people freak out when connect me. i come in any color or form. i switch past life body.

hm that be too hard, beside that, i am not post tell folks what i did as higher spiritual being all my life. i have blog or discussion i made last spring 2014...........  I post to be short and simple..............with my words...... i dont felt like it,. lol.........i dont have the patient to do so.......... lots past, i am 52,000 spiritual old and reincarnation mother earth. outside universe billion or infinity years old. created 1000 universe. and new universe be born  in few year.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm it too much form me. be bless i can tell you folks some information about me.

Interesting I have a niece-goddaughter her name is alluna rayne

alluna, name after luna which is moon , many name, Sound like ashtar interpret alleena other day....... It is a cosmo name , from Universe....... if child name it got a spiritual name from universe....cherish the name and honor it,  mean alot of things.... female energy.  

thanks sharing family stories on name. blessing.

ashtar brother and ashtar, sound the same.......... they spell name wrong. Al Li Na means The ability to access the special rock of the ascended or i suppose unlocking secrets of ascension, something like that in the ancient language

AL lee na, ascended universe awaking so on.

Maybe that why i see Omega and lisa ascending as human form in few months or few wk as human form. upgrade vibration..................... >>>>>> ONE energy...........



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